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28- 30 May, 2011
Newspaper/ Online
Saturday 28 May News
What Next if CA Term Experts say the post 28 May situation can be
is not Extended?
dreadful if the term is not extended.
Alternatives: Though there is no such
provision, the government can as a caretaker
hold elections for Constituent Assembly and
legislature parliament. Order fresh election
invoking Article 158 with recommendation
from the cabinet and consent from the
president. Write constitution within certain
timeframe with participation from experts if
required and hold election of Constituent
Assembly or legislature parliament to get it
endorse. Risks: Question mark on the
legitimacy of institutions responsible toward
government and others. Efforts to form a new government by opposition party through president by questioning the legitimacy of the government. A situation of constitutional void with question mark over the legitimacy of the president himself. CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
Prez in Doubt about
The President's Office has started homework CA Term Extension
on its possible political and constitutional role post 28 May if CA term is not extended. In such a situation, President Ram Baran Yadav immediately after the dissolution of the CA to find a political outlet in a new way. According to sources the president might put moral pressure on Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal to resign by questioning the legitimacy of his government. 'No Vacuum even if CA Constitutional experts have said only the
is Dissolved'
President and interim government will be left if CA term is dissolved. “Even the constitution is not in a position to tell whether president, government or what else will remain after the CA ceases to exist,” said former Chief Justice Anup Raj Sharma. “But I think if there is no change through people’s revolt, the present government continue to function.” CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
Dahal's Intent is to
Become PM with
three-party meeting on 27 May hinted that he wants to become Prime Minister of the country with without handing over weapons. He rejected the proposal of Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala about extending the term for the time required for completing the peace process and then extending it again later for writing the new constitution. Saturday 28 May Opinions, Editorials and Interviews
End Crisis of
Confidence (Special
Constituent Assembly (CA) term, political Editorial)
parties are still sticking to their respective stances. Efforts for consensus are not bearing fruit because the UCPN (Maoist) is not showing flexibility on issues related to peace process like army integration and handover of weapons. Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal's statement that he won't handover weapons 'exchanged with blood' suggests that the former rebels are in no mood to accept NC's conditions for term extension. If any CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
magical agreement did not happen before midnight of 28 May, the nation will have to face unforeseen risks. Extend CA term
The fate of Constituent Assembly will depend (Special Editorial)
on who emerge victorious -- Nepali politics or foreign conspiracy. Dissolution of CA will bring an end to constitution writing process and also the peace process. Efforts of New Delhi and its agents to take Nepal to a dreadful future need to be failed. The Risk of 28 May
Dil Sahani writes reactionary forces will have (Opinion)
major say in Nepali politics if CA term is not extended on 28 May. This can force UCPN (Maoist) to go for people's revolt. The nation can't remain in status-quo situation; it will head either towards revolutionary path or the counter-revolutionary path. Regressive forces are against extending CA term because federal democratic republican system is not their agenda. Similarly, status-quoist forces are also against extending CA term because CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
they don't have enthusiastic presence in CA. Parties that work as per the direction of foreign forces are also against extending CA term. Sunday 29 May News
The three major parties – UCPN (Maoist), Assembly’s Term
Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML – saved Extended by Three
the Constituent Assembly from dissolution by signing an agreement at about 4 am on Sunday to extend the term by three months. In the agreement, the parties have said main tasks of the peace process shall be completed within the three months, first draft of the constitution would be readied and Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal would resign and pave the way for forming national consensus government. The agreement also includes making Nepal Army inclusive and ensuring effective agreements reached with the Madhesi parties. The parties have agreed to start the task of integration process from coming June 3rd and end the tasks related to peace process within CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
three months and then work to write the constitution and build consensus. Five-Pt Deal sees CA
Term Extended by 3
Preparation of the first draft of the new constitution within three months Sunday 29 May Opinions, Editorials and Interviews
CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
Repetitions of History
Phadindra Dahal writes that for the first time (Analysis)
in the last three years, parties are closer to an agreement on a modality for integration and the numbers of combatants to be integrated into security forces than ever before. Though it’s not a constitutional subject, an amicable settlement of combatant issues will certainly set the tone for constitution-writing to follow. Even with regards to the constitution-drafting process, a compromise between parties on forms of governance and electoral process appears imminent. But general discord over power-sharing continues to affect any progress made in the peace process. “Constitution-writing should not be made a bargaining issue,” says political scientist, Prof. Krishna Khanal. “Our leaders should learn from the respectively successful and unsuccessful neighbouring countries India and Pakistan, and take a timely call.” Monday 30 May News
CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
EU Countries, Japan
Countries affiliated with the European, and Welcome CA
Japan in a statement on 29 May has expressed Extension
happiness at the extension of the CA’s term and PM says He will Resign Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal has said he
Only after National
will resign after a clear framework of national Consensus
consensus is readied. He said his government will work to conclude the peace process and finalize first draft of constitution within the extended three months of the CA. NC Calls For Unity to
The NC urged all the political parties to unite Build Statute From CA for drafting the constitution and establish a
lasting peace without any delay to protect the people’s rights and save the nation from any further crisis. Five Point Pact Should Constituent Assembly Chairman Subash
Be Put into Action
Chandra Nembang has stressed that the deal that extended the tenure of the Constituent Assembly for next three months, should be implemented in a serious manner. CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
PM Ready to Quit For Vice-chairperson Bidhya Devi Bhandari said
Cause National Unity
current political impasse will not end only by the Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal’s resignation. Talking to the media persons at Biratnagar Airport, she said PM’s resignation cannot resolve the nation’s crisis at the moment though PM Khanal is ready to quit the post for the cause of national unity. Parties Differ on PM
Even as the three major parties agreed on the Resignation
resignation of Prime Minister Jhala Nath Interpretation
Khanal to pave way for the formation of national consensus government on Saturday night, the ruling and opposition parties are sharply divided over when exactly the prime minister should step down. While the top leaders of ruling parties, including Prime Minister Khanal, say that the resignation should come only after the parties arrive at an agreement government, the leaders of main opposition NC and Madhesh-based parties maintain that the prime minister should step down CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
Nations Hail CA
Issuing a joint press statement, European Extension
Union, Norway and Switzerland welcomed the CA´s term extension saying the eleventh hour deal has ensured that consensual politics in Nepal remains on course. Monday 30 May - Opinions, Editorials and Interviews
Start work by
Preparing Work
regularly to finalize the articles and clause of Schedule (Editorial)
the new constitution. Now the parties should not give importance to power but to the new Vanity and Sensibility
C.K Lal writes that the five-point deed signed (Opinion)
to save the Constituent Assembly is noteworthy, but only for its vacuity: Conditions in the agreement are so vague as to be almost meaningless. Signatories have agreed to complete basic works of the peace process within three months without detailing components of the task. CCD Media Monitoring
28- 30 May, 2011
Miracle At Mid Night
The parties have chosen the much-anticipated (Editorial)
democratic and legitimate course by giving continuity to the work of the Constituent Assembly, but without leaving any scope for its non-performance and dilly dallying that had characterised its three-year-long term in the immediate past. Since there is no legal, moral and constitutional possibility for give further extension to the CA term, it should work energetically and aggressively to fulfill the task within the extended time frame.



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