You are automatically enrolled in the Thielen Student
Health Center Pharmacy Program when you enroll in
the Iowa State University Student and Scholar Health
Insurance Program. This program is only available to
eligible students, dependents are not eligible for the
pharmacy program. The premiums listed in the “Premium
Rate” table in the ISU
Student and Scholar
If you are an Iowa
State University
Program booklet include student with the
ISU Student and
prescription coverage.
For Iowa State University Scholar Health
students, this program
Insurance Plan, this
pharmacy program
is for you.
This program allows participants to pay either a $10
copay for preferred products or a $20 copay for non-
preferred products from the Thielen Student Health
Center (TSHC) Pharmacy. A copay is the amount the
patient is responsible for paying on each prescription.
There is a maximum 30-day supply per copay. Inhalers
(oral/nasal), topical preparations, ear, nose, rectal, and
eye products will be assessed one copay per container.
The remainder of the prescription cost is absorbed by
the program’s premiums.
The maximum allowance per person per year is $600. This amount is the total of prescription charges. This pharmacy program is not designed for catastrophic coverage. The maximum allowance has been designed to protect the majority of plan participants from higher premiums and coverage restrictions. Coverage
This program is only available through the TSHC
Pharmacy. You have the freedom and right to take
your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.
However, prescriptions filled elsewhere are not
covered under this pharmacy program.
When you present a prescription at the TSHC Pharmacy, please remind the pharmacist that you qualify by having the Student and Scholar Health Insurance Program. You may be asked to go to the clinic’s registration or business office for proper computer coding. Products used for the following purposes are NOT covered: investigational or off-label used by the FDA, a cosmetic enhancement only, infertility or stimulating growth, immunization, or as part of a transplant procedure (such as Sand-immune). Also not covered are compounded prescriptions, prescriptions paid by other programs such as worker’s compensation or Medicaid, injections, or brand-name items where an AB-rated generic is available.
For details and enrollment cutoff dates on the ISU Student and Scholar Health Insurance Program, please contact the student insurance coordinator (515-294-2394 or For further questions regarding the ISU Pharmacy Program, please contact the TSHC Pharmacy (515-294-7983 or
Pharmacy Hours
8 am – 6 pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8 am–5 pm
9 am–5 pm
9 am–noon
Hours vary during breaks, holidays, and summer
session. Check our webpage for current information.

Iowa State University
Thielen Student Health Center Pharmacy
Corner of Sheldon Avenue and Union Drive
Ames, Iowa 50011-2260
Phone: 515 294-7983

Iowa State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion,
national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability, or
status as a U.S. veteran. Any persons having inquiries concerning this may contact the
Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, 3210 Beardshear Hall, 515-294-7612.


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