Nigel Burton
Digital Video Assist Operator and
Digital Image Technician (DIT)
New Zealand +64 21707101
If you are looking for a friendly and experienced video assist service with the latest and greatest gear with a
personal touch, then you have found it. Trust us to support your art with our art.
Digital Video Assist New Zealand is run by Nigel Burton and has been growing since 2003.
DVANZ offer QTAKE HD Video Assist systems as well as a huge range of Video Assist Accessories.
We have solutions for all HD and SD camera systems.
Dry Hire, HD Monitors, HD Recorders, Wireless links, DIT stations, advanced mobile 3G wifi, support crew.
Solutions for RED ONE, RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA, Phantom, Sony F3, Canon DSLR, P2 and Film We combine Video Assist, Data Backup, 1st light Offline file creation and dailies services.
Recent selected CREDITS - Digital Video Assist + Data Wrangler + DIT Commercials
Production c
ompany: Dire
2012 TVCS
2011 TVCS
Nigel Burton
Production c
ompany: Dire
2010 TVCs
Additional DOPs I have worked with.
Andrew Lesnie, Robert Richardson, Karl Walter Lindenlaub, Alun Bollunger, Richard Bluck,
Nigel Bluck, Mike Molloy, Chris White, Adam Clark, John Mahaffie, Daryl Ward, Ian Paul

My Technical Niche: Video systems design and integration.
Instant Kiwi - 5 x small Hd camera, hidden in a house. Wireless links. DOP and overseeing DITNZTA Drug Driving – 6 x hidden cameras, 2 vehicles, wireless links. DOP and overseeing DITOrcon Iggy Pop – designed the way 9 teams recorded and streamed video live to Skype, LIVE.
Eclipse Mints and Freeview TVC – required 39 Plus TVs to have images, each job was customized.
US Cellular – Video Assist for Viper and 3 x canon 5D, Data Wrangling and Projections tech support.
Many TVC's as combined HD Video Assist and Data Manager/ DIT systems supplier and operator.
Feature Films and Special Projects– Video Assist Services and gear supplier
Cardinal, Weta Workshop Production. 2X RED camera Video Game spot, Dir. Lee Tamahori. 2011
The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King
– main unit, and supplier to 2nd unit
The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian – main unit NZ
They came from upstairs – main unit and supplied 2nd unit
Avatar – Video Playback Operator and systems supplier
River Queen – Video Assist Co ordinator and gear supplier
The Tattooist – Video Assist Co Ordinator and gear supplier
Xmen 3 – NZ VFX unit Video Assist
Hopes and Dreams – Video Assist gear supplier
Separation City – Video Assist Co Ordinator and gear supplier
King Kong – Video Assist dailies, Time lapse systems
The Waterhorse – Video Assist main unit final day
The Hobbit -2nd Unit Location Video Assist, Aerials Units Data Rig


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