Dextro Energy Liquid Gel makes a huge splash
A new product on the sports nutrition market has already made waves with athletes who’ve tried, tested and attested to its effectiveness and palatability. Dextro Energy Liquid Gel is a carbohydrate concentrate containing a unique combination of dextrose, fructose and maltodextrin, with the added benefit of vitamins and caffeine. Because it’s a liquid, the formula is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Gone are the days of unsuccessfully trying to ingest sticky, thick, plain-unpalatable energy gels on the run. We’ve all been there – pushing our bodies to the limit, pain coursing through our every fibre, needing a sustenance surge to get us over the line. The only thing you can bring yourself to swallow is something that slips down fast, with the tiniest of effort; your entire body is focused on powering lungs, legs and heart at this point in time. Sticky, gooey gels just won’t cut it. Plus, messing around with fiddly packaging and spurting product all over the place could easily cost you valuable seconds in the race. It’s Dextro Energy to the rescue. The new Dextro Energy Liquid Gel has already proven a huge hit with athletes impressed by its unique consistency, taste and power. “Dextro Energy Liquid Gel is the only gel I’ve used with a nice taste. It’s one I actually enjoy having, especially in a race situation,” says Alexander Price, athlete and New South Wales Institute of Sport physiotherapist. “The consistency is just like water, which makes it really easy to take.” Fellow athlete Cam Perkins agrees that Dextro Gels are the easiest to digest of all he has used in the past: “I have tried other gels that state you can take them without water but the Dextro ones are the only ones that actually deliver on that claim.” Liquid Gel imparts a direct energy boost when athletes need it most: in demanding training or competition conditions. “Dextro Energy Liquid Energy Gels are fantastic and are the perfect solution for quick and compact energy,” says athlete Gerard Wild. “The low viscosity texture is great as it means they can be taken without having to be washed down. Dextro Liquid Energy Gels will play an integral role in my race nutrition at Shepparton 70.3, and hopefully help in achieving a 70.3 personal best time.” Liquid Gel is available in orange, and lemon and caffeine varieties. “I find the two different gels fantastic in different parts of a race,” Price says. “The orange is great early, with B Vitamins for energy, and the lemon and caffeine is perfect for later in the race – it gives you a kick and helps you to stay mentally alert. I love them!” Great taste and superior performance are key to the Dextro Energy range and Liquid Gel is no exception. Plus, the handy screw-top pack means no mess, and no wastage. “I tried the gels over the weekend on some long rides,” says athlete Samuel Betten. “They are very different to what I have used in the past (in a good way). They are very easy to eat on the bike and are a lot less sticky/thick that those on the market currently. They are perfect for racing because of this. I believe Dextro’s onto a winner with these.” Mark Stewart, from Ultimate Triathlon Series organiser Elite Energy also uses and recommends Liquid Gel for the performance boost it gives: “The gels are brilliant – I have been testing the Lemon + Caffeine and they are just great during extended training sessions – I take one on the hour and am able to push hard, especially on the bike.” Dextro Energy has for decades been Europe’s leading and most trusted sports nutrition brand. An expert in formulating effective energy products for competitive athletes, Dextro Energy’s range has been developed by a team of sports scientists, endurance athletes and nutritionists.

Source: http://www.eliteenergy.com.au/newsletter/pdf/Dextro_Energy_Liquid_Gel.pdf

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