Since beginning her research into DNA markers for HOD and other Weimaraner inherited diseases, Dr. Noa Saffra has responded to numerous questions from Weimaraner Breeders. Noa would like to share with the membership the most often asked questions and her replies. Frequently Asked Questions About HOD
By Noa Saffra DVM, PhD
is a systemic disease that affects young include: depression, temperature >103F, reluctance to walk, lameness, growth plates painful and sensitive to the touch, anorexia and dehydration. Additional signs are ocular and nasal discharge, interstitial pneumonia, What are the nutritional
swelling of the jaw, skin rash and diarrhea.
HOD diagnosis is based on clinical signs been confirmed and it is unlikely that nutrition has a role in the course of the disease in CBC findings are non-specific but should be Weimaraners. acquired to rule out infection. Treatment of How is HOD related to other immune
HOD is immunosuppressive and supportive. mediated syndromes in Weimaraners?
It is logical to assume that HOD is only one of several possible manifestations of as nutritional, metabolic, infectious, stress Whereas the mode of inheritance of HOD is unknown, there is strong evidence to support donated will be grouped together according to medical history. Any sample is welcome and will contribute to our understanding of the broad sense of the immune problem in Repeatedly asked questions about HOD and Since HOD has many different
the study follow below, along with my replies. presentations and may be related to other
Additional questions are welcome. Email Noa immune-mediated disorders, how is it
possible to find a genetic marker?
The scientific community has developed the What are safe breeding guidelines?
means to study the genetic cause of complex diseases. Genetic diseases currently studied variable phenotype. Genes can explain only polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis).
PAGE 10 * THE WEIMARANER MAGAZINE * JANUARY 2009 diabetes, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure. Yet, many resources are devoted What is it my vet should look for on the X-
to identify this part. Various genetic pathways ray to diagnose HOD?
are being identified. We are fortunate that A dark line (increased lucency), the result of absorption of dead bone is found parallel to the growth plates of the affected bones. Therefore, a genetic contribution to disease Adjacent to the dark line there is a zone of increased density of bone (white line) What is the recommended treatment
protocol for HOD?
(periosteum) may be thickened due to new accompanied by a course of antibiotics. You may need to consult a veterinary A good outcome requires early initiation radiologist in order to obtain correct What effect does HOD have on the future
health and/or longevity of the dog once it
1.5mg/kg daily dose of Prednisone. Divide has recovered from the HOD episode?
It is case sensitve. Many cases have good administrations. Continue for 5 days.
health and longevity once they survive the difficult first year. Other cases keep coming
Is there a type of HOD that is not genetic
in Weimaraners?
originally described as an orthopedic disease If at any time during the treatment there is of growing large breed puppies. This disease deterioration, the previous higher dose should is similar to panosteitis in that it responds be given. The minimal therapeutic dose should to NSAID’s and does not relapse. It is not a be determined by trial and er or. Some cases require higher doses for longer periods of time. Other cases may require 5mg of prednisone every other day or every two days until they disease that does not respond to NSAID’s. A course of antibiotic should be given during Weimaraner disease runs in families. Even the first 4 weeks of prednisone treatment. A wide spectrum antibiotic such as clavamox is criteria for HOD, it is clear that the disease a good choice. An antacid should be added. in Weimaraners is different than the classic Pepcid (0.5 mg/kg) given twice daily is a Currently, there is no safe way to determine Ideally, no additional vaccines are given whether or not there is more than one “type” to an HOD pup before 12 month of age. If rabies vaccine is enforced, give Benadryl Weimaraners experiencing mild as well as (diphenhydramine) 0.5 mg/kg 8 hrs prior to severe illness will greatly assist the study. JANUARY 2009 * THE WEIMARANER MAGAZINE * PAGE 11



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