Date / Time June 23, 2008 09:15 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. Location Boardroom, BPCPA Office, Burnaby Managing Director, Midnight Sun Adventure Travel Inc. Regional Manager Western Canada, SKYLINK Vice President of Operations, BBB Mainland BC Vice President, Association of Canadian Travel Agencies Director Corporate Policy & Planning, PSSG Senior Policy and Legislation Analyst, PSSG President Lloyd’s Travel & Cruises Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 09:15 a.m. The members were advised that Toby Louie and Yasmin Kerr
from the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General (PSSG) would be arriving at 10:00 a.m. and regrets were
extended on behalf of B. Fougner.
The agenda was reviewed and accepted without amendment.
Item 2.0
Olympic Games - 2010
A member presented the subject expressing their concerns regarding the Olympics to the rest of the group. It was offered that the marketplace can get creative when opportunity presents itself and some activity had the potential to reflect negatively on the BPCPA and TIAG. Scams are inevitably going to happen, and the integrity of the BC travel industry could be damaged. A general discussion took place with comments and observations put forward that included: It was agreed by all members that until a specific problem is identified, it is difficult to come up with a resolution for it; Partnering with other organizations such as Tourism BC, the BBB and others could be looked into for possible communication opportunities; It was reasonable to expect that VANOC, through its preparations and discussions with the IOC and previous Olympic organizers is aware of what problems could arise and has solutions for them; At this time, it is known VANOC has a fraud / security team that will be educating employees on possible problems and providing them with information on where to refer visitors in specific instances; It is likely VANOC has already made all their marketing / partnering decisions, and even if the members were concerned with a particular element, it is unlikely that it could be changed; Members agreed that it may be valuable to utilize the BPCPA website as a resource tool for consumers. A special webpage could band together a number of different companies, agencies etc. and provide links to other websites; Each travel agent could put a link on their website, and in exchange, have their logo on the resource TRAVEL INDUSTRY ADVISORY GROUP
website. If travel agencies knew that consumers were looking for the TAF symbol, it would encourage them to put it on theirs as well; It is felt that the BPCPA may be in a position to be the watchdog. They could put out press releases seeking information related to scams, and follow up with on information as may be appropriate. It would show a proactive approach and be supportive of the industry.
Due to shortness in time the discussion was concluded with it being agreed further review of matter would be
Action items:

Members to be canvassed for additional feedback. If specific issues and options are identified to provide for a
productive agenda and discussion a conference call will be arranged.
Item 3.0
Travel Assurance Fund Campaign – phase two
The members were referred to the TAF issue document that was provided to each member in advance of the meeting to allow them time to review it. An overview was provided to the members that reflected on TAF campaign being viewed as a 3 year project with ongoing awareness activity and education effort beyond that timeline. There is a good foundation after year one and feedback and ideas for year two are now being sought. The plan is to remain constant with the messaging and not to deviate from the current ideas but find similar ones. The key will then be to focus on the top three or five. Ideas obtained from canvassing the members were acknowledged and a round table discussion followed that provided additional feedback and comments as follows: Generally response to the survey in phase one was not as strong as had been hoped. This could be a result of the survey not making it into the hands of the owners or decision makers at the agencies. This also made it difficult to determine how the “information kit” was received; As most ticketing is now electronic, info wallets are not as big an option however it was agreed that adding a link to “e-tickets” would provide every consumer purchasing air travel a chance to see it and hopefully read it. It was felt that most agencies continue to provide their clients with an itinerary and information package; Suggestion made to set up a website specifically for TAF as the BPCPA website is felt difficult to navigate. Caution expressed that most people use the 3-click rule. If they can’t find the information they need after 3 clicks, they look elsewhere; Create a webpage that explains what being licensed means to the consumer / business partners that a licensee can add their name too along with the BPCPA and incorporate into the licensee’s own website; If the BPCPA partnered with 3 high profile agencies and / or associations and reported out on the traffic the links generated, more participants would probably join just because they are competitive and don’t want to be left behind; Attempt monthly contact with the licensee’s to increase positive communication with them, and help them understand the importance of TAF. e.g. The insurance council publishes a monthly newsletter that the industry reads diligently; Make sure licensees know that obtaining the TAF logo is free. Word of mouth is a great way to pass the message along. A member indicated support and will send the message out; Members want to make sure there is a security feature on the TAF logo so people who were not participants in the TAF could not make use of the logo; Approach larger agencies and encourage them to add the TAF and BPCPA logo’s to their current ads; The costs for phase one were confirmed as being just under $250K with minimal (one person) TRAVEL INDUSTRY ADVISORY GROUP
expressing opposition to spending the money. It was suggested that this could change if the regulation review resulted in an increase to the contribution amounts. It is important to be certain of the ability to spend the money in the TAF for these purposes; A more encompassed approach should be considered, agencies are licensed, have trust accounts and financial reviews, not just the TAF; Need to make it mandatory that licensees display licence number / logo to tell consumer agencies are licensed; Advertising needs to maintain a frequency and be in the main media. Other co-op opportunities should be developed and pursued. It was agreed that the focus should continue to be on licensees and the utilization of the website to increase
participation. In order to determine what might be a reasonable budget, the value perceived by the licensees
will need to be gauged. A brief marketing plan is needed to assist in determining a budget figure.
Action item:
Develop a marketing plan to establish an appropriate budget.
Item 4.0
Travel Regulation Consultation update
Mr. Toby Louie and Yasmin Kerr were introduced to the members.
Mr. Louie acknowledged he was here today with his colleague following the commitment made at the February
meeting. The members were advised that rather than simply offering what feedback had been received on the
two consultation documents, he felt it would be more meaningful to provide the members with what the
regulation framework may look like from the feedback received.
The members were provided a copy of the draft document which Ms. Kerr then reviewed with the members.
Following the discussion the members were thanked for their feedback and invited to provide further comment
once they had given more thought to the document. Mr. Louie indicated he would like to be able to meet again
in early August and date options would be looked into.
Mr. Louie and Ms. Kerr were thanked for taking the time to meet with the group and for providing the update.
Action item:
Determine available dates for meeting in early August and advise members.
Item 5.0
Next meeting
The next advisory group meeting was confirmed for October 21, 2008.


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