Women and Children First
Born in 1984 in Hiroshima, Japan. SUGINO Kiki graduated at Keio University, majoring in economics. She is an actress A woman lives a serene family life with her husband and their child. After The female protagonist in the story, though obviously a repped by Stardust Promotion, who made her screen debut a strange abduction incident involving their child, she realizes that her life femme fatale, has some interesting atypical qualities unlike in the Korean film One Shinning Day, followed by KIM Ki- is being invaded by an invisible stranger. The stranger then becomes a what this role usually calls for. The black humor lies in the duk’s Time. In 2008, she starred in her first Japanese film blackmailer who pries into her secret past. To protect her family from knowing terrible work a mother/housewife has to do so that she Clearness by SHINOHARA Tetsuo and produced a short anything about it, she will do anything, including killing. could get her normal life back. The terrible work involves film called Exhalation by Malaysian director Edmund YEO, quite a bit of bloodshed, which is necessary to shield her SYNOPSIS
man (husband) from knowing the damning secret past of hers. At the end, it is indeed very bloody to live and PRODUCTION COMPANY
Ana lives a happy and stable but slightly boring life as a housewife. Her seven- maintain even a mundane and serene life. year-old autistic son is the light of her life. Her husband has worked for the WA Entertainment was founded in 2008 by SUGINO Kiki same company for the last eight years. While his busy schedule exhausts him, DIRECTOR
a Japanese-Korean actress /producer and ONO Kousuke, a Japanese producer. It is a production company mainly HO Yuhang was born and raised in Petaling Jaya, just for the international co-production of movies. Their film They have heard about a possible treatment for autism. It is called animal outside the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. He worked project Forget-me-not with the late Yasmin AHMAD, was therapy. So one day the couple brings the son to a pet shop to look for a dog. in television production and in 1999 he made the six-part selected for the Pusan Award of the Pusan Promotion Plan The kid soon disappears. Moments later, they find the kid locked inside a car. documentary series Semangat Insan: Masters of Tradition. in 2008. They have just finished shooting the short film No one is able to obtain any information from the kid about what had actually His debut feature, Min, followed in 2003 and although Exhalation directed by Malaysian director Edmund YEO, happened. No suspect is found. The only information they could get from the it was made for television, it was invited to many film festivals and won the Special Jury Prize at the Festival des 3 Continents in Nantes, France. His subsequent features After this strange episode, Ana senses that something has changed in her daily and shorts have been invited to an ever-widening circle life. She could be overreacting but she definitely feels that there is an invisible of festivals and have won several more prizes, including stranger stalking and watching her. Her husband, however, senses nothing. the NETPAC and the Tiger Award for Best Short at the Since none of it is life-threatening the police can’t do anything and dismiss it all Rotterdam International Film Festival. His 2006 film, Rain Dogs, was widely seen across Asia and was also an official selection of many international film festivals. In Many years ago, she was the girlfriend of a four-person gang who pulled a 2008, he was one of three finalists for Martin SCORSESE's heist on another band of thieves. It was a dog-eat-dog scenario. After the mentorship in an arts initiative sponsored by Rolex. His heist, the gang split up and disappeared for good in different parts of the new film At the End of Daybreak won the NETPAC prize in country. Ana and her boyfriend, the gang leader, started a new life together. the Locarno Film Festival 2009 and also the Taipei Golden And one fine day, he choked to death on a fishbone. Ana took their remaining Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress.
money, changed her name, moved to a new place and met her present husband. She used to think giving birth to an autistic child was some kind of PRODUCERS
a punishment for her former life of crime, but her love for the child overcame everything. She loves being a mother. She loves every single thing about her Born in Tokyo, 1963, ONO Kousuke worked for Toho, in charge of merchandising and publishing. He won the Kadokawa Angel Award in 2006 for the planning of the Now, a vicious and vengeful man from her past has found Ana. He is her dead film Tea Fight. In 2008, he produced two films, Clearness lover’s younger brother who was also part of the gang. He had squandered his directed by SHINOHARA Tetsuo, and the Japan-Taiwanese loot and had murdered the remaining gang members to steal their shares. He co-production Tea Fight. In 2008, he founded a movie hated his brother and he had always wanted Ana to be his. production company WA Entertainment with actress /producer SUGINO Kiki.
All alone and with her family at stake, Ana will have to put a stop to this madness and settle her past problems once and for all. To protect her family against this new threat she will do anything, even if it means planning the perfect murder…

Source: http://www.haf.org.hk/haf/pdf/project10/WOMEN%20AND%20CHILDREN%20FIRST.pdf


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