Between Well-Being and Protection for Staying in
Contact with One’s Skin:
ArgiSens®, a biological amplifier of the sensory com-

”To communicate or communicat-
ern life, especially by developing a
ing” – a command that nowadays
lasting sensation of well-being and
applies everywhere for any situa-
well feeling. It is properly the rea-
tion in order to be successfully con-
son why women and now, more
cluded. Communication is, in fact,
and more men, are addicted to their
at the very heart of all life and or-
cosmetic products, item as others
ganisational processes, including
offering them pleasure!
the skin, and creates a transmitting
The quest for protection and plea-
and receiving system.
sure influenced cosmetic science
Directly linked to the brain, the skin
to better study the relation between
is, first and foremost, a powerful,
the skin and the nervous system
interactive, cell network that is per-
leading to the birth of the Neuro-
manently exchanging messages.
cosmetics, whose main objectives
Nevertheless, the interferences are
are to soften the skin reactions
increasingly varied and manifold
against external aggressions,
such that, very often, the informa-
while soothing and creating sen-
tion being conveyed becomes
sorial benefits leading to consider
blurred and invalid leading many
cosmetic products as caress
times to sensations of discomfort
donors or amplifier of sensory
and to ageing speeding up.
communication and to ensure that
By consequence, it is more than
women and men feel at ease both
essential to activate the cellular
mentally and physically.
communication, starting from the
upper epidermis and continuing by
the rest of the skin, also favouring

I. Skin Dialogue: Connected
the connection with nervous cells,
Cells for Connecting Skin!
in order to grant it, as well the
whole organism, a daily protection.

But human being can’t always and
only live for being protected; they
also need to counterbalance the
stress and the danger of the mod-
conscience and fosters thefeeling of being accepted and responds to one or more stim-uli. And neurones are nerve combined, form the axon (Fig-
ure 1). The dendrites adorn the
Figure 1: Sensitive neu-
ron structure.
tips of the extensions of the
sensitive neurone, just like the
branches of a tree.
The dendrites act as receiver
organs from the signal to the
neurone, which subsequently
sends the signal to other neu-
rones via its synapses, thus al-
so allowing connections to be
made with thousands of other
neurones. A neuron may devel-
op several hundreds, even
thousands, of dendrites.
The link ensuring that the nerve
message is transmitted – via
the axon and dendrites – pass-
es via the synapse, which, un-
der the influence of a potential
action, releases signal mole-
cules known as neuromedia-
tors (Figure 2).
However, this network of neu-
ronal connections begins to
dwindle after the age of 20!
Progressively, the skin is little
by little loosing its communica-
tive capacities, leading to the
synthesis of damaged proteins,
destabilizing the skin integrity,
as well as to the decrease of its
defence systems.
So, the skin connection needs
absolutely to be amplified and
the biological strategy consists
in looking for ingredients able to
increase the neuron dendricity,
communication and by conse-quence a better protection.
But the neuron stimulationthrough the dendrites length Text
The first one is from the bio-technology and the amino-acids is vectorized by a physi- II. Argisens®, A Biological
Amplifier of Sensory
The second one is originatedfrom a Brazilian plant, Pfaffia glomerata or Brazilian ginseng.
active aminoacid essential forimproving cellular exchanges.
1. Arginine-PCA
This property is in particularlinked to its role as precursor vital formaintainingor changingcertain cellfunctionssuch asneuromedi-ation, skinvasodilata-tion or mel-anisation.
Figure 3: Chemical structure of Arginine PCA.
so-called ”traditional” ginseng.
filaggrin maturation, indicatingit as a physiological signal forepidermis differentiation acti-vation.
A regular ”apport” of L-PCA al-lows the skin to keep safe its in-tegrity, in particular its barrier,thus diminishing the risk of cu-taneous inflammation and im-proving cell communication.
Morever, L-PCA triggers NOproduction by stimulating thetransportation of arginine in thecell.
2. Pfaffia glomerata or
Brazilian Ginseng
Pfaffia is called Brazilian Gin-seng for its nutritional and pro- Figure 4: Pfaffia glomerata roots.
III. Cosmetic Performances
ArgiSens® is a physio-vegetal
1. Tactile perception
increase by neuronal
dendricity stimulation
oxylic Acid (L-PCA) and sap ofBrasil ginseng (Pfaffia glomera- Growth Factor), specific la-belling of dendrites and neu- Figure 5: Neuronal dendricity increase.
network labelled with β-tubulinand detected by the Cell ana- 3. Evaluation of Argisens’s
activity of the constitutive
endothelial NO synthase
control culture. Morever, the chemotactism of fication of the NOS3 gene ex-pression by quantitative RT-PCR.
2. Evaluation of ArgiSens’s
non sensitizing effect
ResultsStimulation by 27% of the gene for control, dexamethasone(anti-inflammatory reference),ArgiSens® 0.5% vs placebo/ IV. Formulation and
evaluation and measure in trip-licate of the cytokines release and sensory communication, ArgiSens opens a new cosmet- Mean IL1α (pg/mL)
Mean IL8 (pg/mL)
Taste Me [Ref. 292604/4]
This very trendy, cherry flavoured gloss brings a brilliant, natural shine
to the lips. Its formula moisturises and enhances lip volume thanks to
the properties of ArgiSens®, which acts on vasodilatation and tactile
perception. The best way to a delicious mouth! Kiss anyone you want…
Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) q.s. 100.00 CERAMIDE® (UCIB, Groupe
Solabia)Covapate Unired LC3779 (LCW) CI 15850 (DC Red n°7)/Ricinus Covapate Unired LC3728 (LCW) CI 45410 (DC Red n°28)/Ricinus B ARGISENS® (UCIB, Solabia
Aqua/ Pfaffia glomerata/ Arginine PCA 2.00 Procedure: Prepare the phase A at 65°C, under stirring. Add the elements of thephase B. Pour in the wished packaging.
Nutri Touch [Ref. 193702/4]
Description: Nutri Touch is a mixed body milk to use together and play
with your body. ArgiSens® and Ω3 Ceramide® are neuronal communi-
cation agents to increase tactile perception and to be just fine in order
to give your feeling free rein…
Glyceryl Stearate Citrate/Sodium Dicocoamide PEG-15 Sulfate Ω3 CERAMIDE® (Solabia)
D PHYSIOGENYL® (UCIB, Solabia Sodium PCA/Magnesium PCA/
continued next page
Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract/Ptychopetalum Olacoides Bark Extract Procedure: Heat water of phase A to 75°C. Add Glycerin/Keltrol premixture at tem-
perature, while stirring. Prepare phase B at 75°C, adding Ω3 Ceramide® and Orga-
sol at temperature. Realize emulsion pouring B into A, while stirring. Introduce phase
C. At 45°C, incorporate ingredients of phase D. At 35°C, add elements of phase E.
Physico-Chemical CharacteristicspH: 5.50 +/- 0.50 at 20°CViscosity: 6,000 to 10,000 cps, 24 h, LVT 3 Scruff & Shoulders [Ref. 002801/2]
Description: Under-stressed, your shoulders and your neck are
stretched out and make you suffer. Say stop and have a well-being
break! Practical and easy to put in a handbag, this roll-on concentrat-
ed in beneficial actives, relaxes you in few minutes when you are at
work, at home, in subway … Thanks to its double relaxing and ener-
gizing action, Mg-Relax® minimizes the effects of the stress by mak-
ing muscles less tense. Sensory amplifier, ArgiSens® multiplies plea-
sure during the application and offers you a new tactile sensation.
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D MG-RELAX® (UCIB, Solabia
Pfaffia Glomerata Juice (and) Arginine 3.00 E Spa Lavande Fragrance 0801976 Fragrance 0.20 Procedure: Prepare the phase A at 75°C. Heat the water of the phase B at 75°C, andadd the premixture of Butylene glycol/Keltrol. Realize emulsion by pouring the phaseA into B while speed stirring. After emulsion, add the elements of the phase C. At45°C, add one by one the elements of the phase D. Finally, at 35°C, incorporate thefragrance.
Physico-Chemical CharacteristicspH: 6.00 +/- 0.50 at 20°CViscosity: 3,000 cps +/- 500 at 20°C, LVT 3, 12 tr/min Jean-François Molina
Sales & Marketing Director
Solabia Group
29, rue Delizy
93698 Pantin Cedex, France
Email: jean-francois.molina@



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