Brett Kotowski, Biomedical Engineering, University of Rhode Island BME 181 Second Presentation, April 15,2013 <>
application to the field of biomedical engineering. They are able
neurotransmitters are used to communicate naturally between to provide the function of the non-active neurotransmitters in the
brain cells. The advantage of this is that only neighboring cells body, and help with neurological diseases.
that have receptors for the specific neurotransmitter will be activated. This small unit can be implanted into the body This unit is designed so that the release of neurotransmitters Eurotransmitters are small molecules that flow happens as often or as little required as the patient needs. The through the central nervous system from neuron to research done by the Scientists has shown that these devices N neuron. They are chemical messengers that are can be used to treat hearing loss, epilepsy and Parkinson’s used to tell other neurons that they have received an impulse. These nerve impulses flow through the dendrites of a nerve cell, down the neuron to the presynaptic terminals. From the presynaptic terminals, the impulse is released to the synaptic cleft which is the area between neurons. The neurotransmitters are synthesized in the soma, then moves down the axon to the presynaptic terminals, and they activate the nerve receptors by To conclude, Artificial Neurotransmitters are continuing to There are two methods for the use of Artificial grow and develop, and are becoming more and more useful to Neurotransmitters. The first is that of medication. For people the patient. They are starting to be made to be more precise suffering from depression, they have a lacking of the when actually in the body. The surgery can be risky though to neurotransmitter of serotonin in their brain. This serotonin install the device in the nervous system. The unit needs to be controls mood, and behavior, and to regulate the abnormal installed in an exact location to be most effective, and if serotonin levels doctors prescribe medicine such as Prozac, implanting is slightly off, it can cause harm to the patient. Due Zoloft, or Celexa. These drugs trick people into thinking there to this patients are skeptical about having the surgery done, but at the same time do not want to continue suffering from the neurological disease that they may have. The controversy may come about that installing this device into someone’s central nervous system, or giving people medicine to slightly alter their mind is like playing the role of god, and changing someone’s psychological state. This is necessary to rid some patients of these brutal symptoms of pain they may be Neurotransmitters can also be injected in a controlled manner using electromagnetic antenna. These are installed at the synapse, and they are called capsula. The capsula are coated with binding proteins which allow them to connect to the < of-Stimulating-Neurotransmitters/1903593>. [2] <>. [3] <>. [4] <>. [5] Popular <>. New types of Artificial Neurotransmitters are being explored by a group of Swedish scientists. These scientists used an electronically conductive plastic to create a new type


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