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Magellan All-in-one Wireless Consoles (MG6250 / MG6130 / MG6160 / MG-6030 / MG-6060) REM101: Single-button Remote Control with EZ Panic
32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panels (MG5000 / MG5050) Magellan Wireless Expansion Module (RTX3 / MG-RCV3) User Guide
LCD Keypads with Built-in Transceivers (K32LX / K641LX) Wireless Range
30 m (100 ft.) with Magellan All-in-one Wireless Consoles and RX1 The REM101 is a single-button remote control, with easy panic functionality and battery test 45 m (150 ft.) with the MG5000 / MG5050, RTX3, MG-RCV3, K32LX, and K641LX button. It is available in both 433 or 868 MHz versions.
One 3V lithium battery (CR2032) is included with the remote. Referr details
on when to replace the battery, and for instructions on how to replace it.
The following carrying accessories are available for your REM101:
Lanyard attachment to wear around neck (standard) Using Your Remote Control
You can use the REM101 to perform the following actions: Activate panic alarms (police, medical, fire) NOTE: Since the REM101 is a single-button remote control, it can only perform one of the above-
mentioned actions at a single time. Refer to your control panel’s respective programming guide
for details on programming your remote according to the user’s needs.
WARNING: When replacing the battery, use only the same or equivalent type of battery
recommended by the manufacturer. Danger of explosion exists if the wrong lithium battery

The Action Button
is used, or if it’s replaced incorrectly. In addition, recycle or dispose of used batteries in
To use your REM101 to arm your system, or activate a PGM or panic alarm, press and hold the accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
action button for one second until the LED flashes. The LED emits rapid flashes during a four-second period, confirming your action.
LED Feedback
Testing the Battery
When pressing the action button:
The LED emits rapid, action-confirming flashes during a four-second period, regardless of whether To test the battery strength, press and hold the Test button for two seconds. One of the following
the REM101 is programmed to arm your system, or activate a PGM or panic alarm.
The LED illuminates for three seconds. This indicates that the battery is charged and does not When pressing the Test button:
The LED illuminates for three seconds when the battery is charged.
The LED emits seven slow flashes. This indicates that the battery strength is low and the battery The LED emits seven slow flashes when the battery strength is low. Refer to for instructions on how to replace the battery.
NOTE: Ensure that the battery is properly installed when testing its strength. A “Low Battery
Programming the REM101
Signal” is sent to the control panel when battery is below 2.3Vdc. Upon power-up, a “Low Battery To modify the action button, enter the control panel’s respective remote control sections, and Restore Signal” is sent to the control panel when the battery voltage level has reached 2.3Vdc or then access the fourth programming category (case 4). For programming details, as well as instructions on how to assign a REM101 to your security system, refer to the control panel’s Replacing the Battery
NOTE: The programming sequence for the REM 101 is the same for MG/SP, EVO, MG6250/
1. Using a suitably-sized straight edge (e.g., screwdriver), turn the battery cover in the counterclockwise direction, Warranty
until the unlocked marking on the cover ( Patents: One or more of the following US patents may apply: 7046142, 6215399, 6111256, 6104319, 5920259, 5886632,
with the arrow marking () on the remote’s rear casing.
5721542, 5287111, and RE39406. Other pending patents, as well as Canadian and international patents may also apply. 2. Pry the battery from its cover and replace with the same Trademarks: Magellan is a trademark of Paradox Ltd. or its affiliates in Canada, the United States and/or other countries.
Certification: For the latest information on products approvals, such as UL and CE, pl.
or equivalent type (3V CR2032). Make sure to observe Warranty
the correct polarity when replacing the battery.
3. Secure the battery cover in place by turning it in the clockwise direction, until the locked marking on the cover ( ) is aligned with the arrow marking () on the remote’s rear casing.
2012 Paradox Ltd. All rights reserved. Specifications may change without prior notice.


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