March 2, 2005

Health and Human Services Building 1805 Ford Avenue North, Suite 100 (320) 484-4330 (Toll-Free from Hutchinson, MN) April 3, 2013 RE: Request for Proposal Dear Provider: McLeod County Social Services is currently requesting proposals for a 2-bed corporate Foster Care site to be licensed in McLeod County, preferably in Hutchinson. The home will be required to be licensed for Child Foster Care; a dual license is an alternate possibility. Summary of Placement Need

We need to place an 11 year old boy with profound developmental disability and intermittent explosive
disorder. He is independent in mobility, has no specialized medical needs, is nonverbal, and he has not
responded consistently to typical communication alternatives. He requires staff assistance for all areas of
personal cares and hygiene. He is able to eat independently.
Typical behaviors include scratching, hitting, and screaming, directed at staff (mostly toward female staff)
and other residents. This boy is bladder and bowel incontinent and frequently exhibits smearing behaviors
requiring constant monitoring and interventions. At this point, medication includes Haldol which is still
being monitored for effectiveness.
Strict, consistent, and continuous adherence to a behavior management plan by well-trained and experienced
staff is necessary. This plan must be a regular part of this boy’s structure; the plan will not and is not
intended to result in behavior change. The provider must be willing and able to implement Rule 40 plans and
procedures. The provider must provide evidence of successful past and recent experience with implementing
Rule 40 plans and procedures.
The plan is to eventually integrate this child into a special education program during the day. Transportation
to this site may be required.
Staffing and Rates

County dollars will fund all room and board under the child foster care/doc rate.
This boy will require at least 2:1 staffing during the day, 1:1 sleep staff at night (with alarms needed for
emergency response), and minimal access to other resident to assure their safety. This home will be required
to provide physically separated living arrangements for each resident, including separate entrances.
Service rates will be based on the staffing pattern needed and provided. Initial daily rate will be $791.23; this
rate will be adjusted as he is integrated back into school.
Disclaimer: Please note that when DHS implements the new rate-setting methodology they are now working
towards, these rates may need to be adjusted in order to be in compliance with that.
Proposal Requirements

□ A general description of basic program philosophy, techniques, and methods of service delivery. (Pamphlets or brochures that describe programs will work) □ The names and phone numbers of administrative staff including: Directors, Program Managers, Contract Managers, and Accounting Personnel. □ Providers also need to be aware that any eventual contract with McLeod County will require proof of a Certificate of Liability Insurance listing McLeod County as the Certificate Holder. If you have a Certificate of Liability Insurance, you can enclose it with your proposal. □ Must include qualifications of supervisory and direct care staff, especially including experience and training related to this resident’s diagnoses and specific aggressions. □ Provide three (3) written references related to past or current service provision. At least one of these references must be from a past or current resident, his or her guardian, or his or her family member(s). □ Provide at least one (1) reference and documentation demonstrating successful □ The site must meet standards to be licensed to provide child foster care. This licensing process is completed by McLeod County Social Services. Inquiries about this requirement may be directed to Brenda Sandquist, McLeod Social Service Center, 320-864-3144; □ The provider must be licensed under the Consolidated Standards. □ Must demonstrate a plan for initial and ongoing training for staff. □ Must have the ability to administer medications, including injections (not a current issue, but □ Must have the ability to transport clients (no special physical accommodations apply)
Proposals will be Evaluated Against the Following Criteria

□ Ability of provider to demonstrate capacity to meet above-listed requirements □ Ability of provider to meet contract expectations □ Ability of provider to furnish and train staff who are qualified to meet the needs of potential □ Past experience of provider □ Demonstration of the ability to provide the types and level of services needed, including experience with implementation of Rule 40 plans/procedures
Submission of Proposals

Note that a special format for proposals is not dictated. Please assure your proposal, no matter what format
you choose, includes information that addresses the requirements noted above. Proposals will be accepted
beginning immediately and will remain open through October 20, 2010.
Our goal is to achieve placement on or before November 1 September 1, 2013. If you wish to be
considered for this, please submit your proposals by May 17, 2013 May 1, 2013. We will be conducting
face to face interviews with select providers in the last 2 weeks of May. We hope to make a decision on
proposals submitted by the first week in June.
Proposals submitted will be maintained and reviewed as additional needs arise.
Please submit your proposals to Donna Birk, Social Service Supervisor, McLeod Social Service Center, 1805
Ford Avenue North, Suite 100, Glencoe, MN 55336. Questions about this proposal can be directed to Donna
at (320) 864-1239; questions about the needs of this consumer can be directed to Angie at (320) 864-1230.
Submission of a proposal equals agreement to all terms outlined in this RFP.
Thank you,
Donna Birk
Social Service Supervisor


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