CF II: How to prepare a prefect CPC – EBM exercise

1. Do you have a case scenario for your CPC? If yes, please write a summary of your patient scenario in the box below. If no, please click here to select one of the five case scenarios and copy and paste it to the
box below:
Ms EH, a 23 yo Hispanic female presents to the GI clinic complaining of episodes
of right sided abdominal pain, fevers, night sweats and a 30 lb weight loss over the
last 7 months. She has not had diarrhea or seen blood in her stool. She has a
history of episodic vomiting, fever, weight loss, and nausea since she was 18 years
Presents for Dx and management/cure
2. Based on the scenario above, please provide an example of a background question and the name of the resource that provides an answer. What keyword did you use to find this information? Please provide
the title or heading of the relevant section in the resource.
"What are the symptoms of ulcerative colitis?"

3. Based on the scenario above, please provide an example of a foreground (focused) clinical question. "In a 23 yo Hispanic female with newly diagnosed Crohn Disease, is treatment with
infliximab or azathioprine vs. budesonide (corticosteroids) effective in inducing
4. Please put the clinical question above into the PICO format: P: 23 yo hispanic female diagnosed with Crohn disease
I: infliximab OR azathioprine
C: budesonide OR corticosteroids
: remission of symptoms

o Based on the PICO above, what is your PubMed search strategy?

(Therapy/Narrow[filter]) AND (crohn disease AND (infliximab OR azathioprine) AND
(budesonide OR Corticosteroids)
Limits: Published in the last 10 years, English, All Adults: 19+ years
Copy and paste the most relevant reference from your PubMed search result.

Mantzaris GJ, Christidou A, Sfakianakis M, Roussos A, Koilakou S, Petraki K,
Polyzou P. Azathioprine is superior to budesonide in achieving and maintaining
mucosal healing and histologic remission in steroid-dependent Crohn's disease.
Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2009 Mar;15(3):375-82. PubMed PMID: 19009634.

o Based on the PICO above, what is your Cochrane Reviews search strategy?

Crohn Disease AND corticosteroids

i. Copy and paste the most relevant systematic review from your Cochrane Reviews
search result (reference only).
Traditional corticosteroids for induction of remission in Crohn's disease
Eric I Benchimol, Cynthia H Seow, A Hillary Steinhart, Anne Marie Griffiths
April 2010

o Based on the PICO above, what is your National Guideline Clearinghouse search strategy?
crohn disease
i. Copy and paste the most relevant guideline from your National Guideline
Clearinghouse search result (reference only).
1998 (revised 2008). NGC:007762
American College of Radiology - Medical Specialty Society.


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