Development and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Aluminium Nano Composite for Brake Disc Application Department of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Muhammad Riza /G1025293 Cutting Temperature Behaviours during Pocketing of AISI H13 with Contour-in Tool Path Strategy Department of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Iman A.F. Husain / G1129396 Study of Fat, Oil and Grease Deposit Formation in Sewer Pipelines Department Origins of Political Legitimacy and its Applications in Contemporary Systems of Governant Br. Nashwan Abdo Khaled/ G0834477 Basic of al-Tafsīr al-MaqāÎidī of Holy Qur’Én and Its Application on Five Necessities: The Case of Ibn ÑĀshūr Br. Mohamed Mihlar Abdul Muthaliff / Western Sufism And Advaita Vedónta: An Analysis Of Inayat Khan’s (1882- Resilience in adolescents: Understanding stressors, resilience resources and well-being Sr. Shapla Parween / G1114896 Bilingual First Language Acquisition (BFLA) of Bangla and English: A Case A Study of Assessing Local Economic Benefits from Mass Tourism in Heritage City of Melaka, Malaysia Nurhaya Baniyamin / G1114654 Experiential Factors Influencing Visitors’ Participation And Immersion In Science Centre: An Overview Norhaibati Hashim / G1116990 Asean Single Economic Market: Assessing The Impact Of Construction Labor KM Tools and Techniques in aTelecommunication Company Call Center: A Is Evolving Connectionist System (ECoS) provides better solution to some problems than Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)? Ahmed H. Anjariny A Development Model for Assessing Organization's Readiness Toward Business Intelligence Systems : A Study on the Context Of Malaysian Organizations Md. Anisur Rahman Professional Development of Librarians—Human Resources in Advancement of ICT at IIUM, UKM and UM Library Kyaw Hla Win @ Md.Hassan
Social Sciences and
The Rights And Duties Of Journalists In A Constitutional Democracy: An Analytical Exposition
Sa'id Adekunle Mikail / G0914209
Social Sciences and
Audit Quality Determinants’ Effect on Earnings Management Practices during the Recent Financial Crisis: Evidence from Malaysian Listed Companies Rezbin Nahar / G1124972 Job Stress Factors affecting QWL (Quality of Work Life) of Bank’s Issues And Challenges In Financing The Real Sector Of The Nigerian Economy: Exploring The Potentials Of Islamic Finance Anwar B. Allah Pitchay /G1116837 The Role of Cash Waqf in Rejuvenation of Waqf System in Malaysia An Empirical Investigation of the Securitization Activities in the Malaysian Banking Industry Mohamed Asmy Bin Mohd Thas Thaker/ The Challenges of Micro Enterprises in Malaysia and The Prospect For Integrated Cash Waqf Micro Enterprise Investment (ICWME-I) Model / P_ECO Sr Hamidah The Grondona System of Conditional Currency Convertibility: An Analysis of Implementation in the Malaysian Economy Hanudin Amin An Integrative Approach for Understanding Islamic Home Financing Adoption Acute oral toxicity study and antiplasmodial properties of Malaysian Plectranthus amboinicus leaves extract Dr. Basma Ezzat Mustafa/ G0910992 Assessment of Glucose Level Before and After Tooth Extraction in Patients Attending Haemooglobin Level in Patients with Recurrent Oral Ulceration Attending KOD Increased Protection Against Oxidative Damage And Reduced Inflammation, During Cutaneous Wound Repair Using Se2+ or Ag+ Added Carica papaya L. Extracts Raji Akintunde Abdullateef Agronomy, Breeding and Cytogenetics Studies in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni Helmi Yousif Alfarra/ G1021961 Biotechnological transformation of phytochemicals of tropical plants for drug discovery and Laccase fungus isolation for biotechnological applications Development of non-viral gene delivery system using chitosan - PLGA microsphere for transfection on neuron cell line (s) Br. Sinan Mohammed Abdullah/ G1028903 Using of combination between carbamazepine and gabapentin and comparing to use each one alone in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy Sr. Syahiera Farhana Zakaria/ G1116810/ Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medicines in Malaysia Perceptions of doctors, pharmacists and consumers and quality assessment of the advertisements. Effects Of Cyclophosphamide And Thymoquinone On Mouse Testes And Epididymides: Preliminary Assessment Of Morphological Impairment, Dna Fragmentation And Germ Cells Lost Sr. Hadijah Hassan/ G1036266 Safety Assessment of a New Product – `Mixed Fruits Juice’ in Experimental Rats Zainul Ibrahim Zainuddin G0936109 Integration of Islamic Knowledge into the Medical Imaging Curriculum: A Case Study at International Islamic University Malaysia

Source: http://enm.iium.edu.my/images/new/list%20of%20participants.pdf

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Facoltà di FARMACIA Corso di Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico in SCIENZE E TECNOLOGIE ERBORISTICHE Silvia Alboni - Curriculum scientifico Formazione Gennaio 2011 Vincitrice di borsa di studio di ricerca e formazione avanzata sul tema “ Ruolo delle interazioni tra sistema immunitario e sistema nervoso centrale nell’insorgenza delle malattie psichiatriche”. presso il Dipartimento di Scien

Tcc 2006 pdl

Group Health Insurance Specialists TCC, Inc. Preferred Drug List January 2006 NOTE: Drugs in ALL ALPHAGAN P CAPS are considered Brand-Named Drugs. abapentin alprazolam Drugs that are all lowercase are ACCU-CHEK considered Generic ARIMIDEX ACCUTANE ALTOPREV ARISTOCORT A acebutolol ARISTOCORT R acetaminophen w/butalbital

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