55 Glenway Street • Ste. 300 • Belmont, NC 28012 • 704-829-7717 Chips & Salsa
All sliders are served with a choice of Fries or House Made Fresh tortilla chips with house made salsa 4.75
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried green tomatoes and goat cheese with roasted corn salsa Red Raider
& low country mustard 5.95
Pulled pork, tomato-bacon chutney, pickled slaw & chipotle
mayo 7.95
House Made Queso Cheese
Oven baked queso cheese with fresh tortilla chips & flash fried jalapenoes 6.75
Buffalo Chicken
Hand battered chicken strips tossed in our signature buffalo
Buffalo Shrimp
sauce with bleu cheese mayo 7.95
Crisp jumbo shrimp tossed in our signature buffalo sauce serve with bleu cheese & celery 8.95
Glenway Classic
Chicken Skewers
Three all beef mini patties with ketchup, mustard & onion 8.75
Char grilled marinated chicken skewers with cucumber-tomato salad, sun-dried tomato pesto & basil oil 6.50
All beef mini patties topped with cheddar, grilled onion, bourbon
House Made Pickles
Southern style house made pickles with chipotle ranch BBQ sauce & pickles 8.75
dressing 5.95
Chicken Salad
House made chicken salad, baby Arugula & tomato 6.95
Fresh tortillas, house made queso, shredded iceberg, tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, sour cream & salsa Add chili, or stewed black beans & tomatoes 9.95
Add chicken $1.00
Redneck Egg Rolls (3)
Seasoned collard greens hand rolled in egg pastry flash fried until golden brown served with sweet & sour dipping sauce Crispy Chicken Strips
Hand battered chicken breast strips served with your choice of honey mustard or bourbon BBQ sauce 7.25
Tenderloin Tips
Char grilled blackened tenderloin tips with pesto aioli 9.95
All orders served with Ranch or Bleu Cheese & celery Can’t decide! Choose any flavors in groups of 5 5.50 9.95 13.50 21.95 38.95 74.95
Buttermilk Ranch, Famous House Made Bleu Cheese, Blackened Shrimp
1000 Island, Honey Mustard, Greek, Herb Vinaigrette, Blackened shrimp, mixed greens, tomato, onion, roasted corn, Chipotle Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fat Free Italian bacon, cucumber, chopped egg & bleu cheese dressing 9.95
Chicken Salad Supreme
Add Chicken $2
Salmon $4
Mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, shaved onion & candied pecans topped with our house made chicken salad 7.95
House Salad
Crisp mixed greens with red onion, tomato, cucumbers, Grilled Salmon Salad
cheddar & house made croutons with choice of dressing 6.50
Fresh char grilled salmon filet served over crisp mixed greens, marinated cucumber & tomatoes, goat cheese with balsamic The Greek
vinaigrette 11.50
Mixed greens topped with tomato, cucumber, red onion, Kalamata olives, green pepper, pepperocini and feta with Greek Chicken Cobb
dressing 7.95
Crisp mixed lettuces loaded with marinated chicken, crumbled bleu cheese, tomato, red onion, hard cooked egg, bacon & Crisp Black Bean Cake
avocado with buttermilk ranch dressing 9.50
Crisp black bean cake with tomato roasted corn salsa, goat cheese and croutons over mixed greens with chipotle ranch Tenderloin Salad
dressing 7.95
Grilled beef tenderloin tips served over mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, cheddar & crisp onion strings Orchard Salad
Char grilled chicken served over mixed greens with dried cranberry, apple matchsticks, candied pecans and goat cheese served with herb vinaigrette 9.50
All specialty sandwiches are served with a choice of Fries or House Made Potato Chips Red Raider
Slow roasted pulled pork, crisp onion strings, tomato-bacon Crispy white fish filet with house pickled slaw, Cajun remoulade chutney, pickled slaw and low country mustard on a grilled roll 8.50
& flash fried pickles on grilled bun 7.95
Crisp Black Bean Cake
Rail Hopper Chicken Melt
Crisp black bean cake, goat cheese, cabbage-cilantro slaw & Grilled chicken with bacon, Swiss, tomato, caramelized onion & salsa on a toasted wheat roll 7.95
Dijon mustard on grilled bun 8.95
Chicken Salad
Backyard Garden Wrap
House made chicken salad on grilled sourdough with bacon, Marinated cucumbers & tomato with fresh garden greens, bleu cheese & Granny Smith apple 7.95
shaved onions, roasted red peppers & feta wrapped in flat bread 7.95
Buffalo Chicken
Crispy fried chicken tossed in our signature buffalo sauce with Backstreet Chicken
bleu cheese mayo, lettuce & tomato 8.95
Grilled marinated chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo on a grilled roll 8.95
The Boxcar
House crafted meatloaf served on grilled Texas toast with Baja Fish Wrap
whole grain mustard & red onion 8.50
Grilled white fish with cilantro cabbage slaw & Ken’s Boom Boom sauce 7.95
Whiskey Chicken
Grilled chicken breast basted with Bourbon BBQ topped with Classic BLT
cheddar, bacon, tomato & crispy onion strings 8.95
Several slices of Applewood smoked bacon on grilled sourdough with mayo, lettuce & tomato 7.50
Gigi’s Grilled Pimento
House made pimento cheese on grilled wheat bun with tomato, bacon & onion 7.95
Our hand patties burgers a half pound custom blend of Angus Chuck, Short Rib & Sirloin. All burgers served with a choice of Fries or House Made Potato Chips Trackside Traditional
California Turkey Burger
Hand pattied all beef burger with lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo 100% ground turkey burger with avocado, tomato, onion, baby arugula & pesto aioli on a toasted wheat roll Carolina Classic
Vino Burger
Hand pattied all beef burger topped with house made chili, Red wine basted patty topped with sautéed mushrooms, Swiss pickled slaw, onions & mustard 9.50
& Dijon mustard 9.50
Blackened Blue Ribbon
Glenway Ultimate
Blackened all beef patty with bleu cheese, bacon & grilled Our hand formed all-beef patty topped with grilled onion, onions 9.95
peppers & mushrooms covered with Swiss 9.50
The Belmont
Buffalo Burger
All beef patty topped with Gigi’s pimento cheese, bacon & Our custom blend burger dipped in our signature wing sauce tomato 9.95
served with lettuce, tomato, onion & bleu cheese mayo 9.50
Cialis Burger (Rise to the occasion)
Our hand formed burger topped with American, bacon, tomato, mayo & fried egg on a grilled bun 9.95
Angel hair pasta with Mama Katina’s meat sauce served with Meatloaf
garlic bread 9.95
House made meatloaf served over mashed potatoes & fresh collard greens with mushroom gravy 11.95
Pulled Pork BBQ
Slow cooked pulled BBQ pork served with pickled slaw and Grecian Chicken
seasoned fries 10.95
Oven roasted, herbed 1/4 white chicken served with seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes & herb butter 8.95
Glenway Chopped Steak
Our delicious custom blend all beef hamburger steak with Fish-n-Chips Southern Style
sauteed onions & mushrooms, topped with mushroom gravy, Crisp cornflake crusted white fish, served with fries, pickled served with mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables 11.95
slaw & cajun remoulade 11.95
Tenderloin Skewers
Southwest Grilled Salmon
Grilled marinated beef tenderloin skewers served over Citrus glazed salmon with crisp black bean cake & sautéed vegetables 13.95
A Glenway favorite! 15.95
Chicken Tenders 4.95
Hamburger/Cheeseburger 4.95
Substitutions .50
Additional Sides $2
Grilled Cheese 3.95
Side Plate (choose 3 sides) $7
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce 4.95
Kid’s Chopped Sirloin 4.95
Collard Greens
Pasta Salad
Daily Vegetables
Marinated Cucumber & Tomatoes
Chocolate Chip Brownie w/ ice cream & chocolate syrup 4.25
Fried Green Tomatoes
Key Lime Pie 4.25
Home Style Chips
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes
Side Salad $2
Beverages and Iced Tea 1.95
Ask your server about our desserts. 20% gratuity can be added to parties of 8 or more.
* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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