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Lecturers and Participants
Prof. Dr. Robert Bednarz

Department of Geography - Texas A&M University, USA Prof. Dr. James F. Petersen
Department of Geography - Texas State University, USA Dr. Anna Lyth
Prof. Dr. Min Wang
Department of Geography – Beijing Normal University, China Dr. Ueli Nagel
Zurich University of Teacher Education, Switzerland Mr. Wolfgang Pekny
Dr. Rafael Ziegler
SERI – Sustainable Europe Research Institute, Vienna, Austria Dr. Bastian Schuchardt
Mr. Michael Boettinger
German Climate Computing Center, Hamburg, Germany Mr. Eric Schneider
Positive Nett-Works e.V., Berlin, Germany Mr. Heiner Benking
International Youth Community Services, Berlin, Germany
Mr. Jimmy Allan

Eng. Nabil Atiyeh

Tequa Municipality, Bethlehem, Palestine
Mr. Ahmad Atiyha

Environmental Education - Al Quds Open University, Bethlehem, Palestine
Ms. Ju Cheng

Geography Department of Shandong Normal University, China
Ms. Oana Viorica Danci

Environmental Protection Agency Maramures, Romania
Mr. Marius Iulian Iliuteanu

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, Tulcea, Romania
Ms. Yasmin Kirzeder

Technical University Carolo-Wilhelmina Brunswick, Germany
Ms. Bom-mi Lee

ESD - Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Seoul, Korea
Mrs. Virginia Lepinzean

Climate Change Department - Romanian National Environmental Protection Agency,
Ms. Ioana Mihaela Lese

International Relations - Romanian National Environmental Protection Agency, Ms. Mihaela Licurici
Faculty of History, Philosophy, Geography, Geography Department - University of
Ms. Maree Limpus

Norfolk Coast Partnership, United Kingdom
Mrs. Adriana-Cornelia Marsolea
National Registry of Greenhouse Emissions Gas - Romanian National Environmental

Mr. Ion Mirea
Forest Research and Management Institute, Romania
Ms. Vanya Christova Ratarova

Forest Ecology Section - Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ms. Valentina Mihaela Sterian

Energy Sector - Greenhouse Gas Inventory - Romanian National Environmental
Ms. Cristina Sut
„Leii de la Sisesti“ Association, Maramures, Romania
Mrs. Radostina Tasheva
Public Relations and Educational - Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ms. Agnieszka Tomaszuk

Mr. Peter Townsend
Environmental Education and Training, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Ms. Agnieszka Tumialis

Ms. Mei Wang
Department of Geography – Beijing Normal University, China
Mrs. Galina Ivancheva Yancheva

Mr. Yanislav Yanchev
Regional Inspection of Environment and Water Sofia, Bulgaria
Ms. Ying Yuan
Department of Geography – Beijing Normal University, China


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