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Technical y sensitive Risk and action oriented Entrepreneurial Founder and Owner of the Endres Projects company Endres Projects is active in marketing, project management and strategy consulting for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Endres Projects works together with Community3, a network that is active in marketing and project management for al industries. The USP of this network is to have several smal companies that work in concert to get out best results at best prices. 04/2011–10/2011 Brand Leader Psychiatry, Astra Zeneca Switzerland Product and budget responsibility for Seroquel, the biggest brand of Develop post-patent management of Seroquel 02/2009–03/2011 Patient Education and Communication Manager, MSD RBSC Set ing the future with marketing to patients: Patient education campaigns for multiple disease areas (HIV; Migraine; MPHL, Oncology); individual assets, as wel as campaigns or patient MSD RBSC is a new international of ice for EMEAC region. Product Manager Isentress, MSD Switzerland Product and budget responsibility for Isentress, a new HIV drug Pre- launch, launch and post-launch activities; Particular project: Improve the quality of life of HIV patients in a cross-functional team consisting of physicians, BAG and community members. Al together developed guidelines for a bet er QoL (first project between pharmaceutical company and the BAG in Swiss 10/2006–05/2007 Hospital Sales Representative, MSD Switzerland Anti-infectives portfolio detailing (antibiotics and anti-virals), educational events, congress organisation Institute of med. Virology; Thesis advisor: Professor Dr. K. Möl ing Development of a DNA vaccine against SARS-CoV Negative regulation of the IFNα-signaling by Influenza M1 protein Institute of Biotechnology; Thesis advisor: PD Dr. Pauli Kal io Investigation on the stress reactions of transgenic Nicotiana tabacum plants and suspension cultures expressing Vitreoscil a haemoglobin Semester Thesis; University of Cape Town, RSA Institute for Molecular & Cel ular Biology; Thesis advisor: Professor Genetic transformation of galactinol synthase homologue, XVGS, from the resurrection plant Xerophyta viscose into Digitaria sanguinalis to test whether it confers tolerance to dehydration and Practical Experience, Hoffmann-La Roche AG; Basel Practical training in the department of Toxicology Swiss federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Federal qualification exam for university entrance Preparation for entry exam at the TH Zurich European School Brussels (école européenne Primary and Secondary School Leuggern, AG Patient Information Training, Manchester Marketing Excel ence (MEX) Training Astra Zeneca, Brussels Subject: Negative regulation of the IFNα-signaling Subject: Modifications of the Semliki Forest Virus replicons to enhance expression ef iciency President of the Academic Television United Founder Member of the Academic Television United Visions; (the first internet television in Switzerland)


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