List of eligible projects for call FP6-2006-TTC-TU-Priority 6.1
Advanced Thin-Film Technologies for Cost Towards Hydrogen and Electricity Production A science base on Photovoltaics performance for increased market transparency and costumer Large-Area CIS Based Solar Modules for Highly SUSTDEV- ENhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Hydrogen from Solar Thermal Energy:High Temperature Solar Chemical Reactor for Co SUSTDEV- production of hydrogen and carbon black from natural gas crackingAdvanced Power Converters for Universal and SUSTDEV- Flexible Power Management in Future Electricity Chemical Looping Combustion CO2-Ready Gas SUSTDEV- Development of solar-grade silicon feedstock for SUSTDEV- Non-thermal production of pure hydrogen from SUSTDEV- New Methods for Superior Integrated Hydrogen SUSTDEV- Global Process To Improve Cynara cardunculus SUSTDEV- Exploitation for Energy Applications.
Solar-Hybrid Power and Cogeneration Plants Full-scale demonstration of robust and high- High density power electronics for FC- and ICE- AERO- Advanced Architectures and Control Concepts MICROGRIDS for More Microgrids - MORE MICROGRIDS Fuel Flexible, Air-regulated, Modular, Electrically SUSTDEV- New Improvements for Ligno-cellulosic Ethanol Security of Supply PhotoVoltaic Inverter: combined UPS, power quality and grid support SUSTDEV- function in a photovoltaic inverter for weak low Hybrid hydrogen - carbon dioxide separtion Prediction Of Waves, Wakes and Offshore Wind CALCIUM CYCLE FOR EFFICIENT AND LOW SUSTDEV- A Coordinated Action towards the promotion and SUSTDEV- consolidation of all RTD activities for large-scale integration of DER in the electricity market Roll-to-roll technology for the production of high- efficiency low cost thin film silicon photovoltaic modulesSustainable Economically Efficient Wave Energy SUSTDEV- Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle System Component Development and validation of technical and economic feasibility of a multi MW Wave Dragon offshore wave energy converterSolar Hydrogen via Water Splitting in Advanced HYDROSOL II Monolithic Reactors for Future Solar Power Grid Architecture for Wind Power Production with SUSTDEV- Refrigerated WarehousesAutomotive High Temperature Fuel Cell Demonstration of SOFC stack technology for Modelling of Energy Technologies Prospective in SUSTDEV- a General and Partial Equilibrium Framework Advanced separation and storage of carbon dioxide : Design, Synthesis and Applications of Fuel Cell Testing, Safety and Quality assurance Crystalline Silicon PV: Low-cost, highly efficient SUSTDEV- In-situ R&D Laboratory for Geological Storage of SUSTDEV- Realising Reliable, Durable, Energy Efficient and SUSTDEV- FULLSPECTR A new PV wave making more efficient use of the SUSTDEV- Preparing for the hydrogen economy by using the SUSTDEV- existing natural gas system as a catalyst New Energy Externalities Development for Renewable fuels for advanced powertrains Further Improvement and System Integration of SUSTDEV- Solar Steam Reforming of Methane Rich Gas for SUSTDEV- The birth of a EUropean Distributed EnErgy Partnership that will help the largescale implementation of distributed energy resources in 1.2.3 Europe (EU-DEEP)Advanced lithium energy storage systems based on the use of nano-powders and nano-composite Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Generation into the European Improved Building Integration of PV by using Thin Film Modules in CIS Technology (BIPV-CIS) 1.2.4 Strengthen the European Photovoltaic Sector and support to establish a PV Technology Novel Efficient Solid Storage for Hydrogen Flexible Electricity Networks to Integrate the Biomass Fluidised Bed Gasification with in situ SUSTDEV- Multi-Functional Self-Limiting Superconducting SUSTDEV- Development and field testing of a compact HTS hydro power generator with reduced investment SUSTDEV- HYDROGENIE costs, lowered environmental impacts and strongly Improved performance to reduce the price per KWhCo-processing of upgraded bio-liquids in Assessing European Capacity for Geological Acceptance and Tools for the development of ACCEPTANCE communication strategies to promotE Integrated Geophysical Exploration Technologies SUSTDEV-

Source: http://www.fp7-nip.org.by/pdf_fp6/Top-up_Call_Pr6.1.pdf

Adhd in hd glossary

Glossary ADHD: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. People with ADHD have differences in the parts of their brains that control attention and activity. ADHD used to be called ADD, attention deficit disorder, but it’s officially called ADHD now. There are three types: • Hyperactive type: People with this type often fidget, squirm, and find it hard to sit still or be quiet. They


Allegato alla circolare nr. 10/2009 “CIPRO: TOUR STORICO NELL’ISOLA DI AFRODITE + BREVE SOGGIORNO BALNEARE” (9 GIORNI: dal 17 al 25 settembre 2010) Il Cral BPCI ha il piacere di proporVi un tour culturale nell’isola di Cipro. Il Programma indicativo del tour è il seguente (l’ordine delle escursioni e il soggiorno balneare potranno subire modifiche): 1

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