Ihavealwaystaken mayhavebrokenabone.Inaturallyassumedshe InterviewbySaraFaithfull
publication of studies on the efficacy of would see a doctor, but she told me that she could not Viagra after surgery and radiotherapy for afford health insurance and farms could not afford prostate cancer, and even after colorectal workers’ insurance, so her injuries were self-treated. I An active member of the Interna-
learned from her that most of her friends and family tional Society for Sexual Medicine
were not covered by health care and that only (ISSM), Luca Incrocci has worked closely
physician for their sexual problems.
children, the over 65s or those who had been in the with psychologists, sexual therapists and
SF: What are the barriers in clinical
military were covered outside of personal or work nurses to develop interventions for men
insurance. She was largely unaware of the debate on suffering sexual problems following radio-
health reforms. Until then, I had not realised the scale therapy. In this interview he talked to
of the problems faced by low-income workers, and this EONS Past-President Sara Faithfull about
LI: The main problem is the training of
shocked me. Back at the conference I asked nurses his involvement in sexual health medicine
about their experiences, and they told me about their and the experience and research he
talking to patients about sexual problems.
inability to give some people cancer medications or brought to the field of oncology.
Furthermore, the limited time available in pain relief for palliation, and described the inequalities SF: Do you think that sexual
clinical practice is a real problem. Sexual between social groups, especially in the current dysfunction in men with prostate cancer is not well represented in clinical practice? 10 minutes before the next patient enters The cowgirl’s plight was clearly not an isolated case.
LI: Urologists often do not have enough
In the USA, despite being one of the world’s wealthiest time to properly address the problem, and with “cutting edge” treatments for some patients, and countries, 15% of the population do not have health LI: Not yet. Fortunately today’s training
prescribing a pill, and this is not the best on the other, large inequalities, rising costs and care cover – ranking 37th in the world. As health costs inadequate quality. From 1999 to 2008, average health increase, the American system costs more per head taught to communicate more with patients.
insurance premiums and individual contributions for than anywhere in the world and is increasing faster ejaculation, libido, intimacy and partner family coverage have increased by approximately 120%.
than inflation. This may be due to over treatment, high operating theatres as more important.
SF: What is the commonest problem
Health care spending, both public and private, is cost of therapies and a litigation culture. In Europe we SF: How did you first develop an interest
SF: Most prominent sexologists and
expected to exceed the US defence budget, and is one of are also facing rising costs in health care, including researchers working in this area are based LI: Questions about erectile
the highest per capita in the world. The debate over the the cost of providing expensive cancer drugs. This LI: I am not a urologist but an oncologist
in the Netherlands. Is this a reflection of a Health Reform Bil has been particularly vigorous and, has forced some countries to review the cost- on December 24th, it was passed on a 60-39 party line effectiveness of new medications. However, we LI: It is true that Dutch people are
SF: How do you see the oncology
vote by the US Senate. The $871 bil ion bil is expected provide health care in a variety of ways through listening as well as talking to my patients to be merged with similar legislation passed by the social systems as well as through insurance.
about their issues; I am therefore used to LI: Nurses are very important in such a
House of Representative to reach the President’s desk by Discussion of health care reform is in many political oncology world, for example radiotherapists team. In the Netherlands, there has been a mid-February. Its sweeping provisions are likely to be the about sexual dysfunction related to cancer switch from specialist to advanced practice largest extension to health care since Medicare inequalities? Most probably not. However, perhaps diagnosis and treatment. I started in 1992 SF: What do you think has been the
nurses in the fol ow-up of cancer patients legislation in 1965 which provided coverage for the over we assume too much about the benefits of our own doing research on sexual dysfunction after and also for the preparation of treatments.
65s. This bil wil provide health insurance for about 36 systems and need to reflect on those who face of the 46 mil ion currently uninsured Americans.
inequalities. Oncology nurses in the US face difficult LI: The introduction of oral medications
patient (and their partner) and patients often I saw first-hand the reality of not having health care times ahead and it made me realise that nurses in to treat erectile dysfunction has certainly find it easier to talk about their sexual when, on a day off from the conference, I visited a Europe will also be facing reform in the future.
cowboy ranch to ride American style. I noticed my As economic pressures, increased ageing and sexual functioning. In those years this was guide having difficulty getting on her horse and in workforce shortages grow, this will increasingly patient in a few minutes. But for nurses, the obvious pain. Being a nurse never stops and, as I influence health service provisions and we SF: Do you think most clinicians have an
quizzed her, she told me that she fell from a horse and should be prepared for changes ahead.


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COG-ACNS0334: A Phase III Randomized Trial for the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Supratentorial PNET and High Risk Medulloblastoma in Children < 36 Months Old with Intensive Induction Chemotherapy with Methotrexate Followed by Consolidation with Stem Cell Rescue vs. the Same Therapy Without Methotrexate FAST FACTS Eligibility Reviewed and Verified By ______________________

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