Dr. Ruth Zaslansky
Curriculum Vitae
2009 -
Pain-Out Project Manager (Science), EU PF7 project, Klinik für Anaesthesiologie und operative Intensivmedizin, Universitätsklinikum Jena, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena. Research associate, Klinik für Anaesthesiologie und operative intesivmedizin, Freie Universität Berlin and Charité-Universitätsmedizin, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin. 2000 - 2004 Acute Pain Service Coordinator, Dept Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Sheba 1997 - 2000 Acute Pain Coordinator, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel 1992 - 1996 Doctor of Science (DSc) “What do Pain Evoked Potentials Really Measure?” Rappaport Medical School, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel 1989 - 1991 MSc ““Transplantation of Adrenal Medulla Cells into the Subarachnoid Space to Suppress Chronic Pain Behavior In Rats” Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
2005 International Anaesthesia Research Society, Clinical Scholar Research Award.

Original studies
Grossman R, Ram Z, Perel A, Yusim Y, Zaslansky R, Berkenstadt H. Control of postoperative pain
after awake craniotomy with local intradermal analgesia and metamizol. Isr Med Assoc J. 2007
Augarten, A., Zaslansky, R., Matok, I., Minuskin, T., Lerner-Geva., L, Hirsh-Yechezkel, G., Ziv.,A.
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management in a pediatric emergency department. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 2006

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early post-operative period is an effective analgesic for orthopedic patients. J Opioid
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Zaslansky, R, Keidan, I., Glaser, S., Validation of Hebrew version of the FLACC scale for
measurement of pain in non-verbal children (Hebrew) Harefuaa, 2006 Sept; 145: 648-651.
Shapiro A, Zohar E, Zaslansky R, Hoppenstein D, Shabat S, Fredman B. The frequency and timing
of respiratory depression in 1524 postoperative patients treated with systemic or neuraxial
morphine. J Clin Anesth. 2005 Nov;17(7):537-42.
Keidan, I, Zaslansky, R., Weinberg, M., Ben-Shlush, A., Jacobson, J.M., Ogarten, A., Mor, Y.
Sedation during voiding cystourethrography: comparison of the efficacy and safety of oral
midazolam vs. nitrous oxide. J Urol. 2005 Oct;174(4 Pt 2):1598-600.

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substitute for fentanyl in children undergoing outpatient andentonsillectomy. Pediatric Anesthesia
14 (2004) 318-323.
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flow 50% nitrous oxide is effective for relief of procedural pain in the pediatric emergency
department. Acute Pain. 5, (2003) 25-30.
Zeltser, R, Beilin, B., Zaslansky, R and Seltzer, Z. Comparison of autotomy behavior induced in
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administered orally in the immediate post-operative period make orthopedic patients “Pain Free?”.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Care in Pain & Symptom Control 8, 2 (2000) 21-41.
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Review articles
Zaslansky, R. and Yarnitsky, D. Clinical applications of Quantitative Sensory Testing Journal of
Neurological Sciences
, 153 (1998) 215-238.
Zaslansky, R Elliot Sprecher and David Yarnitsky. What do pain evoked potentials really measure?
Re-visited Pain Forum. 7, 4, (1998).
Papers presented at scientific meeting and published as proceedings
Zaslansky, R. Elliot Sprecher, Michal Granot and David Yarnitsky. The pain evoked potential and
the P300 wave. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Evoked Potential Symposium. November,

Abstracts (most recent)
Zaslansky,R, Wolf, NB, Kopf, A, Ullman, Y, Fishelzon, O, Kleuser, B , Mehnert , W,Schaefer-
Korting, M, Stein, C Topical morphine for analgesia and wound healing, International Narcotics
Research Conference, Berlin, July 2007.
Meissner,W., Zaslansky, R, Rothaug, J, Chapman, CR, Konrad, C, Pogatzki-Zahn, E, Rawal, N
Towards a Computer-Based Clinical Decision Support System for Treatment of Post-Operative
Pain. Congress of the DGAI (German Society for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, September
Wolf, NB, Zaslansky ,R, , Kopf, A, Ullman, Y, Fishelzon, O, Kleuser, B , Mehnert , W, , Stein, C,
Schaefer-Korting, M Topical morphine for analgesia and wound healing International Congress on
eye and skin irritation, burns and decontamination, Colon, October, 2007.
Kopf-A, Karanjah-E, Zaslansky R, Meissner-W Benchmarking postoperative analgesia in a low
resource setting compared with a high resource setting. Presented at the meeting of the IASP;
August 2008.
Zaslansky, R, Hertz, D, Winfried Meissner, Silviu Brill, Jacob Or Prescription of analgesics can be
used as an indicator for quality of pain treatment in the Emergency Department . Presented at the
meeting of the IASP; August 2008.


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