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Sustainability strategy 2012 – 2013 with objectives and measures
Sustainability means satisfying the needs of the present without limiting the opportunities and re-sources of future generations. In concrete terms, this means linking economic growth and busi-ness activities that are successful in the long term with environmentally friendly and socially re-sponsible action.
The "sustainability landscape" groups the ongoing modules into four areas: Procurement & Logis-tics, Production, People and Products. The modules bundle together current or future projects,initiatives and activities with the objective of making a significant contribution to sustainability.
Each module contains clear responsibilities with measurable objectives, derived measures andquantified key figures for effective monitoring.
The following pages contain an overview of the sustainability modules, including important factsand achievements for 2011, as well as an outlook for 2012 and 2013.
Geberit Sustainability Strategy 2012 - 2013 Modules and
Important facts and achievements 2011
Outlook 2012-2013
their objec-

Green Pro-
 As of the end of 2011, 603 suppliers (prior year:  Auditing of all suppliers with an elevated sustain- curement
563 supplier) had signed the Code of Conduct for ability risk with respect to country of origin and Suppliers. This equates to 93% of the total pro- production processes within the next 3 years curement value (prior year 90%), only slightly be-  Start a pilot for the performance of third-party low the 2011 target of 95%. Among the top 200 suppliers, the proportion is 99% (prior year: 98%).
 In 2011, the planning system for the performance of systematic audits underwent further develop- ment. In addition to the quality audits that were systematically carried out, EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) audits were implemented, pri-marily in the highest risk class. When a purchaserfrom Geberit next visits a supplier, he checks toensure that measures agreed to by the supplierhave been implemented.
 The Group-wide portfolio analysis of sustainability risks revealed 54 suppliers with an elevated risk,which corresponds to less than 5% of the totalprocurement value.
Green Logis-
 In 2010 a logistics calculator was developed to  2012 certification of Geberit Logistik GmbH in determine key transport and environmental figures Pfullendorf (DE) in accordance with ISO 9001 and for the significant transport service providers in Europe. In 2011, in addition to the Logistics Cen-  Further increase in the use of mega-trailers and ter at Pfullendorf (DE), the Langenfeld site (DE) as the optimization of loading volume using technical well as ship and air transports were also inte-  Continuation of environmental monitoring and  In 2011 transport service providers handled 168.1 derivation of suitable measures in close collabora- million metric ton-kilometers, which resulted in CO2 emissions in the amount of 25,500 metrictons (prior year: 22,900 metric tons).
 Performance of a feasibility study for the use of The proportion of Euro5 trucks increased mark-edly, from 70% to 85%. This means that the targetfigure of 66% has already been considerably ex-ceeded.
 In comparison to 2010, the number of mega-trailer trips between production sites was increased by600 trips to 1,950. These increase efficiency pertrip in that vehicle payload can be increased byapproximately 15%.
Geberit Sustainability Strategy 2012 - 2013 Modules and
Important facts and achievements 2011
Outlook 2012-2013
their objec-

 Geberit has been performing a comprehensive  Continue improvement of eco-efficiency: Environ- management
corporate eco-balance for years. This is used as a mental impact per sales (currency adjusted) to be basis for monitoring environmental performance in improved by an average of 5% per year between production. External logistics has also been calcu-  Improve relative water consumption between 2006  All plants except for the recently founded Logistik and 2012 by an average of 5% per year, analogous GmbH in Pfullendorf (DE) and Geberit Apparate AG (CH) have been certified in accordance with ISO  Group-wide roll-out of the new integrated manage- 14001 and ISO 9001, and Group certification has ment system for quality, environment and safety 2012 certification of Geberit Logistik GmbH and In 2011, Group-wide absolute environmental impact Geberit Apparate AG in accordance with ISO 9001 increased by 0.4% over the prior year. By contrast, environmental impact per sales (currency adjusted)has improved by 8.3%. This means that the targetfigure of 5% has been considerably exceeded.
 Annual Group-wide meeting on environment and CO2 strategy
Continue implementation of the CO2 strategy: metric tons. CO2 emissions per sales (currency ad- Relative CO2 emissions to be reduced by an aver- justed) have even improved by 9.4%. Geberit thus remains on course with respect to its long-term CO2  Increase proportion of green electricity by an addi-  In 2011, the proportion of green electricity was  Determination of the CO2 emissions of air travel increased by 4 GWh to 13 GWh, of which 10 GWh  Continue fuel-reduction plan: Use of new vehicles of certified electricity from hydropower were pro- cured at Pfullendorf (DE) and 3 GWh of wind en-ergy were procured in China.
 Commissioning of block heating station in Pfullen-  Implementation of the energy master plan with energy savings and energy efficiency measuresfocused on the following production sites: Pfullen-dorf, Langenfeld and Lichtenstein (DE), Potten-brunn (AT), Jona and Givisiez (CH), Villadose (IT)and Ruse (SLO).
 Development of a comprehensive energy strategy  Integration of sustainability aspects in all infrastruc- for the new building in Slovenia: "Green factory" ture investments in excess of CHF 5 million by design with green roofs, a building shell optimized means of concrete criteria tailored to the project in terms of energy consumption and energy supply  Implementation of energy concept for new building  Conversion of the infrastructure for the newly  Investment in rain water usage, external shading founded Geberit Apparate AG (CH) in accordance and optimized ventilation and cooling in new build-  Initial utilization of injection molding machines with  Systematic renewal of the injection molding ma- energy-efficient drive technology with energy sav- Occupational
 The AFR (Accident Frequency Rate) fell by 5.0% to  Reduce the AFR and ASR accident rates by an 13.9 in 2011 (prior year: 14.7). The ASR (Accident Severity Rate), on the other hand, rose by 27.6% to  Group-wide roll-out of the new integrated manage- 206 in 2011 (prior year: 161). As a whole, Geberit is ment system for quality, environment and safety thus not yet on course in this respect.
More detailed analysis of accident events in all Both of the Chinese production plants have been production plants and derivation of suitable meas- certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001 since 2009, as has the sales company in the UK since2010, and the Givisiez (CH) plant since 2011.
Geberit Sustainability Strategy 2012 - 2013 Modules and
Important facts and achievements 2011
Outlook 2012-2013
their objective
Code of Con-
 The Geberit Code of Conduct exists in 14 different  Longer-term communication campaign for training languages and is presented in training courses worldwide through language-neutral, animated  Review of the content of the Geberit Code of short films on the topics of sexual harassment, workplace bullying, bribery and IT misuse.
 Repetition of detailed survey of managing directors  Compliance with the Code of Conduct is bindingly of all sales companies about their financial contri- monitored in all organizational units annually. This reporting is comprised of a total of around 50 ques-  Expansion of the anti-trust legislation training to the tions. The survey has been carried out annually central management company Geberit Interna- since 2008 and revealed no violations in 2011.
tional AG and international markets (e.g. USA, CN,  In 2010 and 2011, a total of approximately 700 employees (managing directors, employees in the sales companies at the management level and field service employees) in the European sales companies were trained on the subject of anti-trust legislation by means of a comprehensive e- learning program. In addition, new employees fromthe relevant business areas will be trained in anti-trust legislation by means of this e-learning pro-gram.
Employer re-
 The Group-wide employee survey carried out in  Increased focus on employee promotion by a sponsibility
2011 had a high response rate of 87% and identi- Group-wide implementation of performance ap- fied an above-average commitment of the employ- ees. Systematic measures were subsequently de-  Global systematization of wage calculation and  In 2011 Geberit production plants provided tar-  Promotion and implementation of international geted support for various handicapped employ- work for the apprentices in accordance with the ment programs with simple installation and pack- aging tasks in the amount of CHF 3.5 million.
 Targeted support and monitoring of the promotion  Geberit employed 232 apprentices in 2011. The of apprentices to regular employment, target value transition rate to a continued, full-time employment of 75% for transition rate for ongoing employment relationship was 73%. The concept for cross-national apprentice exchange was compiled.
 Local analysis of equal pay for women and men in three representative production companies re-vealed no differences in base salaries.
Social-aid pro-
 Donations and financial contributions, including  Continued partnerships with Mike Horn and Helve- product donations totaling CHF 2.7 million, were  Implementation of a larger social-aid project in  Geberit employees contributed approximately 2,400 hours of charitable work as part of social  Launch new partnership with SwissWaterKiosk  Continuation of the partnership with Mike Horn and his Pangaea project, and of the partnership withHelvetas on the topic of drinking water for 1 millionpeople  Performance of a social-aid project in the Serbian city of Kraljevo. Toilet facilities for two elementaryschools with over 2,000 pupils. Complete renova-tion of seven toilet facilities with a total of 20 toilets,11 urinals and 18 washbasins.
Geberit Sustainability Strategy 2012 - 2013 Modules and
Important facts and achievements 2011
Outlook 2012-2013
their objective
 Eco-design workshops have been carried out  Continue systematic implementation of Eco-design during the development process of all new prod- ucts since 2007 and with product modifications and  Compilation of additional detailed product life cycle assessments and environmental product declara-  The successful continuation in 2011 resulted in various product improvements with respect to  Targeted expansion of the product portfolio for the  Deployment of a new technological solution to simplify the conversion of the large flush volume on nearly all concealed cisterns from 6 or 9 litersto 4.5 liters  Energy savings thanks to odor extraction with  New generator unit for electronic lavatory taps that uses the energy of the flowing tap water to generate electricity by means of a turbine  A new product life cycle assessment was compiled Green building
 Geberit products are exemplary in terms of water  Active positioning of Water Efficiency Label and energy consumption as well as noise insula- tion. The wide range of Geberit products facilitates  Targeted search for green building reference the implementation of green building and the ful- objects in core European markets and in the fillment of standards such as Minergie, DGNB or  Targeted expansion of the product portfolio for the  Geberit products such as the Duofix and GIS installation systems offer great flexibility in the  Expansion of involvement in associations related to planning stages and are suitable as lightweightconstruction systems in renovations and new build- green building (Minergie, DGNB, green buildingcouncils)  The Silent-PP drainage plug-in system is the standard for low-noise drainage in buildings.
 ProPlanner software supports sanitary engineers in the implementation of solutions for green building.
 Membership in associations relating to green building in CH, ES, USA, ZA and AU. In addition,the German sales company joined the DGNB in2011.
 Six Geberit products were awarded the water efficiency label WELL, which was established bythe European umbrella organization for valvemanufacturers (EUnited) in 2011. The label dis-plays the water efficiency of products in a manneranalogous to the European energy label. Five ofthe six products are in the top Class A.
Geberit Sustainability Strategy 2012 - 2013


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