Ask The Plant Groom™ by Dale Groom, The Plant Groom™ QA10 Hi! My son is being transferred to Nigeria. After talking with some of his co-workers that have been there or that are currently there, bugs are a serious problem in the home. Bad enough that everyone is saying everything including paper goods must be placed in metal or plastic sealable containers. He can ship a container full of household goods but no hazardous chemicals. Do you have any suggestions of something he could take the ingredients for that might help control this problem? I know you deal with lawn and garden pests but felt you might be able to offer a suggestion or a place we might turn to for help. Thank you. – K. C. R. Please define or secure their definition of "hazardous chemicals". This term is very open to interpretation. For example does this mean mace, gasoline, isopropyl alcohol, aspirin, Nexium, shoe polish, ammonia, oil based paints, pyrethrums, water-soluble fertilizer, DEET, etc., etc.? There should be a specific list of hazardous chemicals available to your son. This may require contacting the Nigerian Consulate directly or via the Internet. After securing the list please contact me again and I'll provide recommendations that will be acceptable to Nigeria and your son. It would also be good to know what types of insect pests are the targets of control. I can then take this information to several top entomologists for their control recommendations. One additional thought. Perhaps there are specific products/compounds that may not be imported by visitors to Nigeria yet some of the same products are available for retail customers inside the country. I recommend your son checking with personnel he knows on the ground in Nigeria to determine if they are aware of insect pest control aids for sale in the country. If you wish, ask your son to contact me directly and we can discuss this together. My office number is 214-904-3053 and my e-mail is Is there a foolproof method to eradicate honey locust saplings that keep emerging in my yard? I have one large tree I would like to keep, and have cut one down, but these saplings keep on popping up after I spray them with "Roundup", or cut them off even with the ground. Thanks. – D. L. It's the nature of the tree. Garden aid products containing the active ingredient glyphospate are usually not effective in controlling unwanted tree growth. If you do not want honey locust saplings or other growth emerging from this tree in your yard the best control is total removal. However, it does give you something to do during the growing season. So, if you need to keep active in the yard be sure to let the tree remain. I have a bed of Asian jasmine. It was planted 2 years ago and it is almost established. The problem is there is Bermuda grass growing in it also. Often when I pull the grass out I pull the Asian jasmine out along with the grass, and pulling the grass out is a very tedious job. Is there a product I can spray on it that will kill the grass but not the Asian jasmine? Would it help if I fertilized it so the jasmine would take over better. If yes, what would a good fertilizer be for the Nacogdoches area? Products containing the active ingredient Fusillade are labeled to control grasses in existing landscape beds. I do not have a label in my office so here's my suggestion. Contact local retailers and ask for the owner or manager and you want to know if they stock weed control aids with Fusillade and are the products labeled for use in Asian jasmine. If so, then secure a product - and read and follow label directions. Some folks use methods to swab, paint -on or in some other way wipe on products containing glyphospate to target weeds. This is Earth Kind and pinpoints the target pest-weed without applying a product to the entire bed. Thought the years, I've received several reports or confirmations that this method has worked well in situations similar to yours. The decision to proceed with any of these suggestions is yours. Any fertilizer utilized to fertilize lawns in TX will work statewide. Apply as per directions on the fertilizer container. If plants are in need of nutrients that are not available in the soil, fertilizers will provide them. Adequate available soil nutrients is necessary to achieve healthy plant growth Dale’s Notes: • If you have not had soil tests performed within the past two years it is prudent to have it done … NOW. You may receive a FREE Soil Test Kit by sending your request to me at Texas Cooperative Extension, 10065 Marsh Lane, Suite B-101, Dallas, TX 75229. To receive the free Soil Test Kit be sure to include a long self addressed envelope with two 1st class stamps on it along with your specific request. • If you have not planted Earth Kind Roses™ in your landscape do so … NOW • Check the depth of mulch around all plants. If less than 3-4” apply to this depth…NOW • Remove all remaining dead parts out of any plant in the garden, yard, landscape or whatever else you call your planted areas … NOW Dale Groom, Extension Horticulturist-Dallas County, Texas Cooperative Extension, Native Texan, Author, Columnist, Radio/TV Host is also known statewide as The Plant Groom™. Send your lawn, garden and landscape questions to Dale at Dale is the author of ‘Dale Groom’s Texas Gardening Guide’ and co-author of ‘Month-By-Month-Gardening-In-Texas’ Copyright 2006 by Groom Media and all rights are reserved.


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