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Cow’s milk allergy (1 of 2)
Some reactions to cows’ milk involve the medicine, the term cow’s milk allergy is only used to describe reactions involving food labels every time you shop – even if reactions are normally called cow’s milk Mild to moderate milk allergy
can be found in some unlikely foods.
Cow’s milk allergy is common in infants reaction. Lactose (milk sugar) is usually Flavours and seasoning
develops after one year of age. The onset is closely related to the introduction of to watch out for as they can contain milk Very mild milk allergy
be tolerated. These children are likely to outgrow their milk allergy at an early age. Reactions through touch and smell
activities besides eating. Playtime maybe Symptoms of cow’s milk allergy (CMA)
rash (hives), swelling of the face, eczema the skin, or by contact on the lips or the In some very sensitive patients, even the Medicines
As the infant gets older, typical allergic reactions to milk include rash, hives and and lots of tablets are manufactured with involves extremely high concentrations.
normally contain the proteins responsible for causing reactions, but could possibly Avoidance of milk
allergic reaction that affects several body Severe milk allergy
milk. Strict avoidance of all traces of milk allergy are advised to stick to the syrups and all dairy products is the only way to Cow’s milk allergy (2 of 2)
Terms indicating the presence of cow’s milk
Examples of foods and products which may contain milk
Most foods containing any form of milk must declare milk in the When in doubt check with the individual food companies.
contents label. However if no milk is declared it may well be • Crisps/savoury snacks/pancakes/rolls/waffles • Butter/butter fat/buttermilk/butterfat/butter oil • Processed meats/sausages/frankfurters/some poultry • Milk formula/whey/whey solids/whey powder/yoghurt/ghee • Ready made meals/takeaway meals/restaurant meals • Evaporated milk/semi-skimmed milk/skimmed milk • Seasonings/some natural flavourings/binding agents • Lactose-free milk formula/de-lactosed milk • Most vegetable margarines/butter substitutes • Canned fish/gravy mixes/sweets/lollies/desserts • Cream/cheese/cheese powder/curds/sour cream/sour milk • Ice cream/milk solids/milk fat/ice milk • Some washing up liquids/shampoos and creams • Lactalbumin/Lactoglobulin/bovine scrum albumin The above list may not be exhaustive.
• Hydrolysed casein/rennet casein• Hydrolysed milk protein Some calcium supplements are derived from cow’s milk (e.g. calcium lactobionate) and may contain trace impurities The above list may not be exhaustive.
Treating symptoms
Cow’s milk intolerance
Lactose intolerance
(Lactase deficiency)
antihistamines (e.g. loratadine, cetirizine) sugar found in milk, called lactose.
People with a lactose intolerance need to cow’s milk (over 120mls or 4oz). Delayed coffee creamers and also used as a filler Alternatives to milk
or blood tests. Milk intolerance does not The Anaphylaxis Campaign is a
national charity that can provide
further information and support.
can be safely eaten. Children with cow’s soy. Cow’s milk is very similar to other both of these should not be given to milk The information contained in these pages has been provided by the British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology. Every effort has been made to ensure at the time of printing, its contents are accurate. However this information should be used in conjunction with advice from a medical professional.


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