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An overview of hangul (cervus elaphus hanglu, wagner) in dachigam national park, kashmir (india)

A resource survey report on Non-Timber Forest
Abstract-This study identifies non-timber forest product
(NTFP) resources and explores their medical uses in community
forests in Tanahu district. The whole study area is divided into 5

vegetation groups, and from each type of vegetation, one random
To identify non-timber forest product (NTFP) resources sampling is chosen and inventory is done at 0.5% sampling
intensity. The results are then discussed in community forest user
group meeting and details about the species are investigated. 73
NTFP species and their medicinal uses are presented.

(This is the summary of the report published under the permission For the NTFP resource inventory of this district the whole of District Forest Office, Tanahu. The data published and the medical uses are the authorized data of the district and published for the vegetation area is divided into 5 groups: information only. Following the prescription without medical 1. Lower terai sal forest (Madhuvan CFUG, Devghat) 2. Upper hill sal forest (Birta CFUG , Vyash) 3. Southern aspect Schima-Castanopsis sal mixed forest 4. Northern aspect Schima-Castanopsis sal mixed forest Tanahu district lies on south east of Nepal located in 27º 36' North latitude and 84º 57' East to 85º 34' East longitude. 5. Khayer sal mixed Forest (Dharapani CFUG, Ghasi Tanahu district comprises of an area of 1546 sq. km with an altitude of 200m to 2358 m. Due to this variation there is a From each type of vegetation, one random sampling is huge diversity of vegetation. Tanahu lies on subtropical chosen and inventory is done at 0.5% sampling intensity. The ecological zone. Climatic factor plays major role in vegetation results are then discussed in CFUG group meeting and details diversity. Three different forest types – tropical forest, sub tropical forest and temperate forest – are found here. Forest area pertains 50% of total area. There is a good growth of community forestry (389 community forest user groups CFUGs) and leasehold forestry (269 pro-poor group) From the direct inventory, a total 73 NTFP species is recorded in the field whose description in the tabular form is shown in Table-1. TABLE-1: NTFPS IN TANAHUN DISTRICT AND THEIR MEDICAL USES Local name
Scientific name
Useful part
Main uses
root bark in stomach ulcers; stem bark in gonorrhea, jaundice; fruit as source of vitamin C. root used to kill leech and wound. Root sap bronchitis, dysponea, diarrhea, jaundice, hair problem. seed oil "luto" leaf juice in cough roots liquor in dysentery. seed in diarrohea and shows anti-leech (stomachic). Bark paste in swollen areas. Local name
Scientific name
Useful part
Main uses
Paste in broken bones and hip- pain , its sap in sprain and headache Root sap cures Diarrhoea, dysentery in animals and in wound. cough, mouth disease, headache and wound boiled bark sap in muscular swelling of animals, smokea of dried leaf and bark relieves from cold and "pinashin". bark powder in Melancholia conjunctivitis, haemoptysis , skin diseases, mouth diseases leaf liquor in gonorrhoea, leaf and stem juice in chronic fever, migraine headache, leprosy, "bath", and yellow fever. dyspepsia, diarrohea, dropsy, cough and Urinary problems; comprises cystone constitutes of kidney stone drugs. syphilis, peptic ulcer, cholera, elephanthiasis, dried and ripen fruit in cough and common shows analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties leaf has anti-bacterial properties , strengthen root for chronic skin diseases and sphylitic infection , Latex in syphyllis ; seed mixed in Mahuwa oil cures Eczema and itching. flower and fruit powder cures mouth ulcer; milky substance in Peptic ulcer;root used in sprain for diabetes patients, root juioce in headache stem and leaf in jaundice and kidney stone root in head ache, Diarrhoea, urinal problem, rhizome paste to cure round worm. leaf juice cures jaundice and peptic ulcer Local name
Scientific name
Useful part
Main uses
root juice in headache; leaf juice in wound nerver tonic; cures common cold , cough, fruit oil in sexual disability,semen weakness; fruit in dysentery blood stool and collci, colitis bark juice in yellow fever and leucoderma; unsleepiness ,Phrygnitis, bronchitis and leprosy. tubers used in piles, gonorrhoea, syphilis and ulcers. root powder increases teeth gumand strengthens it. alcohol made from this cures chronic dysentery and stomach pain. leaf juice in head ache, root juice in conjunctivitis and peptic ulcer. leaf and rot juice in cough, common cold , leaf and root in piles and fistula, leaf paste in Hydrocele chronic ulcer, chronic "kabjiyat" chronic diseases, headache, gastric, kaif; Locally available Medicinal Plants of Nepal, 2003, Department of Ayurveda, Participatory Inventory Guidelines for NTFPs, Nepal swiss community District Forest office Tanahu, Damauli – 2064 Rajbhandari K. & Bhattarai S., 2001, Beautiful orchids of Nepal, Ktm. Nepal. Baral S.R. & Kurmi, 2006, A Compendium of Medicinal Plants of Nepal. Dr. Amatya S.M. & Shrestha K.R., 2002, Nepal Forestry Handbook, FAO, Quality Specification of 50 Medicinal Plants used in Ayurvedic Medicines of Shrestha B.P., 1989, Forest Plants Of Nepal, Nepal. Proceeding of the third regional workshop in Community based NTFP Prajuli D.P., Gyanwali A.R. & Shrestha B.M., 1998, Manual of Impoartant e§/fO{ w'j/fh, @)%*, h8Lj'6L d+~h/L, g]kfn.

Source: http://www.forestrynepal.org/images/publications/NTFP_resource_survey.pdf

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