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From Pastor's Pen………………………………………………………………………………………. Parish News and events…………………………………………………….………………………… 2 • Report on Giving Thanks Together Celebration Lutheran Holiday Program Information………………………………………………………………. LORDS Matters and request for help……………………………………………………. Trial Worship Format Report; Picnic In The Park ; Personailty Type Sermons ……………. Congregational Sections and Contributions and contact points _________________________________________________________________________
From Pastor's Pen
The trouble is we often avoid seeing the doctor, I have had to take antibiotics the last three winters believing that if we don’t confront disease it may in a row because of bronchitis. This year I just go away by itself. With a cold … maybe; with determined that I would remain healthy. I dosed serious illness unlikely; with the sickness of sin – myself up with Echinacea, vitamins A, B, C, E and zinc…but with the first change of weather in came the cold. I drank herbal teas and took cold and flu So often, we find that when serious illness strikes, tablets and set out to; and build up my antibodies; instead of appreciating the doctor’s efforts, we and get resistant. And I beat the thing! I took a resent the fact that he can’t just fix us quickly. The week off with the hoped for side-benefit of really same is often true of our attitude to God. “He getting rested and over the cough. I succeeded! didn’t do a quick fix for me, so what use is He?” Sometimes, God has a different fix in mind, not Then my nephew came to visit us after holidaying the fix we might devise for ourselves - not quick, with his family - skiing in New Zealand. It has but effective, one which will take care of the real been great to have him with us because family is problems of life rather than the symptoms of a special treasure, as you know. He brought us gifts from his trip: chocolates, tales of Queenstown and … a raging head cold, with all “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares
the frills. Now I’m not saying he gave it to me; the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to
BUT my cold must have been on holiday in New harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Zealand too and decided it was time to tag along 12 Then you will call upon me and come and
home on the same flight as my relations. ☺ pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will
seek me and find me when you seek me with
My desire to heal myself and avoid the doctor is a all your heart. 14 I will be found by you,”
picture of much of humanity’s response to God. declares the LORD, “and will bring you back
We so often seek to circumvent God and avoid from captivity. Jeremiah 29: 11 – 14
Him, kidding ourselves we can do it on our own. ‘We’re really better off not bothering.’ No need to Great Physician, Jesus Christ, give us trust in go to the trouble of taking time from our hectic, You. Cleanse our sin, heal our hurts and make us fast-paced life to visit someone who will simply tell us, “It’s a virus.” and he can only deal with the symptoms. We throw God in with the doctor who can’t cure the common cold; and suggest that _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Messenger, August 06 - October 06, Issue 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Our thanks to the organisers of our Annual
Men’s Dinner and the volunteers who kept the
kitchen running smoothly. As usual the meal the community, organisers and Sarah Dixon
was of excellent quality and a great time was in particular, for a lovely day of fellowship.
had by all from general reports. There were just There was a very comfortable atmosphere at the service this year with a large number gathered Our guest speaker on the night was Pastor at Bethlehem Hall, Woongoolba, The need for August Fricke from Gympie Lutheran Parish. quite a few to stand up at the event didn’t seem August shared some of his experiences as a to dampen the day even though the weather had local pastor who went on holiday to Cambodia and saw the harsh living conditions of the local people. He was moved to help improve living The singing was enthusiastic and guests from conditions and now travels back regularly with several local churches were in attendance. The an ad hoc team of people to provide practical service was held at 9:30 a.m. and many clergy help and ministry to the people he has come to and others attending their regular services were love. Love is a motivator in so many things. We often need to see a need and are then eager to help. Pastor Fricke works closely with Australian Sarah gave a testimony of her experience of the Lutheran World Service and endorses this loss of her uncle: Payne Stewart… a well-known professional golfer on the US PGA Tour; and the Australia, though he organises his mission trips way this deepened her trust in God through her grieving process; and the “why’s” she faced. Through the ticket sales for the meals and the limited items brought for auction, $2900.00 Sarah provided us with the reminders that when donated to Asia Focus; a further $1400.00 was we need to deal with the tough issues of life: raised for Australian Lutheran World Service and You are allowed to ask God why.
costs and a donation were made to the St. God is not obligated to explain to us.
Peter’s Ladies Guild for their efforts for our meal. When God seems silent, his people
become the expression of his love
We are thankful to all who contributed to the and care.
night’s events and those who contributed items God is not the source of our
for auction and organised the proceedings. We heartaches.
especially thank God for His call to serve Him in Sometimes, God delivers us through
this way and the blessing He has given us the fire, but not from it.
through the event, as well as the chance to help 6 Faith guides and walks us through our
others as we gather for a night of feasting and fun. If you missed out on this year’s Dinner, there’s always next year. Ask us to let you know Sarah’s use of an experience which could have been crippling to reaffirm the love and care of God for her is a timely encouragement to us all. PARISH WINE AND CHEESE NIGHT:
SATURDAY 2nd September. 7:30 P.M.
The fellowship we enjoyed was continued over a Venue is the St Peter’s Hall,
fantastic morning tea; so thanks to the many 185 Alberton Road, Alberton
hands that made light work. We pray and trust $10 PER ADULT
that God will continue to bless our community and ask that we may look to Him in all things. Please come and have an entertaining evening sampling a selection of wine and cheese under the expertise of Pastors Michael and Greg. There are always a few surprises in store; and it’s a great mixing opportunity for the community.
Advance booking is a must!

Contact Pastor Greg on 3287 2084 in order to
arrange your booking now.

The Messenger, August 06 – October 06, Issue 3.

Council engaged a number of consultants to prepare a revised submission for the Gold Coast City Council. Our consultants assure us that the documentation conforms to the requirements of Before you realise it Lutheran Holiday Program the current GCCC Town Plan, the Department of will be here! Preparations are well under way Environmental Protection Authority. On March for this year’s exciting program; and this year we’re going on Safari! A safari is an expedition released Amendment 1 of the SEQ Regional or journey to hunt for things of value. Our Plan. This unannounced change removed the journey takes us to the Kingdom of the Son this exemption clauses for “community purposes” that were an essential part of our legal strategy. year, in search of the meaning of The Lord’s Prayer. Set in a wonderful jungle of new This final part of our application will be discoveries Ben Bakari will be our guide, as we completed in the next week and the revised walk along with Terry and Jerry Jaywalker to application submitted in the middle of August. meet up with Dr. Doolots (who may have more COMMUNITY SUPPORT CONTINUES TO
to teach than Ben). Let’s find out together! This year holiday program promises fun for all as we watch the cast of our plays learn valuable In recent weeks we have met with David Jull, our Federal member, and Margaret Keech, our lessons about themselves and explore the special gift of prayer God gives us, so we can continued strong support for the school. Similarly, we thank you for your continued Kids love to explore the world around them! During September we will enter the public That’s why every activity in the Kingdom of the Son will help them to learn to see things they application. Usually this process only consists of might miss otherwise; and watch for pitfalls as objections so this will be the time when we would ask each of you to submit letters of well. Each day the kids will discover exotic support: to demonstrate the high level of animals, create safari crafts, play exciting games community support that the school has. The and enjoy ‘jungle food’ as they seek to know forthcoming “LORDS Voice” will be available to God through prayer. We will learn how God inform you of ways that you may do this. listens, provides, forgives, protects and “rules”. If you would like the address of any of the above The program this year is on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the 26th, 28th and 29th of September. While we still have some obstacles to overcome, the process that we are moving through with the At this stage, we are looking for adult helpers, OUM has reinforced to me the appropriateness who have a Blue Card or would like to apply for of the site for a school and the community desire that exists for you to exercise your choice of one. If you can spare just one day or even 3 schooling. Our site remains the only one that hours of your time we would really appreciate it. meets Education Queensland’s locational criteria for a school; and is available in this area Our mission project this year is to collect funds irrespective of the location of the urban footprint. for the Australian Lutheran World Service appeal
for the people of Sudan. Sarah Kubenk, a well- We now have an office in the Ormeau Train representative who will be giving us some Station Shopping Centre. Sue Westlake is available for queries at the Office on Tuesday insight into the needs of this troubled part of our and Wednesday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and world; helping us discover how much we can Fridays from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm. I will be help our brothers & sister overseas with so little. working from the Office on most Thursdays. Please, encourage us by remembering to pray I look forward to writing to you in September with for the teachers, helpers and the children and what I pray will be positive news at last. While families who form Lutheran Holiday Program, so completed we continue the planning process so that we may all see that Psalm 17:6 is true: practical after our development approval. “I call on You, O God, for you will answer me,
give ear to me and hear my prayer.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Messenger, August 06 – October 06, Issue 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Picnic in the Park is a new parish activity which
will begin this month and follow on on the first Alberton Parish, as you may know, has been Sunday of each month. People spend their trialling a new routine in worship formatting over Sunday in a variety of ways. For most it is a this last quarter. At our recent half yearly family day; but there are those who are at a meeting it was noted that a small number of loose end or would like the opportunity to see families are using the new system to suit their fellow members of the parish on a social basis and just don’t seem to find the time or go about commented that it is nice to see faces from the it. ‘Picnic in the Park’ is geared for the whole wider parish and the fellowship that this allows. parish and friends of the parish. This is a casual, In order to see if this is temporary, or of lasting ‘come as you are able’ event. The idea is to benefit to the parish it was determined by a simply pack a picnic lunch and bring it along to strong majority vote, to extend the duration of worship on the day. If you’ve come to an early the trial period until our annual general meeting service you can stay around for coffee and a chat; and then meet with others after the late service and head off to the designated picnic For those who enjoy one style of worship, it area for the day. You will be informed of the means that you will travel to the congregation venue for the picnic by information provided in hosting that style of worship on a given Sunday. the bulletin on the day so that you can simply This also has the benefit of mixing with a wider turn up at the picnic area if that suits you best. range of the ‘family’, which is Alberton Parish. For those who desire to worship with family and This is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with in their own congregation, it will simply be the others and create a greater sense of community case that you will experience two contemporary amongst ourselves. Quality relationships take followed by traditional services back to back or time and circumstances to develop and this gives you the chance. There’s no obligation to stay any particular length of time. Anyone who We term the services “Family” as opposed to wants can come along. There will not be a “modern” worship; and allow for the variation in program; just the chance to share a meal and the practice of worship according to the natural one another’s company. No cost. Just come. style of the individual make-up of congregations. (Cf. the example cited in the article in the last SERMON SERIES: PERSONALITY TYPES
The promised series is coming this month
The desire is to see people at church more commencing on Sunday, 20th of August. For
regularly because worship is more relevant. If those who haven’t heard about the series it
there are topics you would like the Family is based on the negative emotions we
Services to deal with, there is option to do so. experience as “people of the fall.” The sinful
Simply pass the topic or theme on to pastor of nature can show itself differently in people
one of the pastoral assistants and we will work it with different personality types; but in each
into the program. We are also always interested case to let the negative aspects of any
in knowing of people who would like to take part personality type have control, makes for
in services. Perhaps your family would like to poor wellbeing and leads to a sense of loss
take part in a service with a theme which is within the individual.
meaningful for you – a once off involvement. You might enjoy being asked; but don’t wait. Find out the answers of a loving God to the Please volunteer if this has been on your mind. pitfalls of guilty, depressive, angry and fearful personality types. Hear God’s plan to make each We so often see regular faces for skits, and the of these types more joyful with the Spirit’s aid. like; but we don’t want to burn these folks out or leave you feeling uninvolved. Please pray that The upcoming sermon series will explain these God will uphold our places of worship in the five groups & show consequences of living parish with His protecting love, that we may under the control of our emotions; and the know we are a people of God who are blessed answering strength that God seeks to bring to those caught in particular patterns of behaviour, _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Messenger, August 06 – October 06, Issue 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Planning for the proposed ramp on the Church BETHLEHEM, WOONGOOLBA
building is going ahead. Members are encouraged to assist by donating towards the Our community “Giving Thanks Together” cost of building this much needed ramp. Please Service held in July, was a time of blessing for contact Lee Zipf for further information. all who gathered together to give thanks to God. ……………………………………. ……………………………………….

Many of our youth enjoyed Christian Life Week Camps during the June school holidays. Lots of NEWS FROM
friendships were made and the joy of knowing ST. PETER’S, ALBERTON
God’s love shows on their faces as they tell what a wonderful experience they had at camp. Explorer’s Club on Friday afternoons has a
(Parents, please keep this in mind for your ‘new’ group of mum’s handling craft and cooking young ones aged 14 and older. There is a strong activities once again. Yvonne Buhner continues base of parish youth who make fabulous use of to direct the afternoons and much to our joy, we these camps to grow in faith through the process have new children joining in. We praise God for of having fun with peers and a young and vibrant the chance to relate the truth and love of our leadership. Many of the leaders are campers Lord, Jesus Christ to the children and parents in leaders if the wish to continue to come. The end Mum’s, of the parish, if you are looking for a result is that these youth are being equipped to relaxed and friendly environment for your kids share the blessings of the faith they have on a Friday afternoon this is the place. Come received from people who have mentored them.) along and meet our other mums and stay for a Ladies come and enjoy “Showers of Blessings” KID’S CHURCH is held in conjunction with
church at the 9.30a.m. services. Children can join their parents in church & continue in the hall from the second song. Here they have a Bible story, singing, craft and games as well as a Everyone is most welcome to come and enjoy a delightful time of comedy, drama, dramatic dance, exquisite song and brilliant poetry Just a note to the ladies who helped at the presented by the Harvest School of Ministry…. Men’s dinner recently! ☺ There is a strong rumour going around that the men who have …………………………………… received your loving help will be holding a meal The Bethlehem Pre-school & Kindy are having the “Festival of Fun” day on Saturday 26th Mind you, the men have a suspicion that the encourages the community to come and enjoy a themselves. ☺ Nevertheless, some of the men have been looking into pies from Yatala, some mushy peas and a bit of something to wash it down with; and all of this served with love. For those who have not been to one of these events before, they are fantastic. There are a Parish Pastor
variety of foods available; a selection of rides and activities for the children; a cuppa for tired Parish Chairman
It’s a great opportunity to talk with the preschool staff on a casual basis, look over the preschools facilities and meet the parents and hear what St. Peters Lutheran Church, Alberton
185 Alberton Rd, Alberton
they have to say about this quality preschool. Contact: Mr. Geoff Rossmann Tel.: (07) 5546 2131 Attendance figures are very healthy. For further information contact the centre on 55462246. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Woongoolba
………………………………………. Cnr. Mill Rd. & Staplyton Jacobs Well Rd., Woongoolba Contact : Mr. Lee Zipf Tel.: (07) 5546 6353 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Messenger, August 06 – October 06, Issue 3.



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