Understanding the basics

Hair loss is NOT a natural phenomenon. No part of your body should degenerate! If you are experiencing hair loss, it is important to know that you are not genetically cursed. You are simply experiencing the side effects of energy loss. Your body is calling your attention to the fact that your ‘batteries’ are running down and you have not been paying attention. By following the understanding revealed in ’Neo Heath – Your Guide to Healthy Hair’, and the 12 simple steps outlined in this companion booklet, you can once again restore your former ‘crowning glory’. Good hair is not a privilege … it is a birthright. Published and distributed by THE REI-FLEXOLOGY™ HEALING ACADEMY OF SOUTH AFRICA P.O.Box 213 Glenvista Johannesburg 2058 South Africa Email RHASA@global.co.za Websites www.healsa.co.za and www.iamlight.co.za 2006 by Keith Armour McFarlane. All rights reserved. Healthy Hair Recap
The underlying cause of ALL physical degeneration is a loss of energy. However as we have seen, this condition gives rise to a number of secondary conditions, which can in turn give rise to the condition of hair loss. No two people are the same and therefore the pathway of degeneration will affect each one of us uniquely. However, through understanding and addressing all aspects of the degeneration process, a fully restored, healthy head of hair is inevitable. Here is the pathway of conditions that lead to the symptom of hair loss. • By breaking the Pure Laws of Health, the Lymphatic System is compromised and unable to cope with the blood protein loss from the blood stream. This causes a build up around the cells, altering the vital • The direct consequence of the Wet State is a loss of energy. • This leads to oxygen depravation, dehydration, a build up of acidity, nutrient deficiency, DNA damage • As the cells become oxygen deficient (exacerbated by poor breathing habits), the body resorts to a less efficient means of energy production and demands more glucose. • The excess glucose causes the blood vessels to dilate, leading to a greater loss of blood protein. • Due to oxygen deficiency and a sluggish lymphatic flow, excessive glucose begins to ferment causing a • This creates a perfect breeding ground for degeneration and disease. • As cellular energy wanes, vital fluid leaks from the cells, causing intracellular dehydration and the body immediately responds with a ‘drought management’ program. • To prevent this water loss, the cells ‘brick-up’ their membranes with cholesterol. Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone and estrogen. These hormones become bound to albumin, the blood protein, which is now trapped in the intercellular spaces. Studies now show that both DHT and the estrogen estradiol are implicated in Male Pattern Baldness. • Vasopressin restricts blood flow to peripheral areas of the body in order to ration available water. With a compromised cell membrane and poor circulation, the ‘groceries’ do not get delivered and the ‘dishes’ are not done. As a result, the cells become acidic and nutrient deficiency sets in. This too is exacerbated by poor nutritional and drinking habits. • This leads to an increase in sebaceous gland production, detrimental scalp residue and an upset in the • As the cells degenerate, oxidants build up, damaging the cellular DNA and speeding the degeneration • The body triggers an autoimmune response and begins ‘attacking’ itself causing lymphatic inflammation. • As a result, the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle is impaired and the follicles begin to atrophy. • This leads to a poor self-image, self-doubt and emotional ‘self-sabotage’. Interestingly enough it is usually the last condition that gives rise to the first. Most people who lose their hair tend to have a sensitive, reflective nature. They tend to ‘keep things under the lid’ and analyze their concerns, rather than ‘airing’ them and letting them go. This continual thinking causes excessive brain activity, which leads to blood protein build up and so it continues. It is important to remember that no matter what the condition you are dealing with, it is always a sign of whole body degeneration. While you are aiming for a full, thick, healthy head of hair, remember it is more important to focus on having a vital, strong, healthy and youthful body. After that, hair comes naturally. The 12 Essentials
In order for any hair rejuvenation and regeneration program to be successful, it must address each of the 12 1. Increase the energy in the body, in the scalp and in the individual hair cells. 2. Cleanse the body of all mucus build up (trapped blood protein and excessive fluid) increase oxygen levels and rehydrate the cells. In other words clear the Wet State, restore the Living Dry State and turn the ‘batteries’ on. 3. Deal with the DHT, excess oestrogen and clustered testosterone. 4. Enhance scalp circulation and reduce the blood levels of cholesterol. 5. Restore nutrient deficient follicles through a natural nutrition saturation program. 6. Clear detrimental scalp residue and open clogged or harshly treated hair follicles. 7. Reduce thickening of the Galea and the hardened collagen in the hair follicles. 8. Restore the Scalp Acid Mantle 9. Balance the body’s autoimmune response and clear the inflammation of the hair root 10. Reduce aging effects of free radicals 11. Activate the anagen stage of hair growth 12. Deal with any underlying emotional, mental and spiritual patterns - the success sabotage It is important to deal with each aspect, in order to ensure success. Program Guide
What follows is a description of each condition and the techniques necessary for dealing with them. 1. Energy
The body is electrical. For any part of your body to work, it must have electricity. If your cells are not producing that energy, then you need a ‘jump start’ to stimulate healthy cell functioning, until such time as your cells are once again fully charged and generating energy.
Buff – The fingernails represents the scalp reflexes. You can stimulate your hair growth by vigorously rubbing
the fingernails of one hand against the other. This will increase the energy in the scalp; jump starting healthy cell
activity and revitalising the hair papillae, even if they are dormant. Practice for at least 15 minutes a day, either in
one session or spread throughout the day. 2. Oxygen, TBP and Water
In order to clear the trapped blood protein, increase oxygen and activate the cells of your body, it is important to move the lymphatics in the symptomatic areas as well as in your whole body. This will pull out the excess fluid and excess sodium (mucus) and suck in oxygen to the cells; activating the production of ATP and restoring the Living, jelly-like Dry State’. This is the healthful state in which hair naturally grows. The key here is good lymphatic circulation, boosted blood oxygen levels and good quality hydration. There are a number of proven ways to move the lymphatics and increase your energy and oxygen levels. These have been covered in depth in ‘Neo Health – A New Paradigm in Essential Health Protocols’ and include breathing, bouncing and stroking.
However for our purposes, the most effective ways to target the scalp are:
The Light Fast Stroke - Using your fingertips, gently rub the whole scalp with a light fast stroke. Begin above
the ears and spreading your fingers, stroke up towards the top of the head, as if you were dry washing your hair.
Make sure that your stroke is light and fast and always gentle. You do not want to damage your new hair! To increase the effectiveness, focus on the stroking sensation that you are feeling in your scalp. Breathe in deeply for a count of 7, hold for a count of 1, release for a count of 7 and hold for a count of 1. This will boost both the energy and oxygen levels in the area that you are focusing on.
Bouncing - By gently bouncing on a mini trampoline, you can speed up the flow of lymph by up to 30 times.
This will encourage a deep healing to take place, by removing cellular waste and encouraging every cell to be
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and move gently, but rapidly up and down without your feet leaving the mat. If you feel tightness in your calves, shift your weight from one foot to the other, by gently raising the heel of one foot and then the other. Start slowly and build the routine according to your endurance capabilities. To target the scalp specifically, breathe deeply and rhythmically while you are bouncing and quietly repeat … scalp, scalp, scalp … This will direct the energy generated by the bouncing specifically to the scalp. 3. DHT build up
Male Pattern Baldness is also known as Androgenic Alopecia. This is due to the influence of DHT or super testosterone. DHT and androgen receptors in the scalp combine to carry out the creation of normal proteins in the follicles, which regulate the health, growth, and resting cycles of the follicle. Due to dehydration, cholesterol builds up in the body. As a hormonal precursor, this results in more testosterone and oestrogen being produced. When this testosterone mixes with the sebum and dirt that is impacted in your follicles, it creates more DHT. The conversion from testosterone to DHT is driven by an enzyme called type II 5-alpha reductase, which is produced in the prostate, the adrenal glands and the scalp. Over time, the action of DHT causes the hair follicle to degrade and shortens the anagen growth phase. DHT is also responsible for excess sebum secretion and the thickening of the galea. The excessive activity of DHT is directly related to cellular dehydration. It is therefore essential that your cells are rehydrated and your cellular and blood cholesterol levels are reduced.
Water – Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient needed by your body. 25% of the weight of a
strand of hair is moisture! Make sure that you are drinking 8 glasses of water daily. This will rehydrate your cells, setting the ‘jelly’ and reducing your cellular need for cholesterol protection. Start the day with 2 glasses; drink 1 glass 20 minutes before every meal and 1 glass 2 hours after every meal. This will replenish water lost and ensure adequate hydration for the digestive process. The general rule is 30ml of water per kg body weight every day. For every cup of tea or coffee, alcohol or soda, an additional glass of water should be consumed to prevent dehydration.
Saw Palmetto Berries are a proven natural way to inhibit excessive DHT production. This is often sold as a
Prostate remedy (which is also influenced by DHT).
Progesterone - In order to balance the effects of excess oestrogen in the body (often the result of
xenoestrogens found in our food and water), a natural progesterone cream should be used by anyone over the age of 30.
Herbs - To increase the amount of free circulating testosterone in the body, use the herbs green oats (Avena
Sativa) or nettles (Urtica dioica).
4. Enhance Circulation
The blood circulation of individuals who experience hair loss is 2.6 times slower than those who don’t. This is the result of vascular constriction brought on by drought management, inactivity and stress. The volume of blood delivered to the follicle affects the nourishment of the hair and the size of the hair shaft. Male Pattern Baldness is often referred to as ‘shorter, thinner syndrome’. To increase circulation to the scalp and the hair follicles, a physical exercise or a topical application can be used.
Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) - to increase the blood supply to the scalp, remove waste and nourish the
papillae, perform a shoulder stand twice a day for at least 30 seconds or for as long as you feel comfortable. This also reverses the effects of the normal directional pull of gravity. Lie flat on your back, with your legs together. Raise your legs upwards and bend your knees backwards over your chest. Using your elbows and the back of your upper arms as props, support your lower back with the palms of your hands. Your elbows should not be wider than the shoulders. Now raise your body to a vertical position and straighten your legs together so that your trunk and legs form a vertical line. Bring your chest against your chin, never the chin to the chest. Breathe deeply and freely and relax while holding the position. WARNING: the shoulder stand is not suitable for persons suffering from high blood pressure or ailments of the head, neck or eyes. Do not perform after a meal.
– These methods are easier to perform than the shoulder stand, but equally effective.
Lie on your back, next to a wall. Raise your legs so that they are supported against the wall and remain in this
position for 5 minutes. Perform at least once a day to improve circulation.
Use a large, comfortable armchair to perform the same exercise. Reverse the normal sitting position, with your
back on the seat and hook your legs over the back of the chair. Remain in this position for 5 minutes.
Neck Stretch
Tension in the neck and shoulder area will restrict the blood circulation to the scalp. By performing regular neck
stretches, stress is reduced and circulation to the scalp improved. Before doing a shoulder stand or the inversion
exercise, perform a gentle neck stretch in each direction.

- is a natural way to enhance the blood circulation to the scalp and activate the dormant follicles. Using
the fingers of both hands, tap the scalp in a repetitive, percussive way starting at the forehead hairline and
working over to the back of the head. Be firm, without causing discomfort. This will be working in a number of ways. Firstly the tapping action draws blood to the surface of the skin. The motion also breaks down the detrimental scalp residue and clustered blood protein. The scalp is also a full reflex zone map. By stimulating the reflexes on the head, the whole body benefits.
Ginger - Use a young ginger root, cut lengthwise and massage it gently in a circular motion onto the scalp. This
will have a dilating effect on the scalp, the pores and the underlying blood vessels. Ginger is a circulatory
stimulant for the hair follicles and a stimulant for hair growth. It is also high in fatty acids. Fatty acids are recommended for hair loss, stunted growth and thinning of hair. Use during the day.
- Take one teaspoonful of cayenne daily. Start gradually with 1/4 teaspoonful in a little cold water or
add it to your food. Add 1/4 teaspoonful to this dosage every three days, until you are taking one full teaspoonful
a day (the graduated dosages will accustom your system to the pungency of the herb). A natural vasodilator and source of vitamin B and C, cayenne breaks up mucus and increases warmth by building the blood. 5. Nutrition Deficient Follicles
A healthy diet is essential for good, strong, healthy hair growth. Any drastic change in diet will affect the condition of your hair. It has also been shown that the Western diet, which tends to be rich in animal fat, can contribute to hair loss. With genetically altered, processed, artificially flavoured and coloured food now the fare of the day, the nutritional value of our food leaves a lot to be desired. Good supplementation is now essential. A compromised hair follicle that is nutrient deficient can return to a natural growth phase more rapidly if given a proper supply of nutrients. For optimum bodily regeneration, a program of nutrition saturation is essential. This literally provides the building blocks for the ‘new’ parts. The program must include high doses of enzymes, minerals and trace minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and of course oxygen. A diet high in natural, raw, whole fruits and vegetables will supply your body with the essential ‘groceries’. The rule is ‘recognise your foods’ and ‘keep them as close to Nature as possible’. Remember to breathe deeply regularly. It is truly the food of the Gods.
Supplements - To saturate your body with nutrients, drink plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and take
high quality food supplements. These would include Barley Green, Spirulina, Cellfood and N-Code.
Internal Cleansing - Body cleansing is an extremely important part of every regeneration and prevention
program. Although dietary changes are a form of cleansing, most people need more then this, especially when it
comes to liver health. A cleansing program is essential for the body to establish a healthy foundation for the regeneration of natural hair growth. Your internal organs can hold a lot of toxins and sometimes it is impossible to get those toxins out, without doing cleansing. Our liver can contain hundreds of stones, which block bile flow, and affect the basis of your health, your digestion. It is recommended that you do your cleansing in this order: 1. Bowel cleanse 2. Parasite cleanse 3. Metal Cleanse 4. Kidney Cleanse 5. Liver cleanse. Always remember when doing a cleanse or a short fast that you are on ‘Nature’s operating table’. Only do what feels safe, comfortable and appropriate for your own condition and remember the maxim ‘Slowliness is Holiness’.
Special Note:
Carbohydrate addiction and an imbalanced excess of high grain foods has now been linked to premature
baldness. Sugar dilates blood vessels, leading to a loss of blood protein.
For those who still have a significant amount of hair left, cut down the grains if you want to keep your hair. Side effects of a low grain diet include - you will achieve far higher levels of health, and decrease your risk of diabetes,
heart attacks, and cancer.

Salt consumption is a prime reason for excess sodium in the body. This further exacerbates the Wet State and
has a direct effect on blood pressure, by constricting the tiny arteries in the skin.
Excess sodium affects the body at a very fundamental level and has knock-on consequences for many metabolic processes. Large quantities of salt are contained in most processed foods, which will far exceed the daily recommendation, so read the label. Reduce your intake to ¼ teaspoon of pure, uniodised sea salt per litre of water that you drink. 6. Detrimental Scalp Residue
One of the most reversible conditions causing hair loss is detrimental scalp residue. Dead skin cells, solidified scalp oil (sebum) and hair care product residue combine to form deposits that clog your hair follicles.
Scalp Cleansing - wash your scalp at least twice daily with a good detergent soap to remove excess sebum
build up. It is important to really invigorate the scalp, so that the residue is broken down and dissolved. Wash for at least 3 minutes, using a deep massage technique. Adding Alpha Hydroxy (also known as fruit acid or ascorbic acid) to your shampoo will gently remove dead skin cells, scalp oil, and hair product residue that
combine to form deposits that clog hair follicles.
Sweating - is a powerful way to cleanse the body from accumulated toxins. It is known that some modern
industrial toxins and pesticides can leave your body only through sweat glands!
This can be done by exercising with a lot of clothes on, having a sauna, drinking warm tea in a hot room and eating cayenne pepper.
Tea Tree Oil - A tea tree oil shampoo, or any natural shampoo with 2% tea tree oil (10 drops to an eight-
ounce bottle), will help to unblock clogged hair follicles, moisturize the hair and keep the scalp free of bacteria and fungal problems. For oily skin, a gentle tea tree oil moisturizing shampoo will help cleanse the scalp of bacterial and fungal irritations and help to disperse dead skin cells.
Tar - has been used for a long time as a treatment for eczema and other scalp problems. It is now known that
tar is an excellent cleanser for the scalp. It removes excess accumulation of sebum and cholesterol. Nizoral is a
must for every regimen. Get it at your grocery store shampoo aisle. Maintains scalp health, eliminates inflammation, itching, etc which can destroy effectiveness of other treatments. Use once every 3 days in rotation with normal shampoo.
Toweling - When drying wet hair, it is important not to towel-dry too vigorously. You can literally towel the
fine hairs out of your head by causing severe breakage of the shaft. 7. Thickening of the Galea
Dr Lars Engstrand a leading Swedish Scientist, suggested that most baldness is caused by the thickening of the galea, a part of the scalp. The galea is located on the crown of the head and covers the area where typical male pattern baldness normally occurs. As men age, the galea gradually becomes thicker and loses its elasticity. This increases pressure and tension on the scalp, which greatly impairs blood circulation to the small capillaries located above this membrane. As a consequence the hair follicles are not fed the necessary nutritional requirements vital for good hair growth.
Massage - The object of scalp massage, correctly performed, is to manipulate the scalp and increase circulation.
When massaging, it is important that the scalp is moved over the cranium rather than just rubbing the surface of the scalp. The action of manipulation breaks up the tightness and heats the scalp thereby increasing blood circulation. Scalp massage techniques can be performed as many times during the day as individual time restraints permit. However, as a general rule, the most important times that should not be neglected are at the start of the day immediately upon rising and later in the day, such as watching television or retiring for the evening. An ideal time to massage your scalp is during your normal daily showering routine. Brushing - One thing that many men do not do, is brush their hair as regularly as women do. Part of this may
be due to a shorter hairstyle; or it may simply be something that men do not do. The skin is the largest organ of
the body and one of the most important ways in which the body eliminates waste. Over time, dead skin cells, secretions from the body, hair care products and environmental pollution can all build up on the scalp. This can cause it to thicken and also provide a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria. Both of these can contribute to the hair loss problem. Using a wire brush, brush your scalp morning and night with a gentle but firm brush action. This will remove the layers that have built up, diminish the thickening of the galea and give the follicle space to break through and breathe. At the same time, it will remove the breeding ground for bacteria. 8. Scalp Acid Mantle
The scalp is naturally acidic. This is necessary to protect the skin from bacteria and to maintain the hair fiber in a strong and flexible state. Certain alkaline influences, which come into contact with the hair and skin, can destroy or disrupt the Acid Mantle. These include soaps, cosmetics, tints and bleaches, perms and hair straighteners as well as shampoos, conditioners, hairspray and gel.
These disruptions remove the protective mantle and create porosity, rendering the hair less compact and
When this happens, it is necessary to restore the Acid Mantle.
Cider Vinegar - Comb or massage a mixture of cider vinegar and water into thinning hair. This will balance the
Scalp Acid Mantle. A drop of Rosemary oil mixed into the mixture also works well to cleanse the follicle and
stimulate circulation and hair growth.

Bay Rum Remedy - combines a mixture of Bay Rum (200ml) with a bottle of Placenta (100ml) and 5ml of
Bergamot essential oil. All of the ingredients are mixed in a bowl and then returned to the Placenta spray bottle,
storing the excess for future use. Apply liberally to the scalp after washing to nourish the hair and balance the Acid Mantle.
Orange Peel Tincture - To balance and maintain the Scalp Acid Mantle, apply an orange peel tincture to the
scalp regularly. Within a month of application, you will notice a significant amount of new hair growth. To tincture, peel enough oranges to fill a wide-mouth preserving jar at least half full. Cover the orange peels with sake or vodka and allow it to sit for at least 3 weeks. Pour off the liquid and discard the peel. Using a pump sprayer type bottle, spray the balding area at least once a day after showering and preferably 4 to 5 times throughout the day. The liquid will make your hair somewhat stiff. To increase success, rinse your head with a citrate spray after shampooing. 9. Clear Inflammation
Excess DHT initiates what is called an autoimmune response. This means that follicles affected by DHT are suddenly considered foreign objects in the body, and the degeneration is a direct result of the body rejecting them from the system. One of the biggest telltale signs of the autoimmune response is tingling, itching, redness, and inflammation of the scalp. In many cases of androgenetic alopecia, inflammation can be seen around the affected hair follicles, especially the upper hair follicles. Following the teachings of Arnold Ehret, we know that any form of degeneration is simply the body’s attempt to rid itself of the mucus build up (trapped blood protein, excess fluid and excess sodium). This is an autoimmune response, a form of metabolism where the old is broken down to allow for the new. By clearing the Wet State, the mucous (the cause of the inflammation) is removed and natural functioning is restored.
MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring, organic sulfur-containing compound. It reduces
inflammation by increasing the effectiveness of cortisol, the body’s own natural inflammation fighter.
MSM is necessary for collagen synthesis in skin, hair and nails and helps to keep them healthy. It is also a free
radical scavenger, protecting the body against free radical damage. New evidence has been found that MSM
10. Effects of Aging and Free Radicals
Many scientists believe that there is a direct correlation between aging and hair loss. Since degeneration is one of the triggers for the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, it is understandable why delaying the effects of aging can also delay hair loss. In addition, free radical damage can affect the hair follicles making them more susceptible to the effects of DHT. Poor diet, aided and abetted by smoking and air pollution, impinges on hair health by activating free radicals that can attack cells, including the cells that make new hair.
What's more, fasting or an incorrect diet often results in a shortage of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and
other antioxidants, leading to hair loss. Taking antioxidants can fend off free-radical damage.
Antioxidants - such as vitamin A, C and E have long been touted as the key to healthy hair, skin and overall
general well-being. Free radicals are oxygen-induced agents that can weaken a person's immune system and cause premature aging, wrinkles and hair loss, among other diseases. Clinical studies have suggested that antioxidants can enhance the body's immune system against damaging free radicals. 11. Activate Anagen Phase
Due to a loss of energy and the subsequent conditions that develop, the hair follicle does not develop a complete anagen cycle. This is one of the reasons for the ‘shorter thinner’ syndrome. In order to achieve good hair growth, it is vital to stimulate the papilla and lengthen the anagen growth phase.
This can be done in a number of ways.
Tugging - Holding an area of hair, pull the hair upwards (only when hair is dry) and away from the scalp
applying constant tension (of individually varying degrees) for a period of 20 – 30 seconds. Then having released
this hair, repeat the process on a different area of hair until all of the thinning area has been worked on. This
practice should be started slowly with not a great deal of force applied in the early stages.
Slight pressure should be applied at first to ensure there is no hair breakage. Hair stimulation is the desired
result of this technique, not hair breakage. Therefore, start almost gingerly at first and slowly build up. We
are of course all individuals with our own individual characteristics. After a period of time by working slowly and building up in a sensible manner, you will know how much pressure you can build up to and safely apply. Grape Seed Extract – Procyanidin Oligomers, also known as Proanthocyanidin stimulates hair growth and the
anagen cycle. Research has shown that Procyanidin Oligomers double the rate of cells in the hair follicles and
also convert their cycles from the dormant to growth phases.
To make a topical lotion take 2 oz of grape seed oil, add a half pint of water and 1 Tbsp of white wine vinegar. Boil and simmer for 1 hour and then strain the liquid, keeping it in an airtight glass container. Mix a small amount of the liquid with an equal amount of calamine lotion and massage into the bald area. Apply daily. Always test a small amount on your forearm in case of allergic reaction. A quick version of this recipe is to take 20 grape seed extract capsules and empty their contents into 250ml of water. Heat gently to dissolve and mix as required with calamine lotion before applying to the scalp. To boost the efficacy of the remedy, crush 5 tablets of Saw Palmetto extract and dissolve in 2 tablespoons of water. Add this to the above recipes. 12. Balance underlying Emotional & Mental Patterns
It is important to keep a positive frame of mind when working with your program. The condition will not have occurred over night, and therefore will need an appropriate amount of time to halt the hair loss and begin the regeneration process. Most results will begin to show after 6 months. Do not rush to the mirror each day to find the budding follicles. The disappointment at not seeing them may set you back more than you would care for. Once the program has begun, just get on with it, enjoy the ride and be assured of success. Success will come if you remain calm and relaxed and balance all negative emotions as they arise. Remember that it is a wandering, sensitive mind that ultimately instigates the pathway of degeneration. Every physical symptom has an emotional and mental counterpart. By presenting a symptom, your body is in a sense ‘speaking’ to you. It is important that you understand the message so that you are able to deal with the underlying patterns. Body language suggests that the underlying thought pattern related to hair loss, is believing that you are not allowed to have your own ideas and opinions. There is a sense of wilfulness and a cutting off from your creativity, which gives rise to fear, stress and tension. It is time to stop trying to control everything and start trusting the process of life!
Attitude Balancing – is a powerful way to easily release negative emotions. All negative emotions are a sign
that your energy system has been disrupted.
When this happens, it is essential that you release and balance your energy flow.
Each finger represents a particular attitude.
The Thumb is for anxiety and nervousness
The Index Finger is for fear
The Middle Finger is for anger and rage
The Ring Finger is for tears, grief, and emotional pain
The Little Finger is for self-esteem when feeling like a victim of circumstances
Once you acknowledge the underlying attitude, hold the appropriate finger by wrapping the opposite hand around it for a few minutes, or until you feel the energy pulsing. Do this at the beginning and the end of each day, or whenever necessary, to quickly clear your negative emotions and center yourself. Ultimate Emotional Freedom
The following technique rapidly releases an experience and restores your energy flow.
Rub your hands together and place them in a prayer like position to stimulate your energy flow. While breathing deeply and evenly, quietly repeat: ’ Even though I feel (current emotion … worried … afraid … angry … sad … defeated) about (current or past experience), I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I release this feeling and allow love to flow in my life. Ultimate Meditation
Energy will only truly flow, when your mind is still. However, rather than trying to empty your mind, as is the
tradition, fill it with every nuance and sensory experience of the moment. Once your mind is fully entrained, it will not limit or define your experience and you will not have an attitude. A pure flow of energy means pure health. Sitting or lying with a straight back, make yourself as comfortable as possible, moving if necessary. Become aware of your breathing. Notice the cool sensation of breath entering your nose and feel the expanding movements in your chest and belly. Pay attention to the sound of your breathing. As you naturally release the breath, notice the cool sensation in your nose and the corresponding movements in your chest and belly. Once again listen to your breath. Relax and breathe freely, allowing the inbreath to naturally follow the outbreath. Picture the waves of the ocean coming up onto the beach and then subsiding back into the ocean. After a period, expand your awareness to include your heartbeat as your chest expands with your inbreath. Feel the rhythm and pulse of your heart. Make sure that you are feeling the breath, hearing the breath, feeling the movements in your chest and belly AND feeling your heartbeat! It has now been scientifically proven, that if your mind is asked to focus on more than one sensory experience at a time, it becomes still. This is the great benefit of meditation. Become aware of the vital life force that you are drawing in with every breath. In Indian culture, this life force is known as ‘prana’ or energy. As you breathe, you are quite literally plugging in to the Nature. Your beating heart symbolizes this life force now flowing through your blood stream. Every cell in your body is nourished and sustained by this free flow of energy. As long as your mind is fully aware of this experience, it cannot limit or define it. In this way you are able to get the most from every experience. Now add to your sensory experience, by expanding your awareness to include your hands. In other words be aware of your nose, your heart and your hands. Now focus on your feet … and now your face. Now expand your awareness to include your whole body. Nose … heart and body … all at once. You can practice this exercise as a daily meditation for 20 minutes, or you can practice it throughout the day. Remember, to get the most from every experience, you want to be fully in the moment. This will only happen when you stop thinking. The quickest way to do that is to expand your awareness through your senses. As soon as your mind defines an experience, it becomes limited. Whether you are in a supermarket, writing on a computer or listening to someone who is talking to you; your priority is to keep your energy flowing. Every time you stop to think, you stop! Your energy wanes and you begin to age. Before you think, say or do anything, make sure you are plugged in … nose … heart … body. Recommended Program
In order to be successful, you must be consistent and persistent in your efforts. The following program covers all of the areas that contribute towards the hair loss condition. It is essential to have a whole body health routine, in order to address the deeper underlying factors of degeneration. This would include increasing oxygen supply to the cells, clearing the trapped blood protein and mucus from the whole body and maintaining an optimum state of health through right thinking, correct exercise and optimum nutrition. Once the cause of degeneration is dealt with, keeping healthy must become a way of life. It is as simple as following the Pure Laws of Health. • Don’t argue, quarrel or fight • Don’t defile your body • Everybody must work • Don’t get stressed • Eat healthily These are the laws that govern physical, emotional and mental well-being. Follow them faithfully and you will find that you not only have a great head of hair, but life will reward you with health, abundance and peace. Now go for it! Exercise 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Source: http://www.healsa.co.za/PDF%20Files/Neo_Hair_Health_HSA.pdf


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