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Serie Expert Hair / Scalp Treatments
-Very dry and completely dehydrated hair.
Fig Cataplasme Therapy - post-treat Grace (elven) –seemingly effortless beauty -Very sensitized hair, exhibiting signs of damage.
Or charm of movement, form or proportion. CHI Enviro – American Smoothing Treatment
-Color treated, lacking radiance, shine, lightness.
What is it?It is a revolutionary safe treatment that is formaldehyde free. The treatment is easy, simple, -Provides internal fortification of severely chemically- fast and can eliminate up to 95% of frizz while making curly hair more manageable. CHI Enviro is guaranteed to leave the hair healthier, stronger -Optimizes the color process for protected, radiant and smoother, while adding amazing shine. CHI Enviro is formulated with amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl. The combining of cysteine can synergize with hair's natural cysteine, thus rearranging cysteine proteins in the -Revitalizes, protects, and maintains the vibrant shine hair's natural fiber. There is no bond breaking with this invention only elongating bonds.
The new protein rearrangement can be cured to -Repairs, reconstructs and deeply conditions last for up to 4 months by applying unique formula and sealing it with heat. Thus sealing and bonding hair to produce smooth, silky, Soft Peel –Lipidine Technology-Deeply cleanse scalp with exfoliating micro-pearls for removal of scalp residue and excess sebum.
Sensi Post –Sorbitwin Technology-Moisturize scalp to re-establish its protective barrier role and diminish scalp discomfort and dryness.
On the day of your color service, ask your stylist
about Serie Expert color strength program and a

maintenance schedule for your specific hair needs.
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TOPICAL OPHTHALMIC ANTIBIOTICS Fortified Ancef Ophthalmic Solution (50 mg/cc) Add 9.2 cc of Tears Naturale to 1.0 gram of Ancef - Dissolve Take 5.0 cc of this solution and add it to 5.0 cc of Tears Naturale LABEL: Ancef (50 mg/cc) Refrigerate Discard after 7 days Amphotericin B Topical Solution (0.15 mg/cc) Take 50 mg vial and add 10cc nonpreserved water for injectable use (Solut

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Newton South High School Nurse Tel: 617-559-6575 Fax: 617-559-6701 MEDICATION PERMISSION FORM & POLICY This form must be completed by a health care provider and parent before any medication (over-the-counter or prescription) can be administered at school. (M.G.L. Chapter 112 § 80) Student name __________________________ School ___________Grade: ___ D.O.B.: _________

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