General & Christian Education
3 ring binders Transparency sheets
Scotch tape w/dispenser Poster board (all colors)
Manila file folders Dry erase markers & boards
Note cards (3”x5”) Rubbermaid® storage archive boxes
TI Model 83 scientific calculators ¼” grid/graph paper
Basic calculators w/ square root function, etc COLOR Copy Paper
Staplers & Staples WHITE Copy Paper
Mechanical pencils (Papermate® TWIST pencil)
Nurses Station Family Living
Children’s Tylenol®, Tums® Sewing machines & supplies
Medical Tape, Clorox® Wipes Cooking equipment
Art Department
Paper towels Technical Cartridge Pens (India & Black Ink)
Popsicle sticks Large water colors
Tempera paints No. 12 & Paint brushes
Artist drawing pencils Glitter glue
Bulletin board paper Permanent markers - Sharpies
Beads Baby food jars w/ lids
Science & Technology
Ink Cartridges (BC-05, HP21,HP22, HP56, HP57, EPSON STYLUS 400)
Full-size flat sheets Cotton material for quilting
Large cookware & utensils Hand quilting & tacking thread
New infant/child car seats Infant/child furniture
Household cleaning & hygiene supplies Colored pencils/markers, craft supplies w/ lesson plans
Laundry detergent Non-latex gloves
Diapers/pullups (all sizes), baby wipes Baby formula - Carnation® Good Start, prenatal vitamins
Depends® & Ensure® Tuna, beef stew, peanut butter, cereal, juices
Vacuum cleaner Commercial shampooer
Power sprayer Storage boxes
Bibles (large print/teen/children’s) Mesh backpacks & 2 GB jump drives

Early Childhood Development
Crib & cot sheets Preschool chairs & tables
Area rugs (round & rectangle) Age-appropriate toys (3-4 yrs)
Underwear (boys/girls 3-6 yrs) Markers (washable), blunt scissors, masking tape
Sequins, buttons, wiggly eyes Tissue paper, pipe cleaners

Commnity Outreach
Portable GPS Unit

Economic Opportunity
Large size clothing for adults Clothes for infants and toddlers
Spring/Summer clothing for all Household goods
Community Housing Improvement
Stihl® weedeaters & hedger attachments Can opener, meat slicer, ice machine, refrigerator,
110v reciprocating saws (Sawz-all), circular saws, jig saws, convection oven & conventional
oven, vacuum
belt sander cleaner, carpet shampooer
Sears 19.2 volt battery operated reciprocating saws & drills, MANUAL TOOLS & EQUIPMENT
replacement batteries Fiberglass step ladders (4’,6’,8’,10’)
Gas-powered generator Articulating ladders (8’,10’,12’)
Dril bit sets (wood & metal), air hose, 16’ extension ladders, plastic saw horses
Diesel zero turn mower Electric extension cords (50’ & 100’)
Gas-powered hedger Mattocks, post hole diggers, wheelbarrows
Bolt cutters (18” & 24”), Flat crow (wonder) bars
VEHICLES & LIFTS T-50 Staple guns & 1/4”Arrow staples
6,000lb Forklift (3 stage lift), gas or diesel, outdoor tires Pipe wrenches, tube cutter, Allen
Full-size, ¾ ton pick-up truck Caulking guns, drywall T-square, mud boxes, trowels
Full-size, ¾-1 ton van (15 pssgr) Levels (2’,3’, 4’ long), chalk lines & speed squares
Utility knives & blades
SUPPLIES 6 white fiberglass tables (8’), 40 new folding chairs
Painting supplies Large plastic garbage cans w/lids
carpenter pencils Corn brooms, plastic spray bottles
eye protection goggles Work gloves
Shop towels, Lumber binder
16 gallon garbage bags
Sheet sets for single beds FAX machine
Bathroom rugs Pillows
Medical Clinic
Adult arm slings (S,M,L,XL) Digital thermometers
Ear wax removal kits Heating pads & rice packs
Elastic knee, elbow & ankle braces (M,L,XL) Wrist splints/”Cock-up” splints(M,L,XL)
Non-latex exam gloves Satin-type cloth tape & paper tape (1”)
Hand & foot care: arch supports, shoe inserts, Patient gowns
Trim® or Revlon® toenail clippers, Children’s band-aids
& emery boards Teddy bears for children in clinic
Dental Clinic
Adult toothbrushes (soft only) Toothpaste

Over-the-Counter Medications (
Please send in-date medication only)
Hydrocortisone 1% creams Adult & childrens’s vitamins
Aleve® (Naproxen), Motrin® (Ibuprofen) Tylenol® Arthritis
Allergy medications (Benadryl®, Loratadine) Antibiotic ointments
Ensure®, Boost® Perimenopausal Soy products- Estrovan®, New Balance®
Anti-fungal creams (Lamisil®, Lotrimin®) Cold/Sinus medication for adults only
Zantac® (Ranitidine), Prilosec OT®, Tums®, etc Topical muscle rubs
Cough drops, throat spray, cough syrup for adults only Monistat®, Clotrimazole creams
Pedialyte® or Gatorade® powder Eye and ear drops

Prescription Medications
Blood pressure medication s Diabetic medications
Celebrex® Stomach medications
Antidepressants Hormone replacement patches or pills
Erectile dysfunction medicationsFamilies below poverty level 30.2%

Source: http://fumcmurphy.org/docs/NEEDS%20LIST%20FOR%20RED%20BIRD.pdf

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