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Support Programs Frequently Asked Questions The purpose of this document is to provide information
with regard to enrolling your patients into the Pfizer Patient
Support Programs.
Questions specifically regarding the GuildCare programs should be directed to:
Pfizer Patient Support Programs
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Why does Pfizer offer Patient Support Programs (PSPs)?
Question: How may patients be invited to participate in the Patient Support Programs?
Answer: There is robust evidence that good compliance is associated with positive health outcomes. Pfizer’s PSPs
Answer: The following is a guide that could be used:
are designed to help patients who have already been prescribed a Pfizer medicine by their doctor. The aim of Did you know that there is a support program that is offered free for patients taking this medication? these Patient Support Programs is to help patients better understand their condition and their medicine, to provide It is designed to help support and provide you with additional information about your particular condition. Are you relevant lifestyle information, to facilitate adherence, and ultimately to improve health outcomes. This is in line with interested in learning more about the program? the principles of the Quality Use of Medicines.
Question: How long does it take for a patient to be activated into a Patient Support Program?
Question: How are the Patient Support Programs linked to the GuildCare programs?
Answer: Typically within 24 hours. A data transfer will take place at least once per day transferring the patient’s
Answer: Through the GuildCare suite of programs, pharmacies can enrol patients directly into Pfizer Patient
information from the GuildCare database to the third party who administers the Pfizer Patient Support Programs. Support Programs. At the point of dispensing one of the branded products listed below, a prompt will appear Once this has occurred, the patient will be enrolled into the Patient Support Program and will receive an email advising you that the patient is eligible to enrol into a Patient Support Program.
These are private programs and separate from any Community Pharmacy Agreement program.
Question: Can I enrol any patient at any time into the Patient Support Programs?
The brands that trigger a prompt and the associated Patient Support Programs are listed below:
Answer: No. There are specific conditions that apply to some of the programs. Please see the explanations below.
More than Medication (Viagra, Lyrica, Pristiq, Celebrex, Caduet, Efexor-XR) and Every Day Counts (Lipitor) patients
can be enrolled at any time (i.e. new to therapy or already on therapy). Brand Program
My Time to Quit (Champix): The program is specifically designed to support patients from the commencement of
treatment and therefore patients can only be enrolled upon presentation of the first script.
Question: Can patients choose to opt out of the Patient Support Programs at any stage?
Answer: Yes. For all Patient Support Programs, there is an opt out function which patients can use at anytime.
Question: Will the software for the Patient Support Programs slow down my systems?
Answer: Any technical or software related questions need to be directed to GuildCare.
Question: What is the duration of the Patient Support Programs?
Caduet® (amlodipine besylate/atorvastatin calcium) Answer: It depends on the Patient Support Program. My Time to Quit is up to 24 weeks in duration. Every Day
Counts is a 12 week program. More than Medication provides ongoing health communications so patients can determine how long they wish to participate.
Question: How do I know if my pharmacy has been enabled for the support programs?
Question: What does Pfizer do with patient information?
Answer: Patient information is treated by Pfizer strictly in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and Pfizer’s
All pharmacies which have subscribed to the GuildCare suite of programs are automatically enabled for the Privacy Policy. Information is only collected for the administration of the Patient Support Program and to comply with Pfizer’s legal obligations, including mandatory reporting obligations with respect to drug safety and quality Question: Is enrolling a patient a difficult exercise?
complaints. For more information on how Pfizer may use patient information, please see the Abridged Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document which is available within the GuildCare software.
Answer: No. Many of the fields that are required for enrolment will be pre-populated from patient dispensing
information. In most cases there should only be limited additional information required from your patient (e.g. Question: How often and what type of communications will my patients receive?
email address) in addition to confirming patient consent to participate in the Patient Support Program.
Answer: Pfizer Patient Support Programs provide access to online resources relevant to your patient’s medicine and
Question: Who do I contact if I am unable to access or enrol patients into the Patient Support Programs?
emails consisting of health and lifestyle articles. A brief summary is also attached in this document. Answer: Please contact GuildCare (refer details on front cover).
Question: Can I turn off the prompts for the Patient Support Programs?
Question: Am I obliged to enrol patients into the Patient Support Programs?
Answer: Should you wish to turn off the prompts for the Pfizer support programs, please contact GuildCare (refer
Answer: No. There is no obligation whatsoever.
Question: Do I receive a fee for enrolling a patient?
No. From January 1, 2013 there is no administration fee paid to pharmacy for the completion of patient
Question: Is it necessary to share details of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use with patients before they are
Yes it is.
Patients must provide informed consent to participate in any of the Pfizer Patient Support Programs.
The Abridged Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document is accessible within the GuildCare software. It includes an explanation of how personal information will be used. Following enrolment, patients will also be able to access the full Terms of Use and Pfizer’s Privacy Policy on the website of the Pfizer Patient Support Program.
Program Specific Information
My Time to Quit
Every Day Counts
More than Medication
Program goal
Patient requirement
Length of program
Form of communication
What do patients receive?

Payment required Free
No email address
No mobile phone number
Pfizer Australia Pty Limited. ABN 50 008 422 348 38-42 Wharf Road, West Ryde NSW 2114. P6934 12/12


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