stopping a course of medicine as this maycause side effects too.
This drug is used principally for epilepsy buthas been shown to be very effective for some cases of the rare condition of paroxysmal nurses and specialists on what you’re taking including any over-the-counter remedies as well as herbal and homeopathic remedies.
This is to ensure you are not duplicating This is a drug used mainly for epilepsy but neuropathy (damage to nerves in arms andlegs). It has been tried in dystonia although there are no clinical trials and the evidence isanecdotal and whether it is truly effective is unknown. It can help where there is chronic intended to replace the advice of a qualifiedmedical practitioner. The Society strongly advises anyone viewing this material to seek qualified medical advice on all mattersrelat Taking these medicines requires patience and persistence on the part of the patient, their cause information contained here to become // It is a fact that medications are more likely to be successful in children and youngpeople where a significant proportion canimprove dramatically through talking the // While medications are an option for adults, they are less likely to be effective and sobotulinum toxin treatment is often the bestoption for adults with focal dystonias. 2nd Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP Most of these medicines have side effects.
Registered Charity No: 1062595 and SC042127 // Talk to your GP or neurologist before acetylcholine. It is especially helpful for (which is why it is important that dosages childhood-onset and the more severe cases of dystonia. However, people with adult focal dystonia do sometimes also respond to the The symptoms of dystonia can be challenging As muscle relaxants, Baclofen and Tizanidine to manage and it can often take some time To minimise the likelihood of side effects, the to get the balance of medications right to physician will increase the dosage slowly.
achieve benefits for a person with dystonia.
Benefits may not appear for many weeks on marked benefit in a significant minority of This leaflet is designed to provide a brief a constant dose, so lengthy trials are more guide to the principal drugs used to provide likely to be productive. Side effects can minority of adults with focal dystonia. While children can often tolerate high dosages of sleepiness. In higher doses they can also Baclofen, its side effects are a limiting factor cause urinary problems, especially in men, and worsen certain types of glaucoma. Short- lethargy, upset stomach, dizziness and dry dystonia (DRD) can find a dramatic, sustained been reported. Talk to your GP or neurologist discontinued abruptly. Very occasionally, about your other medicines or if you have baclofen is given via a pump directly to the small doses of levodopa. This condition is problems. It is important there is no abrupt spinal cord region (intrathecal baclofen). found primarily in dystonia affecting children withdrawal from anticholinergics as dystonia or young adults. In these instances, a trial of therapy by the physician. In cases of adult- onset dystonia, a physician is much less likely These medicines can help control tremor and suppressing release of chemical messengers dystonia in their family. Most people with in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin.
dystonia can tolerate these drugs and ill They are usually used for more severe cases aminobutyric acid) a chemical which inhibits of dystonia and can also cause sedation and the transmission of nerve signals in the brain occasionally depression. If you’re taking so acting as muscle relaxants. Patients can sometimes tolerate very large dosages if the This medicine belongs to the anticholinergic doses are increased slowly. A number of side- taking the medicine and phone for medical spasms and the tremor by blocking the effect of a chemical messenger in the brain called


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Parasomnias versus epilepsy: common grounds and a need to change the approach to the problem

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