致理技術學院 101 學年度第 2 學期轉學考試 考試科目:英文(一) 注 1. 本試題卷共 50 題,總分 100 分。第 01-15 題,每題 1.77 分,合計 26.55 分;第 16-35 意 題,每題 2 分,合計 40 分;第 36-50 題,每題 2.23 分,合計 33.45 分;答錯不倒扣。 2. 請將答案按試題號,依序填入答案卡。 Panda bears, honeybees, and dolphins are all examples of _____. A zoo is not a natural _____ for monkeys. The people who live in an Ecuadoran rainforest can single out the right plants for _____. Deep in the rainforest, monkeys move overhead and _____ snakes underfoot. During Takahashi's trip, he needs to put up hot sun and strong wind. When you are going abroad, you should go to the _____ area for the flight. Diseases were not always _____ to Europeans, but killed a large percentage of native Raccoons' usual food is nuts and fruit; they also like to eat insects or climb _____ trees to 10-11 Raccoons will eat 10 insects if they find them, and sometimes they eat 11 soap Wolves are very intelligent animals. They learn, play, and _____ in families—the same way _____ they eat small willow trees and kill some kinds of forests, the elk won’t have enough Expensive watches _____ from precious metals such as silver or platinum. We celebrate the seasons with different _____ in our houses. 致理技術學院 101 學年度第 2 學期轉學考試 考試科目:英文(一) A: Would you rather ____ in a musical performance or just listen? B: Oh, I'd rather just listen. I don't play the violin very well. A: Could you tell me about your _____ related to the position? B: Yes, I enjoy spending time with elderly people and I have a college degree in sociology. Before the 1990s, recyclable materials such as cans and bottles _____ into the trash can Jack will go to college next fall and plans to study what he’s most _____ in. Helping people is more _____ than anything else. You have never heard of the field of technology before; I don't know _____ about A: Where will the Fishing Contest be this year? B: It always ____ at the city festival grounds. Fadiman’s data _____ where and why such differences exist in Ecuador’s rainforests. I will go to the concert if I _____ enough money for a ticket. Another _____ said dieting means "you fix food but you don't eat it." My mother _____ wears a red hat, is standing there. Mary got up early this morning because she did not want to be late for her trip. Those who want to go to the art class must get 70 or above in English and math, and get 80 or above in pencil drawing and watercolor. What is the main subject? Perfume has a _____ of oils greater than 22 percent. Once perfumers have created a lovely fragrance, and it’s time for the _____ department to 致理技術學院 101 學年度第 2 學期轉學考試 考試科目:英文(一) If a flower _____, it gradually turns soft and brown because it needs water or is dying. Everyone in Coober Pedy hopes for a big _____ for all their hard work. 33-34 The weather 33 rainy yesterday. It 34 rainy every day for a long time! At three thirty I _____ home on the bus. 36-38 為題組
All passengers must follow airport procedures:  Passengers may be dropped off in front of the terminal. Please use the parking ramps if you plan to park for more than five minutes.  Use the check-in counter only if you are buying a ticket or checking your bags. Passengers with carry-on bags and boarding passes they have printed online may proceed No more than one checked bag and one carry-on bag per passenger. Drinks are available in the gate area. Bottled water and other beverages from outside the gate area will not be allowed through the security check. Drivers _____ drop off passengers in front of the terminal. Passengers _____ go to the check-in counter if they need to buy a ticket. Passengers _____ have more than two bags. 39-40 為題組
For every common health problem, there’s a product you 39 live without. At least, that’s what the advertisers want you to believe. For teenagers with acne or other skin problems, there’s a miracle cream. A new shampoo will take care of the dandruff in your hair, and good old-fashioned aspirin will take care of your headache or sore throat. Are you suffering 40 insomnia? There’s a pill to help you fall asleep. 致理技術學院 101 學年度第 2 學期轉學考試 考試科目:英文(一) 41- 45 為題組
In tough economic times, consumers see prices going up while their salaries stay the same. They're looking at their old spending habits for anything that's not a necessity. Brent Boyle is the author of the 2009 book Spending Less and Living More. In the Sotomayor family, father Robert has given up his gym membership. "Why pay over $600 per year and then drive to the gym?" Instead, Robert walks more places and rides his bicycle to work. The family still owns two cars, but they traded in their gas-hungry SUV for a two-year-old economy car. "A new car loses about half of its value in the first two or three years," says Robert. So instead of paying $22,000 for a brand-new car, they paid $14,000 for a car that The family is also cutting back on the little things. Robert's wife Lilia is making coffee at home every morning rather than spending over $3 on the mocha lattes she used to buy. That five-day-a-week habit was costing around $750 per year! According to Boyle, most families can find ways to save if they're willing to give up a few of life's luxuries. Buying ordinary blue jeans for $20 can save $80 or more compared to the price of designer jeans. Renting videos and watching them at home only costs a few dollars, but a family of four can easily spend $30 at the movie theater. And one of the easiest luxuries to cut out? Everything you drink that isn't water. "People don't really need all the soda, flavored vitamin waters, and fruit juices that they're drinking," says Boyle. "It's kind of like pouring money down the drain." In the past, Robert Sotomayor _____ to the gym. The Sotomayor family's economy car cost _____ dollars less than a new car. In the past, Lilia Sotomayor bought mocha lattes _____. Boyle states that _____ dollars can be saved by buying ordinary blue jeans. Brent Boyle recommends that people drink _____. 46- 50 為題組 Retirement Age
For many people, the reward for getting older has always been retirement. Sure---old age comes with poorer health and eyesight, but if it means the end of work, many people actually look forward to it. The situation may be changing, however, and retiring at the age of 60 or 65 with a comfortable pension to live on may be a thing of the past. In developed countries such as Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom, people are living longer, fewer babies are being born, and immigration does not significantly affect 致理技術學院 101 學年度第 2 學期轉學考試 考試科目:英文(一) population numbers. All of these facts mean that as time goes on, there will be fewer people working and more retirees. Since all pension plans, whether government-run or private, depend on workers to pay for the benefits received by retirees, this changing balance points to one thing---a lack of money for future retirees. Now, however, some experts are saying that this lack of money may not be as serious as they once thought. Since people in the near future are expected to live longer and be healthier than previous generations, they'll probably act more youthful, too. That means The U.K. is considering raising its official retirement age from 60 for women and 65 for men to 70 years old. In the U.S., the plan is to gradually raise the retirement age from 65 to 68, and a similar gradual change may take place in Germany. In the case of Japan, experts once predicted that in the year 2020, there would be 518 retirees for every thousand working adults. With people working longer, that number would drop to a more manageable 417 retirees per thousand workers. In Japan, the number of retirees compared to working people in the year 2020 will In the second sentence, the author mentions "poorer health and eyesight" _____. (B) to give examples of the disadvantages of old age (C) to explain why older people will work longer in the future (D) to explain the advantages of old age. If people work for more years in the future, _____. (A) there will be smaller populations in developed countries. (B) there will be fewer people to pay for the benefits of retirees. (C) there will be more money to pay the pensions of retirees. (D) there will be more hospital to be built. The change in the retirement age in Germany will be similar to the one in _____. (A) Many people look forward to their retirement. (B) In the U.S., the plan is to gradually raise the retirement age from 65 to 68. (C) The lack of money for future retirees may not be as serious as people once believed. (D) in the year 2020, there would be 518 retirees for every thousand working adults.

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