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Outpatient surgery lets you return home on personal recovery plan. During surgery, we the same day surgery is performed, and is keep patients warm, use gel packs to cushion therefore sometimes referred to as same-day their bodies, and carefully monitor medications or ambulatory surgery. Because of surgical and anesthesia. Following the operation, each advances, more patients are having surgery patient has extra time to recover in a safe, without having to stay in the hospital overnight.
private, peaceful environment. Before a patient is discharged, we make sure he or she has the resources needed for a seamless transition to Same-day surgery is no longer the same for patients 65 and older. Holy Cross Hospital's Seniors Ambulatory Surgery Center new, dedicated Seniors Ambulatory Surgery you right outside the doors to our Seniors Center provides care tailored to the specific The idea of surgery raises questions for patients the best possible result. The questions and needs of seniors who are having outpatient mind of being under the same roof as one of every age. When seniors contemplate surgery, topics in this guide are meant to be just that: surgeries. Pre-surgery, we talk to each patient of Maryland’s largest hospitals. Hundreds of however, there are special considerations to take a guide to conversations with physicians and to assess their health and support system, specialists, inpatient facilities, state-of-the-art into account for you to be prepared physically nurses, family and caregivers, as well as things making sure they know what to expect at every technology and a highly trained staff are to ask yourself, all to help you make informed, phase. We also begin creating a patient’s As a national leader in specialized medicine confident decisions. Keep this guide on hand, for patients 65 and older, we at Holy Cross and should you or a family member ever require 1500 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910 - 301-754-7000 - holycrosshealth.org Before surgery, your doctor will explain your condition and document as a guide for taking notes and clarifying answers. When facing surgery, it’s important to share with your conditions to regular medication, and bring this with you to what you should expect from the recommended surgery, We suggest you take along a family member or caregiver surgeon as much personal medical information as possible.
your appointment and to the hospital. With it, you and your as well as many other things covered here. Use this as well, to help you gather information and make decisions.
Take the time to list the information below, from chronic doctor can make the best decisions about your care.
Medications I take regularly (including prescriptions, over- the-counter medications, herbal medications and vitamins): What is the exact type of surgery I need? Allergies (medication allergies and others): Are my heart and lungs strong enough for surgery? What type of anesthesia will be used and what are the What will happen if I don't have surgery? Are there other treatment options I should consider? What are realistic expectations for this surgery? Look for a surgeon with the expertise and experience require, as well as the valuable experience that comes How will the surgery affect my health and lifestyle? that give you peace of mind. Your doctor should have from performing many of the same types of operations.
How long will recovery take and what will it be like? specific training, knowledge of the procedure you What is your experience treating my type of condition? What other specialists and resources would you What kind of support will I need upon returning home Are there special technologies or techniques that we Do I need to abstain from alcohol before surgery? For a referral to one of Holy Cross Hospital’s
1,200 credentialed physicians and surgeons, call
301-754- 8800 or visit holycrosshealth.org.

Source: http://www.holycrosshealth.biz/documents/senior_source/preparingforsurgery-seniors.pdf


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Announcement: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs Now FSA Reimbursable IRS Revenue Ruling 2003-102, released September 3, 2003, permits many OTC drugs purchased without a physician’s prescription to be reimbursed through a health care flexible spending account (FSA), as long as the items alleviate illness or injury. Below are examples of medical-only and dual purpose OTC

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