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List of Items of Technologies / Projects Annexure
Profiles for the following items of Technologies / Projects are readily available. In case of interest in other
item(s), profiles can be developed on request.


Magnesium Tri-Silicate, Spice Oil from Pepper, Research and Production Centre for Hybrid Maize, Seeds & Melting of Iron & Steel scrap By Exothermic Reaction Genetically Improved Seeds of Soyabean & Wheat Menthol Crystals, Menthol Powder, De-Mentholised Mint Oil, AUTOMOBILES AND AUTO COMPONENTS
Multipurpose Resins (Alkyd, UF, PF, Polyester) Auto Parts like Bearing Rings, Forged Automobile Components, Automobile Headlight Lens, Engine Housing Block, Laminated Leaf Springs, Spring Pins, Bushes, Slide Door Hinges, Centre Bolts, Precision Metallic Cold Coiled Springs, Air Filters, Auto Electrical Parts, Speedometer, Tyco Clamps, Gear Blanks, Exhaust System Assembly, Steering Column, Air Braking System, Steering and Suspension Parts, Sintered Components, Catalytic Convertors, Rubber Chemicals (Phenol Formaldehyde Resin, Computerized Automobile Service Station Equipment Dash Board Instruments, Precision Sheet Metal Components & Auto Control Cables for Two/Three/ Four Wheelers 3. BIOTECHNOLOGY
Biodiesel, Tissue Culture Based Micropropogation, Ceramic Frits & Glazes Glazed Wall Tiles Construction and Water Proofing Chemicals Fly-Ash, Sand Lime & Refractory Bricks 4. CHEMICALS
Cable Assemblies and Heat Shrinkable Products Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) And Ballast Ceramic & Allied Products With Phosphatic Slag Chemical Plants for Resin, Calcium Carbonate, Crystalline and Amorphous Photo Voltaic Modules Digital AC & DC Drive Automation Systems Chlorinated Phenols And Coal Tar By-Products Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Distribution Panels Electroplating Chemicals Like Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Chloride Flux Core Solder Wire – Leaded And Lead Free, Soldering Glossy & Mat Glazes For The Unglazed Roofing & GIS, Digital Mapping, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Heavy Duty Automatic Voltage Controllers & Distribution Industrial & Ground Water Treatment Plant For Arsenic & Low Tension Electrical Switchboards and Bus Ducts Low Tension Switchgear, Control Panels, Power Distribution Industrial Preservatives such as sodium benzoate, benzoic acid Medium Voltage Switch Boards and PLC Panels Microprocessor/Microcontroller Trainers and Interface Modules Industrial specialty Chemicals for Steel Plants/ Boilers/ Power & Distribution Transformer & Constant Voltage Power Back Up Systems, UPS, Stabilizer, Electronic Choke Line Frequency X-Ray Machines & C-Arms Power Electronics Products, Proximity Switch & Speed Products, Temperature And Speed Range Products Scientific Instruments for Schools & Colleges Labs 9. LEATHER
Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Home & Street Lighting Systems & Chemo Autotrophic Activated Carbon (CAACO) System Solar Water Heating Systems for Swimming Pools etc. Finished Goat Leather For Footwear And Leather Goods Superhet Receivers, Wide Band Tuners and Band Pass Filters Finished Leather Safety & Casual Footwear and Upholstery, Switches, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Networks & Footwear Components & Rubber Products 10. LIGHT
Vaccum Coating Plant, Vaccum Furnaces, Special Systems Weighing Systems - Transducers (Load Cells) and Allied Aluminium Continuous Casting And Rolling Plant Wire Wound Resistors, Film Resistors, High Voltage Resistors, Automatic Plastic Injection Moulding Machines PROCESSING
Biomass Gasifier Plant For Power Generation Briquette Manufacturing – Machines & Plants Building & Vehicle Refinishing Paints Bullet Proof Jackets, Head Gears & Armored Vehicles Centrifugal Air Blowers And Blower Systems Drying System (Typically For Food Industry) Commercial Refrigeration Systems & Bend Glass Display Edible Oil Refineries, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Refined Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plants- Mango & Guava Pulp Construction Machinery & Handling Equipments Corrugated Wall Panel & Pressed Steel Radiators for Masala Powders, Ready to Eat Spice Powders, Decorative Lamination Sheets Technologies Mineral Water Plant, Packaged Drinking Water Design & Construction of Blast Furnace Non Synthetic Syrups, Pickles & Ketchup Diesel Engine, Diesel Generating Sets and Drawing Instruments using Acrylic Sheets Plant for Cottage Scale Soya Paneer, Cattle Feed, Enclosed Frame, Zero Deflection, Tie Rod-Less Injection, Plant for Freeze Drying of Fruits, Vegetables & Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastics, Paper Bags Fluid Connectors & Hydraulic Tube-Fitting Form Fill & Seal (F.F.S.) Packaging Machines Pulses (Dal) & Gram Flour (Besan) Mill FRP Products by Vacuum Impregnation Process Soya Milk Powder & Tofu Manufacturing Plant Soyabean Oil & De-oiled Cake, Soya Protein Biscuits High Flux Thin Film Composite RO Membrane High Speed Energy Saving Aluminium Plug Type Spindles 8. INSTRUMENTATION
Gemology instruments like microscopes, polariscope, Hydraulic Cylinders And Systems of Heavy Earthmoving Geo-Technical & Geo-Physical Instruments Industrial/ Domestic Cleaning Equipments Hydraulic Jacks for Rail Track Maintenance Industrial Air Pollution Control System In Lead Smelting Unit Auto Leveler Draw Frame (Textile Machine) Industrial Gear Boxes & Products Relevant to Mechanical Aviation Refuelling Vehicles & Hydrant Dispensers Laboratory Equipment For Food Processing Industry Locomotive Equipment, Railroad Mounts and Automotive Magnetic Chucks, Lifters, Material Handling System For Conveyors for Material Handling Solutions Making High Precision Special Purpose Machines, Jigs, Crankshaft & Cylindrical Grinding Machines Mechanical Power Transmission Drive & Equipment Design & Manufacture of Industrial Valves Fuel Saving Devices for Re-heating Furnace. Gas / Cryogenic plants and gas distribution system High Tensile and special types of Fasteners Industrial Diamond & CBN Impregnated Grinding Wheels & Plasma Etching on Woolen Fabrics (Angora) Industrial Filters, Process Filters, Compressed Air Dryers Material Handling Systems for Automotive, Food Processing, Pneumatic Conveying System for Agro Based Raw Materials Mini Steel Plant Employing Electric Arc Furnaces And Power Transmission Systems (Speed Reducers) Precision Surface Equipments (PSE) & Work Holding Fixtures Prepowdered & Powderfree Medical Gloves Process Plants For Agri Processing and Poultry Processing Rotogravure and Flexography Printing Machines Precision Turned Components and Machined Parts Sewage Maintenance System / Drain Cleaners. Pressure Die Casting & Gravity Die Casting Machines Shot Blasting of Cast/ Forged Components Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Compressors Retrieving Magnet, Magnetic Tray & Magnetic Tools Sheet Metal Components for Heavy Automotive Steam Turbine Power Generation Machinery Steel Mill Hydraulic System & Cylinder. Tactile & Membrane Switches, Dials & Stickers, Security Cards Turnkey Heat Treatment Plant & Steel Components Ultraviolet, Infrared Drying and Curing Machines Welding Torches, Electrodes & Accessories Vertical Glandless Pump & Hydrodynamic Seal Pumps 12. PHARMACEUTICALS
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIS) And Fine Chemicals- 11. MECHANICAL
Allopathic Medicines such as IV fluids, Paracetamol Syrups & Ayurvedic & Allopathic Tablets, Syrups and Capsules Air Handling System for Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Steel Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals for Blood Bulk Drugs Like Zidovudine (Azido Thymidine) B.P./U.S.P 15. SPORTS
Bulk Drugs Manufacturing Viz. Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Bulk Drugs, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) 16. TELECOMMUNICATION
Haemostatic & Anti Asthmatic Pharmaceuticals Formulation Herbal Cosmetics Products & Amla Powder Embedded Technologies for Security Systems & Information Handset/Headsets for Army Wireless Equipment Microcrystalline Cellulose, Chlorinated Paraffin & Carboxy Location Based tracking & Navigation System and Global Positioning System Based Land, Air & Pharmaceutical Formulations - Liquid Orals, Injections, Pharmaceutical, Formulation of Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Railway Control Communication Systems Using DTMF Satellite / Radio Modems and Hybrid UPS Controllers Telecom Switches for Voice & Data Applications 13. PLASTICS
Telephone Access Products, LED Display Systems and Hand Voice Compression System (VCS) & Digital Audio Recorders Wireless Repeaters for GSM/CDMA/PCS/UMTS Flexible PVC Pipes, Blood Bags, PVC Container (bottles) Flexographic & Roto Gravure Printing On Plastic Flexible 17. TEXTILES
Hangers, Plastic Crates For Dairy, Fruit & Vegetable & Fishing Industrial Automation System for Textile Mills HDPE, PP Bags & Tarpaulins. PP/HDPE Woven Sacks, Ground cover cloth (Black) PP Sheets; HDPE Tarpaulin sheets, Plastic Furniture, Plastic House Hold Items like Buckets, Plastic Injection & Blow Moulds For Domestic & Industrial Plastic Monolayer Film/Sheets by Blow Extrusion Process, Plastic Moulded Parts, Their Moulds & Dies Textile Testing Equipments for Strength Testing & Trash Thermocol Packaging and Insulating Material 14. RUBBER
Textile Testing Equipments for Sample Conditioning & Yarn Conveyor Belts & Industrial Rubber Products Micro Cellular Rubber Sheets for Diabetic & Orthopedics 18. OTHERS
Rope & Twine Laying Plant of Jute, Sisal, Manila Fibres & Rubber sheet for footwear/EVA sheet/NVU Sheet


22 a-sensitivity pattern of salmonella.p65

MC Vol. 19 - No.2 - 2012 ( 93 - 96 ) Talpur A. A. et al APRIL - JUNE 2012 SENSITIVITY PATTERN OF SALMONELLA TYPHI IN PATIENTS WITH TYPHOID SMALL BOWEL PERFORATIONS ALTAF AHMED TALPUR ABSTRACT NAND LAL KELLA ABDUL RASHID SURAHIO Background: Enteric fever caused by Salmonella Typhi, gram negative bacilli, is counted MUHAMMAD JAVED as a major public health problem, especi

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Master Santé Publique et Environnement - Année universitaire 2012-13 Proposition de sujet de Master pour la rentrée universitaire 2013-2014 Directeur du Laboratoire d’accueil NOM-Prénom : Titre et grade : PUPH classe exceptionnelle. Intitulé et coordonnées du laboratoire d’accueil : Centre d'Investigation Clinique Plurithémathique Pierre Drouin Institut Lorrain

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