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Although high-
for another go at the
powered executives
deny it, sleep is actu-
But for at least 12 mil-
ally a highly produc-
lion Americans it
tive part of life. It is
doesn’t work that
essential to rest the
way. When they settle
mind, allowing it to
down for a good
function efficiently
night’s sleep, their
and creatively during
burning sensation like
repose is shattered by
the day. And sleep is
“ants crawling up my
an irresistible urge to
just as important for
legs” or “soda pop in
move their legs. The
the body, giving mus-
my veins.” Most often
result is a miserable
cles and joints time to
the discomfort is deep
night of fragmented
recover from an ac-
inside the calves, but
sleep, daytime sleepi-
tive day and regroup
it can also occur in the
ness, personality
thighs or feet. In most
changes, and often a
cases, both legs are
grumpy spouse. Leg
equally affected, but
discomfort is the first
touching the skin or
symptom of RLS. It’s
pressing on the mus-
usually described as
cles does not increase
not a pain but as a
the discomfort.
tingling, pricking,
bubbling, tearing, or
Even in this age of CT
The symptoms are
scans and DNA
often mistaken for
with RLS respond well
sleuthing, there is no
insomnia, sleep apnea,
to a simple tranquilizer
fancy test for RLS.
or other sleep disor-
(such as Valium) at
Instead, the diagnosis
ders, arthritis, muscle
depends on 4 simple
cramps, peripheral
artery disease or psy-
chiatric disorders.
A distressing sen-
sation deep in the

So if you smoke stop,
legs that produces
if you drink try stop-
a strong urge to
ping to see if it takes
bedtime, and others do
the edge off. The
well with a pain re-
same goes for caffeine. liever such as Darvon.
Brought on by
And get moderate ex-
Requip is one of the
new drugs that seem to

Worse at night
Despite its name, RLS
help RLS.
Relieved by mov-
is not a disorder of the
legs but of the nervous
system. Some patients

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