- This product is NOT user-serviceable. The product is welded shut in the factory
and cannot be easily opened for battery replacement. If you wish to have the batteries
replaced in an expired transmitter, please contact Martin Electronics and arrange for battery replacement which can be done at a nominal fee. Do not attempt to cut open the product as this will mean the product is no longer waterproof and cannot be The DIGITEQ 173MHz PENDANT
closed afterwards. There is also a risk of personal injury and damage to the product transmitter is a product designed for
- Care should be exercised with the lanyard, avoid excessive bending and damage. Do not under any circumstances cut the lanyard as this will detrimentally affect the performance of the transmitter and potentially lead to malfunction.
- The product is designed to be worn around the neck. However care should always be exercised to avoid strangulation and/or bodily injury arising out of improper use of this SPECIFICATIONS:
Type Approvals
Power Source: Internal Lithium cell (NOT USER REPLACEABLE) The pendant transmitters are compatible with the following receivers: Frequency: 173.225MHz (UK) 173.250MHz (EU) Beige (Proprietary)-
DIGITEQ 173 Two Channel (Software Type A) DIGITEQ 173 1000 Channel (Software Type A) PRODUCT DETAILS
Grey (Binary)-
The DIGITEQ pendant transmitter is a hermetically sealed, waterproof, long range DIGITEQ 173 Two Channel (Software Type B) product intended for medical and care applications, or situations where an exceptionally DIGITEQ 173 1000 Channel (Software Type B) long range is required for remote control purposes. Being sealed, the product is not user-serviceable, however the battery may be replaced by the factory upon customer request. Battery life is specified at approximately 5 years. The rubberised lanyard forms the antenna needed to transmit the signal over a reasonably long range.
The two types of pendant transmitter are:
Type 1: Binary (Colour - grey) This product utilises a unique factory coded serial
number, transmitted in binary form.
Type 2: Proprietary (Colour - cream). This product transmits a unique factory coded serial number in a DIGITEQ proprietary protocol.
These transmitters are designed to work with matching receivers, which are Manufactured By:
summarized on the next page. The difference lies in the software. Please ensure you MARTIN ELECTRONICS
specify which pendant you are using when ordering a receiver unit as the two coding International Door Association


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