The ‘Swine Flu Pandemic’
An alternative viewpoint
In my Homoeopathic practice I am being asked many times a that Tamiflu has only limited benefits in treating flu anyway. week my thoughts on the ‘swine flu pandemic’, the fear it When it comes to avian flu, Roche itself admits that if the drug is given more than 48 hours after the symptoms first Flu occurs each year and generally for most people it will be appear, its effect is seriously diminished. Meanwhile, the a quite mild acute episode and their system will be able to drug has shown some worrying side effects. In 2007 Japan’s cope with it. The H1N1 strain of the virus causing the current Health Ministry warned that Tamiflu should not be given to outbreak had not been studied and its virulence not those aged between 10 and 19, after serious psychological established before catastrophic predictions flooded the disorders (including 17 suicides) were found to be associated media. We were told to prepare for a ‘swine flu pandemic’ with it. And in 2003 the FDA issued an alert that Tamiflu that would be fatal to 750 000 people in Britain alone. Why? should not be given to a child under 1 year as the reaction to For an answer we may need to go back a few years. Four years ago, in 2005, another pandemic – the avian flu - was So what can we do to protect ourselves from the current predicted to sweep the globe and claim millions of lives. The ‘swine flu pandemic’? What would the homeopathic antiviral Tamiflu was created by one of the largest approach be? pharmaceutical companies and governments all over the We have approximately 135 remedies that cover influenza. If you think back over the flus you have presentations of this illness according to presentation of the illness and find the flu scare billions of dollars of the drug doses of Tamiflu have been released for ‘immediate use’. At reported. We have been collecting the symptoms worldwide the same time Roche has seen a 8p rise in its shares, adding of as many cases as possible so that we can find the ‘genus epidemicus,’ which is the one remedy of these 135 that will most closely cover the symptoms. This then would be the And there have been some precedents for this. In 1992 the medicine most likely to help most people. mumps component of the MMR shot was found to be contaminated and 1 in 11,000 children developed mumps Who is most at risk? Michael Ryan, head of Ryan Air, got it encephalitis (a brain inflammation). So the vaccine was almost right, albeit in a rather harsh way, when he said that rapidly withdrawn. The drug companies, Smith Kline “only people in the slums of Mexico will die from this”. Beecham and Merieux were left with the measles / rubella Although there have been victims outside Mexico, it is clear components, which had a shelf life of 3 years. Two years that only people with low immunity or pre-existing medical later, in 1994 the government announced there was going to conditions are at high risk. In that, as well as many other be a measles epidemic (by the way, how can you predict an characteristics, swine flu is no different from a common epidemic?) and that all school children needed to be seasonal flu.
revaccinated. Instead of the usual practice of inviting tenders In the meantime we can all do something to prevent us from from the drug companies to find the lowest bidder, the getting the flu in the first place. Constitutional homeopathic contract for providing the vaccine was immediately awarded treatment does exactly this. It optimises our immune to Smith, Kline, Beecham and Merieux. No epidemic arose systems, so that when any disease does come, we are in the but the scare ensured that the drug companies sold up their best possible place to resist it or overcome it.
We will of course in due time see what pans out with this Erroll Bowyer RSHom has been practising at
‘swine flu pandemic’. Maybe the authorities are right and the Brackenbury Clinic for over 20 years. He teaches something serious will arise. But the biggest irony in all this is homeopathy in the UK and internationally. Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic, 30 Brackenbury Road, London W6 0BA
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