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Child Development Division (CDD) Department for Children and Families (DCF) Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS) specifi c item is needed and how it will improve the The purpose of the equipment grants is to improve the services that children will receive. If a special consul- quality of child care services in registered and licensed tant such as an early interventionist from the Family child care programs. Specifi cally, these grants may be Infant and Toddler Program has advised you and recom- mended particular items you should also indicate this information. Note: equipment must be age appropri- • To purchase equipment for a registered family ate, promote best practices in early care and educa- • To purchase equipment for a licensed home or • To make minor facility improvements to a licensed center-based program linked to licensing requirements (Especially, Department of Labor Priority for Funding will be to programs that serve the following populations.
Equipment must have the potential to be transfer another program when/if your program closes. Re- questing items that cost individually between $50 and • Children with special needs (health and/or • Children with a Protective Services or Family The equipment grants are not intended for renova- tions to privately owned homes and buildings (including • School Age Children (Kindergarten and up) Equipment grants may not be used for consumable Grant awards are always linked to the priority popu- supplies such as paint, paper, crayons, etc.
lations noted above as well as to the overall quality of the application. Below, is a listing of the average amounts awarded over the past few years linked to the • Climbing structures with overhead monkey • Items in which children can not be seen Always describe your plans for cushioning material if requesting funds for climbing structures/equipment.
The CDD and the interagency review committees re- serve the right to determine the actual dollar amount to be awarded. The applicant is encouraged to carefully • Applications must be complete, readable and prioritize the items requested and to keep in mind the typical amount awarded to a program of their size.
• All applications MUST arrive at CDD by May 30, 2006 or be post marked no later than May 30th. • Applications can be hand delivered or mailed. If As noted in the application, Child Care Equipment Grant mailed, they MUST be postmarked by May 30th applications must include a description of why each • All regulated child care programs must be in good regulatory status with the Child Development Division in order to receive funding.
• Applicants are encouraged to attend training/ informational sessions. Consult the Resource All required parts are included with each copy of Development Specialists in your region for this • Have the application reviewed by more than one Keep one copy and send four (4) to the CDD person before submitting to ensure all informa-tion is clear and accurate.
Send one complete copy to your CCR&R agency • Applicants must be in good standing with respect to, or in full compliance with all taxes due the Send one complete copy to your CCR&R agency – “Equipment Grant Application Attention: Resource Please note that due to the volume of applications you will not be contacted if there are questions or if It is Highly recommended that you use this before submitting your CDD equipment grant application Provider Information (Section 1) Include an Your application will be disqualifi ed if: accurate request amount, ages of children served and a brief description of items requested. DO • The appropriate number of copies is not NOT WRITE “SEE ATTACHED” IN THE BRIEF Required information and attachments are not included.
• The application is received or postmarked Indoor diagram of home/facility. (Diagrams designated deadline of May 30th, 2006.
indicating approximately where new equipment will • You have received a 2006 School Age Care Enhancement or Start-Up/Expansion grant.
• You have not submitted a report for a previously Outdoor diagram of home/facility. (Diagrams indicating approximately where new equipment will be used are encouraged.) Thank you for participating in the CDD equipment grant process and for striving to create a high quality environ- Picture(s) of item(s) that includes the price(s) ment for the children in your care. Child Care Equipment Grant Date Received: Formerly the “A-1 and A-2” Grants2006 Child Development Division (CDD) Department for Children and Families (DCF) Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS) • Serve or be willing to serve families eligible to participate in the CDD sub- • Serve or be willing to serve children Vermont License or Registration Certificate Number Is your Registration or Licensing application pending?  Yes  No Indicate how much of the funding is requested for the following age groups * Do Not attach any other documents to this summary. Use the space provided.
 My Program Participates in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program My program collaborates with one or more of the following programs to assist with providing services within a full day/full year program – Head Start, EEE, EEI or FITP  My program is an active participant in a child care provider network or Early Childhood Council or School Age Number of Children/Individuals to be Served by this grant: Children eligible/enrolled in child care subsidy program For Accreditation & Graduated Recognition System Status – Check if you are at the following stages of Accreditation and/or STARS  National Accreditation (www.naeyc.org, www.nafcc.org, www.naaweb.org  Beginning to look into options, procedures & materials & developing a timeline  Actively Working toward Have achieved  VT Graduated Recognition System (STARS) www.starsstepahead.org  Beginning to look into options, procedures & materials & developing a timeline  Actively Working toward Have achieved Program Description (Section 2)It is important to the grant reviewers to understand the program that is requesting the equipment grant. The following materials are designed to assist in this understanding and must be included with each copy of your application.
• A parent handbook or a description of your program which describes the type of activities and support offered to children and families • A diagram of the program’s indoor space • A diagram of the program’s outdoor space. Grant Proposal (Section 3)This is the body of the application and will describe in detail the request. It is important for the grant reviewers to know precisely how the grant award will be spent and why this is an appropriate request for your specifi c program. If items requested will serve children with special needs or will be particularly helpful for low income children, infants or toddlers or school age children it is helpful if you clearly describe this. The Grant Proposal Section includes the following.
• A completed Form A Budget (The CDD Equipment grant will not pay for the cost of shipping) • A picture of each item requested with proof of cost of each item (Such as a picture with the price from a catalog or on-line with your item circled) • A completed Form B “Why and How Narration” (List the items requested and describe why you decided to request these specifi c items and how each item will improve the quality of care for the children in your care.) Below, is a completed example of Form B. Currently, all we have is a small step-up slide that does not meet the needs of the youngest babies who need safe accessible op-portunities to climb and move. Safe exercise for infants. This helps with muscle development, self-confi dence and coor ment among peers. Our teachers will supervise this very closely and encourage child-to-child interaction as well as individual growth. I have completed and submitted to the CDD a Provider Agreement Form Part I. This is required of all regulated provid-ers who wish to participate in the CDD grant program.) Call 1-800-649-2642 to obtain this form.
Applicants must sign below: I certify that information contained in this application is true and correct and this program will comply with applicable eligibility criteria for the Child Care and Development Fund, which includes not discriminating or barring participation in this program on the basis of race, religion, sex, color, handicap or national origin. If this program closes, I will contact the Child Development Division regarding the possible redistribution of the materials purchased with this grant and to return any unspent funds. If you are requesting an item that will be used by more than one age group, write the item in each appropriate age box but just indicate the cost of the item once.
___ Infants (0-23 months)___ Special Health___ Special Developmental___ Protective Services___ Family Support___ CDD Subsidy Eligible ___ Toddlers (24-35 months)___ Special Health___ Special Developmental___ Protective Services___ Family Support___ CDD Subsidy Eligible ___ Preschoolers (3-5 year olds)___ Special Health___ Special Developmental___ Protective Services___ Family Support___ CDD Subsidy Eligible ___ Kindergarten (5-6 year olds)___ Special Health___ Special Developmental___ Protective Services___ Family Support___ CDD Subsidy Eligible ___ Children in Grades 1-5___ Special Health___ Special Developmental___ Protective Services___ Family Support___ CDD Subsidy Eligible ___ Children eligible/served for CDD child care subsidy in 2005 ___ Children currently eligible/served for child care subsidy Form B “Why and How” Budget NarrationThis form is used in conjunction with Form A BUDGET. Use this form to describe why you decided to request each item. If a specialist such as an Essential Early Education teacher provided input into your decision you can indicate that on this form. Briefl y describe why this item will improve your program. You may want to review the example provided on page 3. All items must have the potential to be transferred if your program closes so be sure to indicate” yes” in the “Transfer-able” column for each item you have listed. Large items such as fences or climbing structures are generally not transfer-able. This form may be duplicated or you can create a facsimile.
CCR&R Resource Development Specialists Bennington County Child Care Association Washington Area (Washington County and Orange North The Family Center of Northwestern Vermont

Source: http://www.brightfutures.dcf.state.vt.us/Forms/Grant/EquipmentGrantGuide.pdf

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