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1. Do you or your child suffer from any of the following aero allergens? I/ My child do not have any aero allergens Other (please specify): Pollens, insect particles, feathers, pine trees, strawberries, soap, tapwater, ginger biscuits gherkin dip, chemicals, perfumes, insect repellant, smoke, paint fumes, petrol etc., not sure of triggers, not yet identified 2. Have you or your EGID child tested postive to Skin Prick Tests? If yes, please indicate which tests were positive? I/ My child has not tested positive to anything on the Skin Prick Test I/ My child have not taken a Skin Prick Test Other (please specify): Mould, Banana, Potato, Mosquito, Kiwi Fruit, Corn, Rice, Chicken, Sesame, was positive at age 1, negative now 3. Have you or your EGID Child tested positive for Atopic Patch Testing? If yes, which were positive? I/ My child has not tested positive to anything on Patch Testing Other (please specify): tomato, rice, potato, all neocate and elecare variants, nuttelex, sweet potato, carrot, swede, choko, buckwheat, quinoa, tapioca, apples, pear, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, cocoa, peas 4. Concerning your EGID, when a food reaction does occur, how quickly do you see a reaction? Other (please specify): some are immediate, usually within an hour, most 6-12 hours later, depends on the amount and type of food, not sure, has been treated for reflux for 4 years, symptoms are not always obvious, varies, don't know, we have not identified a trigger, never not symptomatic, no specific food reaction, reactions are delayed and not always noticeable 5. Concerning your EGID, when a food reaction does occur, what are the main symptoms? eczema, food avoidance, breathing swallowing difficulty, red eyes nose mouth, swelling sometimes, pale nauseous, reflux, hot tummy and throat, chokingLeg pain, throat clearing, chest painFood sticking & gaggingSweating and lots of saliva in mouthAnaphylaxischest painTightening of the throat. Swelling in nasal passagefood blockageblocked nose and throat, shortness of breathExcessive burping and sometimes refluxThroat & mouth swellingBubbles in throat, throat clearingAggression and irritabilityChest pain, dark circles under eyesDifficulty SwallowingDizzinessNausea, leg painsI can get very agitated and crankyHave constant stomach discomfortconstipation 6. When there is a food reaction, how long does it last after removing the offending food? 7. After a food reaction, what helps relieve the symptoms? Prescribed PPI (proton-pump inhibitor) medication Prescribed topical steroid such as flixotide or pulmicort Prescribed systemic steriod such as redipred NothingEpipenI have been given steroids to use but this is not an immediate fix, so i tend not to take them due to the long term side effects.
Cornflour on rash or eczema, breastfeeding exclusively, propping up to manage throat clog choking excess saliva and breathing gagging issuesENAR machineNo medicine helps. Cool bath And consumption of ice, hydro light ice blocks or lemonade icy poles.
Patience,quiet & calm environment, we have pain, then food refusal and sleeplessness, then start eating again, and catching up on sleep.
lorapaed, phenerganantihistaminetimeand Movicol at least daily for constipation, sometimes needs picoprep.
Nothing, as it is usually over within 1 hourRanitidine. Aerius. Tramadol. Ultimate pain sprayI generally just ride it out as I only have steroids that don't work immediately anyway. I have gastrointeritisZrytec, Phenegan, Steriod creams and Epiderm creamHydrolyte ice blocks, ice cubes or lemonade icy polesNothing works at the momentActilaxwater to get it moving and time


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Crops - Commercial Economic Threshold Insecticide Pounds Active Ingredient/Acre When to Treat Chinch bugs At planting Seed treatments Post-emergence Corn earworm at planting Bt corn hybrids: Agrisure Viptera 3110, Viptera 3111, Genuity VT Double Pro (GENVT2P, VT Triple Pro (GENVT3P), Cucumber beetles and Grape colaspis Cutworms

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MEDICAL HISTORY Date________________________ Last Name First Name Middle Date of Birth Address City County State Zip Age Height Weight Race Single_________ Married________ Your Phone Number You MUST provide us with your phone number and an emergency number Emergency Phone Number Emergency Contact Person Please check how you were referred to

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