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Electronic Prescribing:
Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Help?

to electronically prescribe in light of the Executive Summary
handwriting. Yet even though such devices are available for use in "write" prescriptions electronically. release of a compelling report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The technology. Fortunately, the advent of electronic medical records is demonstrates that injuries resulting from medication errors are not the Electronic Medical
Records: Promise, Not
Medicare Regulation

Medication Errors:
Medicare physicians who use e-
A Compelling Public
Health Issue
who do not e-prescribe
Not a New Phenomenon
What is Electronic
medication orders and prescriptions and to administration of medications Growing Pressure on
the National council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), a standards Providers
Part 1: Two way [electronic]
Part 2: Potential for information
partners including eligibility/formulary What Is a Medication
fill a prescription or fail to take it as Enter: Electronic
90% of all patients do not take their medications according to Prescribing
made efforts to curb the odds of misinterpretation of handwritten A Handwriting Crisis
by illegibility. In a study of intensive Not Just for Handwriting
inpatients, it is logical to assume that But computerized order entry is only part of the solution. To be truly Technology Options for
retail store, to a mail order outlet, or clinical tasks, including but not limited EMR Example:
example, every time a prescription is written, the EMR system automatically About the Product
Practice Partner Electronic
Medical Record and Practice
Management Solution
Managing Risks
award-winning suite of integrated applications designed to manage all value if it is not used. It is likely that About the Company
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1. Bates DW, Leape LL, Cullen DJ, et al: Effect of computerized physician order entry and a team intervention on prevention of serious medication errors. JAMA 1998;280:1311-1316
2. 6. Evans RS, Pestotnik SL, Classen DC, et al: A computer-assisted management program for antibiotics and other anti-infective agents. N Engl J Med 1998;338:232-238 3. 7. Bates DW, Boyle DL, Vander Vliet MD, et al: Relationship between medication errors and adverse drug events. J Gen Intern Med 1995;10:199-205 2007 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Practice Partner is a trademark of McKesson Information Solutions.


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