When you have tested everything, refit your head unit. Take care not to trap any wires or the Dension
Once the head unit has been removed, disconnect the The below diagram depicts how the different modules product. We supply cable ties to mount the Gateway
antenna cable (1) and then unclip the main wiring
Five module. Please mount the module away from
connector from the head unit (2). This will differ in all
heat or damp surfaces.
Refit of the Head Unit is the reversal of the removal iPod, AUX
process for your specific vehicle, as per your 6. CAR-SPECIFIC CONNECTIONS
Connect the round iPod connector and AUX (optional)
With the main radio cable removed, first connect the to the module and feed them through the dashboard to Dension supplied cable to the original factory cable Install Guide
Please note:
If you have a factory phone kit installed in your radio GW1-9201-2
please position the 4 pin molex connector to the
position shown on fig. #2, so that the phone audio could
come through the car speakers. Skipping this step will
iGateway lets you connect your iPod / iPhone to your
original car radio, providing music playback and menu based control and charging. 2. GETTING STARTED
At first please make sure that the vehicle
compatibility is correct.
The Dension iGateway is available in specific versions for different vehicle types, therefore the exact operation and installation may be different in each case. In some cases there may be an add-in connector. Remove the CD changer section and replace with the Warning!
loom supplied with the iGateway. For further details During the installation always make sure that the
please go to section 6.
ignition key is removed from the car, the radio is
Important installation notes for BMW owners:
Warning! Do not trap the cables, or leave them in a
switched off and that you have the security code of
position where they may become trapped after
the head unit (radio) available (if applicable).
If the car has factory CD-Changer (CDC) in that case all
wires needs to be disconnected
from the factory CDC
refitting the head unit.
(except if you install CD Retention Kit), otherwise you Ensure the device is correctly fitted before running the First, carefully remove your vehicle's existing factory fit cable. Then, reconnect the Dension supplied main radio head unit as per the factory instructions and using the Important installation notes for Audi and BMW
Connect the 18 way micro-fit (18 pin molex) to the Car
The free black lead on the Gateway harness must be
grounded / connected to the chassis of the radio. In
case of BMW you don’t need to connect this lead. All photos / illustrations are for representation purposes Before you refit the head unit, test the iGateway with only and may differ visually from the equipment in your your car audio, making sure all connections are correct vehicle. Information correct at time of going to print E. & O. E. Dension Audio Sytems Ltd. and it’s registered partners cannot be held liable for any damages caused Note: If during testing you notice any changes or
by the incorrect installation of any Dension product. inconsistencies in the way the car's electrical
system operates, disconnect the Gateway product

immediately and consult your dealer.
If you need further assistance in using your Dension Important installation notes for BMW (17 pin, round
product, please contact your local supplier or visit pin) owners: and click on ‘Support’. In some cases, removing the head unit will require panel The white ISO connector can be connected in two ways. Please check also the download section for the latest removal as well therefore we recommend to contact If you have full functionality without sound that means firmware version and product documentation, as these your vehicle's dealer or installation supplier / installer for this connector has been connected in wrong way. may provide additional features or easier use of the Please rotate that connector by 180 degrees.


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