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City Council Regular Meeting
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
City Council Chambers
Call to Order
Mayor Rulien called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Pledge of Allegiance
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by everyone present.
Roll Call
Elected Officials present: Mayor Bill Rulien, Commissioner of Public Property Jim Hutton,
Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements Danny Graf, Commissioner of Public Health and
Safety Eric Tessler, and Commissioner of Accounts and Finances Elena Hibler.
Appointed officials present: City Attorney Scott Pyles, City Administrator/Police Chief Rich Girot and
City Clerk Lisa Glisson.

Public Comment
Mayor Rulien opened and closed public comment at 7:01 pm, with no comments from anyone.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes for the August 14, 2012 and regular meeting were approved as written.
Reports by City Officials
Mayor Rulien reported (a) the Park District has rescheduled the fireworks from Summerfest.
They will hold the fireworks on Halloween, October 31, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the end of the Trick
or Treat hours, (b) the City website is up and running again, it still needs some tweaking but it is
working. Due to the upgrade of the computer system, our old website program no longer worked
on the new system (c) the Mayor explained the need for the City to adopt a safety manual as part
of our operating procedures and policies.
Mayor Rulien requested a motion to approve the Safety Manual for the City of Braidwood. Comm.
Hutton made a motion to approve the manual. Seconded by Comm. Tessler. The motion was approved
with 5 ayes (Hibler, Hutton, Graf, Tessler,
Rulien) 0 nays.
Administrator Rich Girot had nothing new to report, still working on the 9 acre annexation.
City Clerk Lisa Glisson reported the opt-out letters for the Electric Aggregation will be mailed out from
First Energy this week and next week members of Springbrook will be here to install the second phase of
our upgraded system to included Building Permits and Licenses.
Reports by City Commissioners
Comm. Tessler motioned to approve the purchase of two squad cars using Federal Drug Forfeiture
Funds. Seconded by Comm. Graf. Discussion: Comm. Tessler advised the cost of the vehicles were
$23,186.00 each, totaling $46,372.00, all of the funds for the vehicles are from drug forfeiture money not
from the general fund, and they are being purchased through the State Purchasing Plan they did not need
to put it out for bid since the State already did that. Comm. Hutton asked if these would be paid for in full
or leased. Comm. Tessler advised they will be purchased outright. The motion was approved with 5 ayes
(Hibler, Hutton, Graf, Tessler, Rulien) 0 nays.

Commissioner of Public Health and Safety (Comm. Tessler) (a) reported Exelon has requested traffic
control for the planned outage from October 8 – November 2, 2012. Exelon pays for the detail it is at no
cost to the City (b) Gov. Quinn has declared September 9, 2012 as Texting & Driving Awareness, (c)
reported the stats for the month of July, 1,068 CAD calls, YTD 6,188 up 33 calls from last year at this
time, 28 arrests in July (d) burglary and thefts are up, so make sure you lockup your houses and cars (e)
there is a drug problem in this town the last 14 months have seen 7 search warrants, 126 drug arrests, 2
overdoses resulting in death in the last two months, last year there was 11 arrests with possession of
cocaine or heroin, so far 15 already this year.

Comm. Hibler moved to pay $424,678.71 in bills. Comm. Graf seconded. The motion was approved
with 5ayes (Hibler, Hutton, Graf, Tessler, Rulien) 0 nays.

Comm. Hibler moved to pay $62,907.31 in payroll. Comm. Hutton seconded. The motion was approved
with 5ayes (Hibler, Hutton, Graf, Tessler, Rulien) 0 nays.

Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements (Comm. Graf) reported mowing and maintaining
being done and the request for a street light at Ridge Street was just a light out and ComEd has been
Commissioner of Public Properties (Comm. Hutton) (a) read two biweekly reports (b) they are still
working on Division Street sewer, all but one pipe is in place, that one will be completed tomorrow, by
Friday the road should be open, a hydrant will be placed on the Exelon side and we should start seeing
flow around September 14, 2012 from Exelon (c) changed out the air conditioners at the Depot.

Planning and Zoning Report
Michelle Serena reported at the Zoning Board meeting on August 6, 2012 the Board agreed with
the recommendation to approve the variance for the electronic sign in front of City Hall. Serena
further advised the meeting for September 4th is cancelled due to a lack of agenda items.
Mayor Rulien requested a motion to approve the Electronic Sign Variance for City Hall. Comm. Hutton
made the motion. Seconded by Comm. Hibler. The motion was approved with 5 ayes (Hibler, Hutton,
Graf, Tessler,
Rulien) 0 nays.

Old Business
Comm. Tessler advised they should have a labor agreement worked out with the sergeants by the
next council meeting.
New Business
Mayor reminded everyone of the upcoming car show on September 29, 2012 near the Polk-a-


Mayor Rulien asked for a motion to adjourn. Comm. Hutton made that motion, seconded by Comm.
Tessler. The motion was approved with 5 ayes (Hibler, Hutton, Graf, Tessler, Rulien) 0 nays.

Approved this____ day of_________________2012
____________________________________City Clerk


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