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Live Music Matters At Music Matters!
Sa Ding Ding, The Honeys and “We Will Rock You’s” MiG Ayesa join a fantastic
line up of young Asian talent to perform at
Music Matters – the Asia Pacific Music Forum.
Music Matters today announces a great line up of young Asian talent to perform live over three nights at Asia’s only music conference here in Hong Kong. Details follow: Tuesday June 3rd – Music Matters Opening Party in association with CETV
Venue: Club JJ’s at the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong (1900-2200)

Featuring: Tia Ray and Zhong Chi (China).
Music Matters opens it’s doors at 1900 on Tuesday 3rd June at JJ’s at the Grand Hyatt with a
performance from two of China’s newest upcoming stars.
Tia Ray’s debut album wil be released in 2008 and when Tia Ray sings, people stop… and listen.
Listening to her soulful, passionate renditions of the songs of these great artists, one would never
imagine that Tia Ray, a native of China’s Hunan Province, has never received formal English
training, nor any formal training in singing or music.
Zhong Chi’s first album "Easy world" is about environmental issues and is produced and
published by her own company, SOMA ART. A talented singer & songwriter with a beautiful voice,
Zhong Chi is far from a traditional mando pop star.
CETV’s President Anthony Tse said, “CETV have been involved with Music Matters for three
years and we’re delighted to be supporting such great, new Chinese talent and placing them firmly
on an international stage in this historic Olympic year”.
Wednesday June 4th - Music Matters Live Music Showcase
With W Hong Kong , Independent Artists Club presented by Nokia and Hummingbird
Venue: CLIQ, 2nd Floor, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong (1930-

Featuring: The Honeys (Shanghai), MiG Ayesa (Australia), GEM (HK), DJ V-Nutz (Shanghai),
Pointblanc (Malaysia), Slur (Thailand), Fastpitch (Philippines) and One Buck Short (Malaysia)

Look for Shanghai’s most popular alternative act The Honeys to headline the Music Matters Live
Music Showcase on Wednesday 4th June. The quartet, whose repertoire ranges from hard rock to
ballads infused with traditional Chinese instruments, will take center stage during a showcase at
Hong Kong nightclub CLIQ on June 4th alongside current We Will Rock You cast member MiG
, up-and-coming female musician G.E.M, three new artists from Independent Artists
Club presented by Nokia
and pioneer Chinese producer and musical activist DJ V-Nutz.
For The Honeys, their appearance at Music Matters will mean that they are one of the rare acts to
have played at three major music industry events on three different continents. “We are pretty
happy about the chance to play at Music Matters this year,”
says manager Ina Schroeder. “We
are very curious about the audience in Hong Kong as it’s our first opportunity to play shows in
Asia outside of China.”
Other acts on the night will include MiG Ayesa, best known as one of the finalists in the US reality
TV series Rock Star: INXS. The singer is currently in Hong Kong during an extended stint as the
lead role in the acclaimed Ben Elton penned stage production We Wil Rock You. G.E.M. is a
Hong Kong based artist who has won several local talent competitions, which resulted in a
recording contract with Hummingbird Music. The 16 year old will perform several songs from her
upcoming debut album. The Shanghai based V-Nutz (aka Gary Wang Dongqing), who created a
non-profit community space there and is responsible for bringing over many acclaimed
international acts, is best known as the first ever DMC China Champion. He’l be sure to get
audiences grooving away with a set full of invigorating hip hop tunes.
Three exciting new artists have also been selected by a special competition to perform via
Independent Artists Club, an online platform for unsigned talent across the Asia Pacific region,
which highlights new and emerging Asian acts via its website. The featured artists include
Malaysian hip-hop act, Point Blanc, whose #1 track ‘Ipohmali’ is about staying true to his home
town, Thai garage rock band Slur who have toured extensively in Asia and rising stars Faspitch
an indie-rock/emo band from the Philippines. To hear some of the best acts on the platform right
now, check out May's IAC chart at
Also appearing from Malaysia will be One Buck Short who’s recently released album “Halal &
Loving it”
caught the ears of Music Matters organisers.
The Showcase is sponsored by Independent Artists Club presented by Nokia, W Hong
(which opens in August) and Hummingbird Music. They united for the event to show that
the music scene in Asia is vibrant, growing and capable of performing on stages anywhere in the
world. “Music has always been an integral facet of the sensory experience guests enjoy at W
says Damon Page, General Manager of W Hong Kong. “Engaging the music industry
locally, regionally and globally will be a core objective of W Hong Kong and sponsoring the Live
Music Showcase at Music Matters allows us to announce this commitment to music industry

friends in true W style: with champagne in hand and great music in an ambience that will reflect our core values of Flirt, Insider and Escape.” Thursday 5th June: MTV Music Matters Closing Party (in association with BMI)
Venue: Grand Hyatt Ballroom

Featuring: Sa Ding Ding (China) & SOLER (HK)

Globally acclaimed Chinese female singer Sa Ding Ding will perform at the MTV Music Matters
closing party at the Grand Hyatt on June 5th. Sa Ding Ding, whose debut album Alive was released
to international success in 2007 by Universal Music, was most recently awarded the prestigious
BBC Radio 3 World Music Award in the UK. Her appearance in Hong Kong will also come ahead
of an expected concert in Beijing during the Olympics
Formed by twin brothers Julio Acconci (lead vocals) and Dino Acconci (guitar/vocals), Soler
made their Hong Kong debut in early 2005. Soler write all their own music and are renowned for
the quality of their live performances, and have been acclaimed by fans, fel ow artists and critics

Speaking about the three live music events at Music Matters, Jasper Donat Music Matters
President and Co-Founder of Hong Kong based entertainment marketing company, Branded,
said “This is the third year we have produced Music Matters and we are thril ed at the depth of
talent appearing in 2008. Music Matters is designed to place the Asia Pacific music business on
an international platform and the incredible line up of artists appearing from across the entire
region does just that!”

Expect more announcements about live acts and guest speakers in the coming days.
For more information on any of the acts listed above, please contact Jessica Hyams at Branded
(Details below).
- end -
About Music Matters
Now in its third year, Music Matters is a forum created for, by and with the music industry in Asia. It is
solutions driven, featuring face-to-face sessions, keynote presentations and discussion panels with some of
the most innovative and successful companies and individuals in the business. The place to forge new
business partnerships and opportunities, Music Matters is attended by an abundance of industry
heavyweights and provides the platform for them to connect, form partnerships and plug into Asia. On top
of the forum there are three parties showcasing up-and-coming acts from around the Asia-Pacific region.
About Music Matters Events Music Matters events are open to registered Music Matters delegates and special guests. About Branded Seven years in operation, Branded is an entertainment marketing agency immersed in delivering results based sales & marketing solutions; large-scale event production and management and brand partnership col aborations. Recent highlights include creating and producing the Music Matters conference in ‘06, ‘07 & soon to be held in ‘08, and working with multi-national clients such as Motorola, Coca-Cola, Sony BMG Entertainment, the Black Eyed Peas, Celine Dion, We Will Rock You, Mediaworks, Cathay Pacific, Coca-Cola, Canon, CASBAA, Endemol, HBO and AIA and even Barney the Dinosaur. Event Information June 3rd – 5th, 2008 (Forum on June 4th & 5th) Grand Bal room, Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong Contact I nformation Media & Press Enquiries Media & Press Enquiries/ Registration


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