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FADE IN EXT. ROOFTOP - NIGHT A news helicopter whizzes through the air shining a spotlight onto a rooftop. ARNOLD BRUBAKER (21) muscular, nerdy, wearing dress pants and a nice shirt, along with a leather satchel bag chases after a WELL DRESSED MAN (42), across the length of the roof. The two reach the end of the roof. The spotlight fixes on them. The man's back is to the edge. ARNOLD I've pinned you to this, it's over. WELL DRESSED MAN Name your source! ARNOLD You and I both know that's an impossible request. The man looks over his shoulder, he gulps. Turns to his side and runs. Arnold gives chase. The spotlight follows. WELL DRESSED MAN You're insane! Arnold swats at the man. Hitting him hard. He tumbles. Over the edge. Arnold dashes to save him - it's to late. He watches as the body hits the ground with a sickening SMOOSH. EXT. BUILDING ENTRANCE - NIGHT. A drab brick apartment complex. We were just on its roof. Arnold exits the front doors, accompanied by two POLICE OFFICERS. Arnold is handcuffed, he is pushed along by the officers. ARNOLD The man was guilty! POLICE OFFICER 1 You've already said enough. The officers stop for a moment. POLICE OFFICER 2 Mr. Brubaker I respect you, and what you do. But, for the time being keep quiet. It's in your best interest. ARNOLD I'm innocent! The New York Times won't name my source! I saved lives! Arnold writhes in his cuffs. ARNOLD (CONT'D) You'll all regret this! INT. NEWS STUDIO - DAY. A NEWS ANCHOR with perfect hair, teeth, and clothing sits behind a desk. In front of him we see Arnold's satchel and a collection of other papers. NEWS ANCHOR Ladies and gentlemen as you very well know Arnold was a friend to this studio and many others through the city. His passion for the truth and journalism was unparalleled within our field. The Anchor clears his throat NEWS ANCHOR (CONT'D) But that was alarming footage. Brubaker was taken into custody that night and charged for murder. He moves to Arnold's bag. NEWS ANCHOR (CONT'D) Brubaker's bag. Hardly ever seen without it. He fumbles to open the bag's clasp. NEWS ANCHOR (CONT'D) We here at the studio are ready to be shocked by the contents. He sorts through the papers inside, slowly removing them. The Anchor sighs deeply. NEWS ANCHOR (CONT'D) The rantings of a lunatic. The camera sharply zooms in on the Anchor's hand. Focusing on Arnold's crudely drawn up notes. NEWS ANCHOR (CONT'D) Simply shocking. INT. HOLDING CELL - DAY Arnold slumps in a metal chair in a grey concrete room. His face is littered with bruises. A DETECTIVE enters. The Detective looks sleep deprived and sweaty. His dress shirt is stained and unbuttoned with a loose tie. DETECTIVE I have respect for what you do Arnold. I really do. Arnold faintly nods. DETECTIVE (CONT'D) But. you've fucked up. We can't find a damn thing to corroborate you're story-- ARNOLD Exactly! I'm the only one who had a lead on this-- The detective STOMPS his foot on the ground. DETECTIVE Enough! We've heard it a thousand times Arnold. Look you've been diagnosed with mild schizophrenia based on our testing, and you'll receive a light sentence of twenty years in a federal institution. Arnold rockets to his feet. His cuffed hands flailing wildly. The detective takes a step back. Arnold shouts and spits at the detective: ARNOLD The New York Times won't name my source! This was them! Is this what you do to those chasing the truth!? I'll lose everything! EXT. THE DREGS - DAY The Dregs: an enormous abandoned multi level warehouse where a number of homeless squatters have laid claim to. Shattered windows make up the exterior. More than enough flaming garbage cans provide light. A News van parked outside. The side labeled "Channel Five with Wanda Pope." Various members of a news team mill about amongst the homeless population. The whole thing is really bustling. INT. THE DREGS - DAY The long hallways give way to numerous small squats and a mishmash of belongings and people. Busy like a farmers market on Saturday morning. People do business, trade, chat, and squabble throughout the halls. INSERT: Twenty Five Years Later END INSERT. ARNOLD (46) roams the halls. Looking much older than we last saw him. He has weathered. He wears a loose collection of ill fitting winter clothing and sports a long dirty beard. He weaves throughout the building with purpose. Saying hello and greeting people as he passes. INT. WALTER'S SQUAT - DAY Arnold walks into a small settlement of blankets, garbage, clothing, and other belongings. He is in WALTER's home. Walter is a dirty frail man who constantly squints. He probably needs glasses and he looks like he hasn't ate or showered in years. WALTER Arnold. Y'know I really appreciate you finding my book for me. But I can't give you what we promised. Arnold shies away. Rubbing the back of his head. ARNOLD Was nothin, Walter. Don't mention it. In fact, don't worry about it. WALTER Nah. Nah. Take this at least. Walter hands Arnold an orange. WALTER (CONT'D) Doing things for the glory ain't always the best reason Arnold. Walter's beams at Arnold. Arnold contorts his body - thinking. ARNOLD I enjoyed the hunt too. INT. DREGS HALLWAY - DAY. Arnold saunters through a long hallway. JUSTIN (11) a tiny little homeless boy stops him. He is in tattered clothing and a toque. His face looks as if it was once badly burned. Arnold walks by the child who throws a wild punch at Arnold. JUSTIN Get away from me! ARNOLD Hey kid. Justin just stares at Arnold. Arnold smiles back and tussles his hair. Handing him half his orange. The kid beams back at Arnold. JUSTIN You're. you're His head twitches. JUSTIN (CONT'D) Not so bad! INT. ARNOLD'S SQUAT - DAY Arnold's home. Inside is a collection of belongings that while dirty, are very clearly organized. Many tattered books, clothing, and blankets adorn the settlement. Arnold sits on a dirty mattress and digs into the rest of his orange. He sorts through a pile of books. He continues to dig, underneath the clean organization: empty pill bottles. He sighs, and continues to dig before finding: Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett. He approves. He kicks back and digs into the book. He plucks through it, his face about an inch from the page. He is heavily engaged. FRANK (O.S.) Arnold. Arnold peers over his book to see FRANK (44). Frank is homeless, filthy, and looks much like a coal miner from the turn of the century. FRANK (CONT'D) I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done welcoming Anita and I here to the community. ARNOLD Don't mention it, people round here can be a might defensive. He stares intently at Frank. Folding the page in his book and setting it down. ARNOLD (CONT'D) We've got a good thing here. FRANK Right. S'why I wanted to invite you to our squat tomorrow. We've managed to get some beef, so Anita's gonna prep somethin special. We'd like you to join. ARNOLD I'd love to Frank. FRANK Great, perhaps me and da missus could even pick yer brain about your journalism. Useta really follow your case when I was a young man. Arnold rises to his feet and ushers Frank out. ARNOLD Don't count on it Frank. Arnold slams his rickety door behind Frank. INT. FRANK'S SQUAT - NIGHT Piles of what appear to be garbage line the small settlement. Frank sits on his knees surrounded by a mess of belongings. Things are spread out everywhere - food remnants mostly. Two bedrolls rest in the corner untouched. Frank sobs deeply. Arnold stands above him looking down. FRANK She wouldnta just up and left Arnold! I know she wouldnta have! ARNOLD We're homeless Frank. People move on all the time. FRANK Nawt from this! Weeze married Arnold. She's my everyting, and I hers. She tell me last night that this was our new home. Forever and always. ARNOLD She got you to lower your guard. Then she slipped away. Frank clenches his fists and stands to meet Arnold. FRANK Ya dun't git it. She loves me. Someone took her, or sumthin. I promise you. Frank paces around his squat, his arms outstretched. FRANK (CONT'D) LOOK. There's no trace o her left. Nuffin! She's been cleared out, s'like she never existed. ARNOLD What do you want me to do? Alert the media. Frank's sobbing stops and he smiles. Arnold looks around. Then he sighs. ARNOLD (CONT'D) Does look like there was a disturbance here. Frank moves closer to Arnold. FRANK Please Arnold. I'm nawt askin much hurr, just ask a coupla a questins see if anyone knows a thing. I know weeze new but I swaer we wanted ta stay. ARNOLD I'm not promising anything. EXT. THE DREGS - NIGHT The news van is still parked outside. Floodlights on its roof adding to the light from the trash can fires. Arnold walks amongst the crowd. He watches as WANDA POPE (30) approaches homeless around the building. Wanda sports a lime green dress, perfect shoulder length hair, and bright lipstick she constantly reapplies. She is shoving a microphone in the faces of those she approaches. WANDA (to camera) As you can see at home, The Dregs has become a more hostile environment by the day. Wanda shoves her microphone into another DIRTY MAN's face. He spits at her. She gasps. WANDA (CONT'D) (to camera) Simply astounding behavior. Those who believe that they can occupy such a large part of our city also believe they can disrespect a member of the news. I'm just trying to be objective! The Dreg's is truly a source of depravity in our city and something needs to change before innocent people are hurt. Arnold watches Wanda with jealousy. Wanda's CAMERAMAN (27) an overweight teamster type, motions to her. Arnold walks towards her van. CAMERAMAN Cut! Wanda's posture slouches as she throws the microphone at her cameraman. WANDA Jesus Christ. What do we have to do to get a god damned story out of this cess-pool. Wrap it up for the night. Arnold stops to stare at Wanda. She looks at herself in the side mirror of the news van and fixes her hair. WANDA (CONT'D) Let's get out of here. I've got a party to get to, and I'm going to have to shower the smell of the dregs off me if I'm going to impress. Wanda and her Cameraman hop in the van and tear away. Arnold is left standing the night, still staring at where she used to be. INT. WALTER'S SQAUT - DAY Arnold stands over Walter. Walter sits on a dirty blanket tending to a small potted plant. ARNOLD So that's all you heard? WALTER S'all I can recall. You know the community don't take too kindly to new squatters. Walter leans in at his plant. He eyes the soil in the pot. ARNOLD Who? Who doesn't take to kindly? WALTER Most everybody, really. I mean we a tight group of law breakers. Can't trust most inside these walls let alone the ones outside of em. Arnold cracks his knuckles. He bends down to meet Walter's squinted gaze. ARNOLD Walter think. Does anyone in particular preach this stuff. Anyone inform us on how to feel. Walter thinks for a moment. He fingers the buds on his plant. Then meets Arnold's eyes. WALTER Not that I can recall. Arnold this woman probably got scared and left her man. Most homeless don't (making quotes with his fingers) Settle down. INT. HALLWAY - DAY Arnold stands before Justin. Justin smiles widely back at Arnold. JUSTIN Yup, I don't ever re. re. re. really leave this hallway. I like to Justin stutters heavily. JUSTIN (CONT'D) watch people. Arnold crouches on one knee and looks at Justin intently. ARNOLD Why? Justine stares at Arnold. Arnold places his hand on Justin's shoulder. ARNOLD (CONT'D) Justin did you see anyone come in or out of that (pointing) Sqaut there last night? Anyone at all? JUSTIN Just a very dirty man. VERY dirty. He had black dust on his ch. ch. cheeks! Arnold stands back up. ARNOLD Are you sure? JUSTIN Yup! I found a stick out here, so I was playing all night. Arnold hands Justin a dirty magnifying glass. ARNOLD Thanks for the help junior detective. INT. FRANK'S SQAUT - NIGHT Frank's sqaut is extremely disorganized. Stuff is spread out everywhere. Arnold walks around and sorts through some of the garbage. Frank is no where to be found. EXT. ALLEY DUMPSTER - NIGHT Frank stands inside of a large scale dumpster. He bends down and roots around on all fours. He whips back with a piece of filthy bread in his hands. He eyes it for a moment before gnawing it with force. CRUNCH! It's harder than wood. Arnold peers over the side of the dumpster at him. ARNOLD I'm sorry Frank, but nobody knows anything. FRANK She wouldnta left! Youze gotta keep lookin! ARNOLD One more day. EXT. THE DREGS - NIGHT Arnold walks toward the entrance of the warehouse. Justin runs up behind him. He tugs on Arnold's loose clothing. JUSTIN Ar. Arnold! Ar. Ar. Arnold! ARNOLD Not now Justin. JUSTIN I think I found something. Arnold turns to face Justin. EXT. FILTHY ALLEY - NIGHT. Arnold stands by himself in a filthy alley looking at a wall. Justin emerges from a small crawl space dragging a blanket tied like a sac behind him. JUSTIN I used that magnifying glass and it, it, it, it lead me here! Arnold tussles Justin's hair. He's pretty sure the kid has wasted his time. ARNOLD Neat! You must of had a lot of fun today! JUSTIN Look! Justin pulls at the blanket to open it. A ziptie keeps the sac tightly closed. Arnold removes a small knife from his pocket SLITCH! He cuts the ziptie. A collection of goods spill from the blanket including: a hairbrush, tons of shabby women's clothing and a dirty photograph of Frank. INT. DREGS HALLWAY - NIGHT Arnold walks along the hallway carrying an arm load of Anita's belongings. He weaves in and out of the people in the halls before bumping into PETE DAWN (39) a sycophant, liar and manipulator in The Dregs. Pete is frail, medium height and wears loose brown corduroy pants, with a filthy fedora. The impact causes Arnold to drop what he's carrying. PETE Hiya Brubaker. ARNOLD I don't have time for you Pete. Pete leans in and looks at what Arnold has dropped. He spits to the side. PETE Whatcha got there? Always pegged you as a cross-dresser Brubaker. ARNOLD Mind your own god damned business. PETE One could say the same thing to you. Pete glares at Arnold. He spits in front of Arnold and walks away, kicking the stuff on the ground as he goes. INT. PETE'S SQAUT - NIGHT Pete lounges cross legged on a dirty mattress. He is surrounded by piles of old newspapers, VHS tapes, and garbage. He loftily smokes a cigarette. Arnold bursts into the room. ARNOLD Who the fuck do you think you are Pete? PETE Easy tiger. No need to get in my grill. Pete uncrosses his legs, and looks up at Arnold. Still smoking. PETE (CONT'D) What seems to be troublin ya? ARNOLD You. PETE (shocked) Me? ARNOLD You threatened me, and you're known to be no good. I tried to stay away from-- PETE Pardon me, but attacks on my character will not go by unaddressed. Arnold clenches his fists cracking his knuckles. ARNOLD Listen you pile of-- PETE NO. You listen. I hear you're looking for some girl, said she's been abducted well she wasn't. You know this place don't take too kindly to strangers, and frankly we don't want em. She left by her own choosing, and while some people may not remember who you were. Pete puts his cigarette out. He lazily rises to his feet. PETE (CONT'D) I do. And I remember that you're a little mentally unhinged. He looks at Arnold sideways. PETE (CONT'D) Ain't that right? Arnold is fuming. He wants to punch Pete more than anything. PETE (CONT'D) Don't repeat your past. Last time what was it? You were seeing things they said? Pushing you to make false conclusions. Fabrications. Pete's face is now about an inch from Arnolds. Arnold grits his teeth. PETE (CONT'D) FUCK YOU. And fuck your little inquisition. Go back to your hole. ARNOLD You're a scab on this community Pete, and I intend to remove you from it. PETE Hah! The Dregs a community? Keep dreaming! We're a diseased bunch allowed to associate in a cess pool and nothing more. You'd do your best to remember that. Arnold takes a step back and swings at Pete. WHOOSH! No connection. Pete dodges without taking his hands out of his pockets. PUFF! He socks Arnold in the stomach. PETE (CONT'D) Nice try old man. Arnold falls to his knees and coughs up blood. PETE (CONT'D) Now get the fuck out of my place. INT. DREGS HALLWAY - NIGHT Arnold walks slowly down the hall clutching his stomach. He coughs and falls. He pulls himself on the wall for support. INT. FRANK'S SQAUT - NIGHT Frank is writhing like a maniac. He is pushed by WALTON (30) a masked attacker in all black. THUMP! He hits the ground as Arnold rushes into the room. ARNOLD What is this!? Another masked man: TRAVIS (30) whips a bag over Frank's head. FRANK Heeelllppp! He looks at both Walton and Travis. Their masked faces stare blankly back at him. ARNOLD Look. Whoever's got you up to this leave Frank out-- FRANK Arnold!? Frank starts flailing wildly. FRANK (CONT'D) Save meh! Save meh! THUD! Walton kicks Frank in the chest hard. He turns and faces Arnold. Travis pulls zipties around Frank's hand's and feet. Arnold swings at Walton. The momentum causes him to stumble. Arnold knocks himself to the ground. WALTON Surprised old gold didn't shatter his hip. Walton stands over Arnold. He looks in longing to Travis. TRAVIS Only one tonight. No time to wrestle another one of these stinkers. Not even for a god damned second. It's a mess. WALTON Fine. We wrestle hobos another night. Walton raises his leg. CRACK! His boot heel makes contact with the back of Arnold's skull. Arnold passes out. INT. FRANK'S SQAUT - DAY. Arnold slowly awakens. He is in Frank's squat, but no traces of the man remain. The room is empty save for some garbage. Arnold slowly pulls himself to his feet. He rubs the back of his head - blood. He blinks a couple of times and looks around. He kicks his foot at the dust. ARNOLD (under breath) Funk. He punches the wall. SNAP! He moans in agony. INT. ARNOLD'S SQUAT - DAY. Arnold paces back and forth. He mutters to himself. He stops and looks at Anita's belongings. He thinks for a moment, before delving into some mess at the side of the room. He pushes garbage to the side. He's looking for something. We see his book from earlier, but its not that. Still digging. A Pen. Arnold groans in approval but continues to dig. A piece of dirty paper. He looks down at it, and then back to the belongings. He scrawls notes on the paper like a wild man. Pages and pages pile up beside him. His handwriting is jagged and hardly legible. He organizes the sheets into a neat pile and nods in approval. He has what he needs. EXT. THE DREGS - DAY Arnold walks out with his paper underneath his arm. He is on a mission. He looks over to see Wanda shoving her microphone into several homeless people's faces outside. Her producer: TUG SPADE (35) muscular, diamond earring, and a bald head. He is a cynical looking man in a cheap suit. He leans against her news van. His face is occupied by his smart phone. Wanda looks to Tug. He stops hammering the keys on his phone and looks up. He ushers her to keep bothering the locals. Arnold slinks by, staring at the production with an intense curiosity. INT. POLICE STATION FRONT DESK - DAY A busy police station. Cops and detective wizz by the desk with frenzied paces. The marble floor, and high ceilings give the hint of a building and a force with a lot of history. A young rookie TOMMY works the front desk. Tommy's perfect blue uniform creates a perfect cop image. An image shattered when Tommy's eye twitches. Which happens often. He does reception and direction of visitors through the building. Arnold pushes past the front doors and rushes toward Tommy. His paper stuffed under his armpit. Tommy looks at Arnold as he approaches. TOMMY Sorry sir, can't give you a free room for the night. Arnold scoffs planting his forearms on the desk. He leans into Tommy. ARNOLD I need to talk to a detective immediately. Tommy stares. His eye twitches. TOMMY Whoa. Settle down. It's not that easy. Tommy thinks for a moment. TOMMY (CONT'D) About what? ARNOLD (pointing to his papers) I have the details of a series of disappearances plaguing the homeless community! Tommy hides a laugh. TOMMY (eye twitching) You don't say. Well hand em over then! Arnold hands his notes to Tommy. ARNOLD Where should I wait? TOMMY Outside. Not here. We'll take these into consideration. A dejected Arnold walks away from the desk. He turns back to see Tommy throw the notes into the trash. Arnold is shaking. He cracks his knuckles and briskly walks over to Tommy. He turns around again at the last moment, he takes a deep breath and walks out of the building. EXT. THE DREGS - NIGHT Wanda is still outside fishing for a story where ever she can get it. She drags her Cameraman around like a dog on a leash. Tugging the microphone cord hard whenever he cannot keep up. Arnold watches from a distance. He runs toward Wanda. THUMP! A massive hand hits his chest hard. Tug stands in front of Arnold. TUG Where do you think you're headed champ? ARNOLD I. I need to talk to Wanda. I have a story to report. Tug clearly interested gets closer to Arnold and throws his arm around him. TUG Oh yeah? ARNOLD Yeah. TUG Go on then. Spill it. ARNOLD Someone is kidnapping homeless from our community. TUG Your community? Arnold sighs. ARNOLD The Dregs. Tug seems surprised. ARNOLD (CONT'D) I saw them with my own eyes. They attacked me, but they didn't take me. Tug stares at Arnold. He seems at a loss for words. TUG Listen. (realizing he didn't get a name) Buddy. If something like that we're happening. We'd be the first to know. Not you. So why-- ARNOLD Just let me talk to Wanda! Don't you know who I am. who I used to be? I'm Arnold Brubaker, I was breaking stories when you were still pissing the bed. Tug is shocked. TUG Brubaker huh. He looks Arnold up and down. TUG (CONT'D) Oh how the mighty have fallen. I cannot let you see her. Can't have you sending my anchor on wild goose chases. ARNOLD You don't understand-- TUG No you don't understand. We'll look into this and get back to you should we need your Tug laughs. TUG (CONT'D) Expertise. ARNOLD People need to know what's happening here! Tug grabs Arnold by his shirt and pulls him in extremely close. TUG There is NOTHING happening here. You understand? Tug grabs Arnold by the top of his head and chin. TUG (CONT'D) Nod that you understand. Tug forces Arnold to nod under duress. He drops Arnold's face and turns on a dime. Arnold watches on all fours from the ground as Wanda continues to drag her cameraman around the building. EXT. THE DREGS - DAY Wanda stands outside The Dregs facing her Cameraman. WANDA The residents of The Dregs were reluctant to speak about the disappearances. She smiles and spikes the camera. WANDA (CONT'D) Luckily, through my constant efforts I was able to uncover a conspiracy. Her face goes stern. WANDA (CONT'D) The Dregs has become hostile. The homeless who reside here are now comfortable enough to steal resources from one another. wheras before it was just from our fair city. The Dregs have become a menace. The homeless are cannibalizing the best opportunity they've ever had. The disrespect is phenomenal. She turns to look at her surroundings. WANDA (CONT'D) We here at channel five are confident there is more going on here. Disappearances are just the tip of it, murder, theft, and drugs are at the core of this so called "community" and this is one reporter who won’t stand for it. She spikes the camera again. WANDA (CONT'D) Bringing you the most reliable word in news I'm Wanda Pope. She flips her hair, the camera cuts. INT. ARNOLD'S SQUAT - DAY Arnold hangs off the side of his mattress. Walter enters holding half of an apple. WALTER See the news? Arnold jolts - turning to look at Walter. ARNOLD The news? We're homeless Walter. WALTER Outside. The pope lady. Says people are dissapearin' Arnold jumps to his feet. INT. DREGS HALLWAY - DAY Arnold pushes through the halls. People are everywhere. They all talk amongst themselves. The conversations are about the disappearances but we cannot hear them clearly. Wanda's report has hit everyone. EXT. THE DREGS - DAY Arnold bursts outside looking frantically for Wanda's news van. It is nowhere in sight. Arnold storms back inside. INT. ARNOLD'S SQUAT - DAY Arnold is jotting down notes on a dirty piece of paper. The paper reads: MEDIA PROPOSAL FIRST HAND ACCOUNT. He looks up from the paper eyeing Anita's belongings. His eyes wander to a stack of magazines on the floor. One is open: it contains New York Times Article written by him entitled " The True Prince of True Crime: Arnold Brubaker." He folds his notes and places them in an envelope. He writes on it: ATTN: WANDA POPE. EXT. THE DREGS - DAY Arnold stands outside pen and paper in hand. He intently watches a group of men by a trash can fire. INSERT: One week later. END INSERT. His page is blank. He groans and lowers his head. He looks up and surveys the area one last time. His field of vision is filled by Tug's looming figure. TUG Walk with me. INT. DIGUSTING ALLEYWAY - DAY A filthy alley littered with garbage. The smell of feces fills the air. Tug and Arnold walk together. Tug has his arm around Arnold. TUG We've got nothing, and we're sure its an inside job. You were right. We need you. ARNOLD What's in it for me? TUG A lead. ARNOLD Not good enough. Tug stops walking. He turns and looks right in Arnold's eyes. TUG You solve these disappearances, you break the case on the air. You take all the credit. You get that reputation back. Tug smiles. His diamond earring glints in the sun. TUG (CONT'D) The one you miss so dearly. ARNOLD I'm fine where I am. TUG Well if you want the lead, the credit, and your reputation just let me know. Tug walks away from Arnold. ARNOLD (under his breath) Funk. Arnold clenches his fists. ARNOLD (CONT'D) Wait! Tug turns back and smiles. TUG Pete Dawn. Follow him. Learn what he's up to. He is the key to all this. I'm fuckin' sure of it. Find out how he's involved and catch him in the act. Once the deed is caught lemme know. Then we'll get him together, and you'll have your spotlight. ARNOLD What an incredible opportunity! Thank you! Finally. the glory I deserve. TUG God damn, not quite yet. Don't get too excited. Solve this, get back to me, and then we celebrate. Tug extends his hand and grins at Arnold. TUG (CONT'D) Welcome back to the media Arnold Brubaker. They vigorously shake hands. EXT. THE DREGS - NIGHT Arnold watches Pete socialize outside of The Dregs. Pete mills amongst the fires in the night. Floating between groups, stopping and talking to each of them. Arnold creeps closer. Pete spits and laughs about something with the others. Pete stops, turns on a dime and heads into the night. Arnold follows. EXT. BUSY SIDEWALK - NIGHT Pedestrians everywhere. A very busy sidewalk in the city. People go back and forth with varying degrees of urgency. Pete saunters through all of them. He looks very out of place here. Arnold follows: equally out of place. Arnold notices Pete seems to be following someone. EXT. CITY HARBOR - NIGHT The city harbor. Boats unload cargo in the distance. Large freighters are being unloaded with cranes. A few large spotlights flood the area. The person Pete has been trailing rests at the edge of the harbor. Pete inches up behind the unsuspecting person. Arnold watches from behind a trash can. Pete attacks the man. The two quickly hit the ground and roll around in the dirt. They both scream and groan. Arnold rushes to the man's aid. A HARBOR WORKER witnesses the battle and runs off. Arnold stands over the two in the scuffle. He grabs Pete and pulls with all of his force. ARNOLD I've caught you Pete! The man gets up and runs into the darkness of the night. Pete swings at Arnold. WHOOSH! No connection. Arnold swings at Pete. CRACK! Right in Pete's nose: It's broken. Pete looks at Arnold shocked. He stumbles, takes a few steps back, and tumbles over the side of the harbor. SPLASH! Arnold is frozen. He stumbles to the edge: 70 feet down. His face scrunches up. Tears form in his eyes. SIRENS in the distance. ARNOLD (CONT'D) Not again. Arnold hears the SIRENS. He frantically looks around the area: He's left no trace. He shakes himself out of his stupefied look and runs. INT. PUBLIC PARK BATHROOM - NIGHT A dimly lit bathroom. One you'd find in any national park. The walls are filthy and the stalls are filthier. Arnold stands panting - looking at himself in a dirty mirror. ARNOLD He could still be alive. He hangs his head. ARNOLD (CONT'D) Should have taken my medication. Arnold pounds his fist into the mirror PSHHH! It breaks. He looks at his bloody hand. ARNOLD (CONT'D) I'm a murderer. EXT. THE DREGS - DAY Arnold walks around the perimeter of the building. Those outside move away from him as he walks. The stare at him as he goes by. He notices, and continues his pace. He has scanned the area, but Wanda's news van isn't in her usual spot. He shakes as he pushes the doors open to The Dregs. INT. DREGS HALLWAY - DAY People talk amongst themselves. People hang from the doors of their respective squats. Justine plays around various people. The area is very lively. Snippits of conversations can be heard: ARNOLD. PETE. MURDER. DISAPPEARANCES. Arnold enters. The whole place goes quiet. The entire hallway stares at Arnold for a beat. Several doors are slammed. Justin lingers in the hallway. He turns and looks directly at Arnold. He gasps and runs into a doorway. Arnold hangs his head in shame as he walks the length in complete silence. He stops at the door to Walter's squat. He knocks three times. No answer. Knocks three more times. WALTER Go. Go away Arnold! Arnold looks shocked. He stares at the door and clenches his fists. He thinks about breaking Walter's door down, and he turns away. He is the only one in the typically bustling hallway. INT. ARNOLD'S SQUAT - DAY Arnold ambles into his home like a wounded animal. He briefly searches through his belongings. He grabs: an empty pill bottle, and his book. He searches for something. He cannot find it. ARNOLD Where is it? He pushes through the mess. He's becoming agitated. He can't find his envelope to Wanda. He rips his room apart in a frenzy before collapsing to his knees. His eyes are riddled with tears. EXT. HOMELESS SHELTER AND CLINIC - DAY A drab grey brick building. A shelter for the homeless. Arnold enters the building. INT. HOMELESS SHELTER AND CLINIC - DAY. A waiting room like area. A nurse TAMMY works behind an inch of bullet proof glass. Arnold walks past all the haunts waiting for assistance. He taps his empty pill bottle on the glass. TAP. TAP. TAP. Tammy, slightly startled looks up. TAMMY Why hello darling! What is it I can do fur ya today? Arnold stares at her. He places the pill bottle on the counter between them. Tammy's face scrunches up. TAMMY (CONT'D) No need for that attitude hon. ARNOLD I need. I need my funking medication please. TAMMY Pardon you. You're name sir? ARNOLD Brubaker. Tammy hen pecks a keyboard. TAMMY Been a long time since we've seen you Arnold! ARNOLD Been a long time since I needed the things. Tammy stares back blankly at Arnold. TAMMY Well okay! Just you hang in there a moment while I grab your Abilify! INT. ARNOLD'S SQUAT - DAY Arnold sits alone in his squat. The place is a mess. POP! He pops his pill bottle open, downing two of em. He gets up and paces back and forth. He stops and stares at Anita's collection of belongings.


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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Technical Working Group wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution made by Professor Pieter Treffers and Mrs Petra ten Hoope-Bender in preparing a background paper for the meeting. The Technical Working Group also wished to thank the following participants for their presentations during the meeting: Dr Raj Baveja, Mrs Stella Mpanda, Ms Delia S. Veraguas Segura.

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Probiotics Significantly Reduce Symptoms of IBS, Ulcerative Colitis Medscape Medical News 2003. © 2003 Medscape Martha Kerr May 21, 2003 (Orlando) — Probiotic therapy, primarily in the form of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria infantis, significantly improves symptoms and quality of life in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other bowel disorders, researchers

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