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Our next speaker will cover an interesting topic in medicine; namely the influence of sev-
eral layers of personality upon illness. Dr Chris
Miliotis has worked in the field of psychiatry and
anthroposophical medicine over the past six
years. Anthroposophical Medicine is a branch of medicine established by Dr Rudolph Steiner andDr Ita Wegman in the early 1900's. It is based on the view of man, who is composed of 4 principal
members: 1) The Ego - his spirituality, 2) The
Astral Body - both a physiological and psycho-
logical function, 3) The Etheric or Life Body, 4)
The Physical Body .
Dr Chris Miliotis
Stemming from this view Dr Miliotis has be- come interested in how chronic illnesses are influenced by the psychological aspects of the person. How is it that recurrent emotional statesmay contribute to chronic illness, let's say hy-poglycemia or diabetes? Yes, of course part of the illness may be determined genetically, yet stress may suddenly “Early Intervention of Diabetes”
expose this predisposition as in hypoglycemia.
In his talk he will build up this picture of howhypoglycemia may be treated from this point ofview, and then go on to the therapeutic applica-tions derived from Anthroposophical Medicine.
experiences with hypoglycemia and allergies mation ring Mrs. Bev Cook at 049-59-4369.
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This voluntary advice is based on his personal from the Waratah Avenue. For further infor- at our last public meeting on 3 December,1994.
By Dr George Samra
from a public lecture at the Hyopoglycemic Association I WILL begin in the reverse order starting crisps made from potatoes, and baked pota- briefly with the dietary management of arthri- toes. All the by-products from beef and veals, Magnesium Salts that you can buy from chem- tis and then will switch to the main thrust of ists associated with Grace Bros. Darby Salts the talk on human fatigue therapy and espe- This block of foods has relevance to when were in fact invented by a Grace Bros chemist cially as to what is happening at The Royal in 1927 and they may perhaps help about 20 Newcastle Hospital where doctors are con- drome, as these foods are involved in aches percent of people suffering from arthritis.
ducting a major research project. I will also and pains in the muscles and joints, which are New Zealand mussel, called “Seatone”, discuss my clinical experiences in the area of celery concentrate, copper bands, Evening human fatigue. When you work in this field with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Thus there is Primrose Oil [Fecal], salmon oil are some of you are constantly exposed to new theories an overlap between arthritis and chronic fa- the natural supplements that could help in which allows you to amalgamate them or pull tigue and one has to figure out which causes some cases. I should emphasize though that them to pieces and reconstruct new theories.
not all of these are found to be beneficial to all About 70 percent of patients with multiple Management of arthritis
joint arthritis would benefit from this first line If you are going to use Vitamin C or ascor- bic acid for arthritis it is best to use the powder main complaint of arthritis I advise them in the In severe arthritis I give special additional first instance to avoid four foods: tomatoes, supplements to these patients as shown in beef, veal, potatoes and oranges for at least three weeks. See TABLE 1 on page 3.
There was a study at the Newcastle Hospi- percent of people. My recommendation is to tal by a professor of surgery who was observ- try a bottle of each of these supplements and ing patients with copper bands. The hypoth- juice made from tomatoes, chips and potato stay with it when improvements are noticed.
esis was that copper bands were of no benefit Supplements for Arthritis -
Rheumatism Patients
Cod liver Oil Capsules - 3 per
Blackmores Multi Vitamins +
Mineral Tabs - 1 daily
Vitaglow Zinc Plus C - 1 daily
HiVita Stress Formula - 1 DailySelenium - Sodium SeleniteSolution 2 mls daily or Avoidance for Mild Arthritis
Avoid strictly for 3 weeks
AVOIDANCE for Severe
Avoid tomato, potato, tobacco,
eggplant, capsicum, chilli, pep-
per, (DO USE sweet potato,
cauliflower, pumpkin, marrow,
choko, lettuce, celery and cu-
Avoid all animal milks and
cheeses. (USE: Soymilk,
Soycheese, Ricemilk, Coco-nut Milk and Coconut Cream)Avoid REDMEAT. No beef,veal, lamb, rabbit, pigmeat ortheir by-products. (USE:chicken, fish, seafood and veg-etables) CITRUS FAMILY
Avoid oranges, lemons, limes,
grapefruit, kiwifruit and
passionfruit. (USE: other fruitsfavouring apples, pears andbananas.) at all, but it showed and confirmed what we Vitaglow Zinc Plus C contains B3, B6, B5, hydrogen peroxide. If you put hydrogen per- have suspected all along that all of these zinc and C which are not only involved in the natural remedies works in about 20 percent of energy pathway but play a role in overall burns. The job of the antioxidant is to neutral- patients and that is significant. But no therapy metabolism. The stress formula consists of ise the H O and convert it to water [H O] and works for every body. These natural supple- high dose B-complex. Selenium is about the oxygen. Thus antioxidants can prevent free ments are harmless and have few side effects, most powerful antioxidant we have, but re- radical damage. There are some people who which is more than what can be said of medi- quires a prescription from your doctor.
believe that antioxidant can prolong life and perhaps there may be some truth in this as free portant role in arthritis in repairing the syno- radicals are implicated in accelerating ageing.
Vitamins + Mineral Tabs, mainly to ensure vial membrane - or the living cells that line the The avoidances in severe arthritis take into that a good range of minerals be supplemented.
joints - in mopping up peroxide radicals and potatoes belong to the Nightshade family of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
being secreted at the wrong time. This is plants and these include tobacco, eggplant, usually followed by a subsequent adrenaline capsicum, chilli and pepper. A patient with arthritic patients tend to overlap. Most would stimulation. Hypoglycemia may run in fami- rheumatoid arthritis told me that when her have some muscle and joint pains but only 10- lies and can include diabetes, alcoholism, At- husband smokes in the car her joints start 15 percent would have bad muscle and joint tention Deficit Disorders, Hyperactivity, Drug aching for the next day and a half, and now she pains. The Newcastle research team are trying knows why. He does not smoke in the car now to identify factors in the Chronic Fatigue Syn- Figures 1(A-C) on page 3 explain these
drome patients who have these pains.
differences more graphically. Figure 1A is
The Fatigue Health Model which shows the The Nightshade family happens to be the
Syndrome patients is: a pathological fatigue deeper trough of fatigue on the left as com- most potent family of foods, associated with lasting longer than six months in the absence pared to a ‘normal’ fatigue curve on the right.
arthritic phenomenon. Yet we are not sure of other disease states. Fatigue is weariness The Therapy Recovery Model as represented how this comes about. One theory claims that caused by over-exertion or lack of sleep, but in in Figure 1B shows how a Chronic Fatigue
in arthritis you get small sand-like particles of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome it occurs in the patient can recover from their illness by doing antigen and antibody complexes in the joints.
absence of over-exertion or lack of sleep.
the right thing at the right time, such as avoid- In tomatoes, and potatoes the solanates have Most doctors leave out the word “pathologi- ing certain allergies, perfumes, odours; by been shown to be responsible for depositing cal” which is my own addition to the usual paying attention to and changing the diet, by these sand-like particles in the joints and actu- injections of vitamins and minerals, drugs and ally attacking the synovium, which in theory The “fatigue” aspect of the disorder would Gamma Globulin3 injections. As a result they eventually causes the erosion of the lining due of course be recognised by members of the drift into the good health well in a much Hypoglycemic Association. Hypoglycemia is shorter time. Some articles on Chronic Fa- In TABLE 1 I have
Week No No. of 5 Minute Water Temperature The Mammalian
Food Sources
mechanism is still unclear, but it seems from still poorly understood by most doctors. Half diet is a brain-feeding diet, simple and pure.
a theoretical point of view that whenever we of the patients referred to me for Chronic The diet keeps the blood sugar level on an eat proteins from animals that are similar to even keel. This basic brain-feeding diet also ourselves - that is mammal - our body may reactive hypoglycemia as their main diagno- helps epileptic patients, although they may trigger an autoimmune response. This is an sis. They are not really regarded by me as not have all the hypoglycemic features. My auto-allergic phenomenon such as Reiter’s clinical experience has shown that these pa- Syndrome1 , Sjogren’s Syndrome2 which can usually have a condition that could be treated tients do remarkably well on this brain-feed- cause a dryness in the mouth with perhaps arthritis and kidney problems. To avoid mam- deal better with nutrition. In my experience Figure 1C represents The Spontaneous
malian animal proteins one must avoid red Recovery Model whereby people seem to re- meat such as beef, veal, lamb, rabbit, pigmeat drome have an abnormal sugar curve. There- and their by-products as well as animal milks tigue well on the left to the normal curve on the and cheeses. Use instead chicken, fish, sea- ‘Hypoglycemic Diet’, that is avoid sugar, honey and glucose, have six snacks a day, have chicken sausages or turkey slices.
with a protein breakfast consisting of fish, Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Thus in the more severe cases of arthritis chicken, meat or eggs - whatever is preferred It is not clear how Chronic Fatigue devel- one has to go a step further and avoid the - with a good vitamins and minerals supple- ops. It often happens after a germ including whole food families as enumerated in TABLE mentation. A protein breakfast sets one up Candida Albicans, Glandular Fever4 , toxo- 1. For example in mild arthritis we should for a good start to the day. These patients get plasmosis5 or Ross River Fever6 . The normal avoid oranges, but in severe arthritis we should scenario is that people get sick from an bacte- avoid the citrus family of oranges, lemons, rial or viral infection, recover to some degree limes, grapefruit, kiwifruit and passionfruit, Fatigue versus Chronic Fatigue
and then develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
although apples, pears and bananas are ac- Syndrome
The Viral Residual Theory postulates that a virus stays behind in the neurological system people can be tired when they have a patho- in a way analogous to shingles. If one had on their first visit to avoid gluten, although I logical organism in their system as in tuber- chickenpox as a child one can get shingles as tend to wait before I tell people with arthritis culosis, or other hormonal condition such as an adult when the immune system is down. If to avoid gluten. In my opinion only 10 percent thyroid dysfunction. Hypoglycemia is a hor- one has never had chicken-pox one cannot get of arthritic patients have a coeliac reaction.
monal disease - essentially the opposite to diabetes - when you have too much insulin How the environment cause ‘new
Immune System Subject to Evolution
only expensive but useless. At least, the Cold diseases’.
more anti-Darwinian. We have a lot of weak human beings surviving now that would not Theory of how TRHT works
pears to be related to the changing environ- have survived in previous centuries or even just fifty years ago. Nowadays in Australia, terms of reflexology principles. I will follow about one percent of children that are born sugar and sugary foods is clearly responsible don’t reach the age of five, compared to the The skin of the feet has a large number of for this pancreatic disorder. There is an in- old days with more than fifty percent child nerve endings and is quite sensitive to touch, mortality. Antibiotics are given for pneumo- pressure and pain. The so-called “reflexol- foods. Not long ago when the cave-man drank nia and we have very clever paediatric cardiac ogy” of aiding relaxation is based on stimulat- old milk or ate meat that was a week old he surgery. Everybody would agree that this is ing receptors in the skin. The same principle is risked dying. Yoghurt has a natural acido- desirable, however, we are perpetuating a used by walking in cold water for three to five philus and other germs friendly to the intes- species with a weak immune system and this tines. Other “good” moulds make good wines.
Nevertheless, some people are very sensitive Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. A weak- ened human species cannot handle the envi- Germs all make poisons, called toxins, and ronmental insults to the body as well as others.
Adrenal Shut-down Theory
some people are sensitive even to ‘safe tox- It is thought that many people with Chronic ins’. They may become tired and depressed by TRHT - THERMOREGULATORY
eating yoghurt, cheese, vinegar and vegemite.
possess adrenal glands that secrete excessive Therefore avoiding those foods may be useful amount of adrenaline which cause symptoms to some Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients.
patients should be placed on a hypoglycemic of edginess, restlessness and malaise. These Another source of modern diseases is pol- diet, avoid their allergies and pollutants, be glands have lost their proportionality of re- lution: we live in a dirty world of petrochemi- given their injections of vitamins and miner- cals. High lead exposure has never been expe- amounts of adrenaline in response to minor or rienced before, except in Ancient Rome where drugs including gamma globulin injections.
the aqueducts were lead-lined. It is said that is In addition, the latest form of treatment for why Rome became a lazy society, which may Chronic Fatigue is TRHT - Thermoregulatory tomatic reflexes occur, aimed at protecting have contributed to its down-fall. We tend to Hydrotherapy, which originated with the Eng- one’s life. These include a redistribution of be a high level lead society with a “normal lish surgeon Dr Vijay Kakkar. I simply call it blood away from unimportant tissues such as range” of between 1-2 ppm. We are actually The Cold Bath Therapy. There is some anec- the arms and legs towards the vital organs accumulating lead into our system. I expect dotal evidence of the benefits of this therapy, including the heart, lungs and brain. At the future archaeologists will be able to date where notably by the Australian motorcyclist Barry same time the body takes measures to stop a person came from by means of a lead hair Sheene who had been stricken with Chronic energy wasting metabolic reactions and so analysis and conclude that he came from the Fatigue Syndrome. It drained him physically slows down the heart rate but also stops the and mentally for four years. The beauty of this adrenal glands secreting adrenaline. Some people are more sensitive to lead in treatment is that it does not cost anything.
The TRHT method can be seen in this light the air or mercury in their teeth than others.
Many treatments are expensive, others are not as an adrenal gland training programme, much TOXIC THEORIES1) Toxin eg. Lead, formaldehyde, attacks NOTES : Damaged ENZYMES cause "sluggish" metabolism and can cause fatigue.
Chromosome contain genetic information for reproduction as well as protein (and enzymes)
Enzymes help chemical reactions move forward. Faulty enzymes do this but sluggishly.
If faulty enzymes are involved in energy pathways, then fatigue results.
High doses of vitamins and minerals eg., B12, C, Magnesium can help damaged enzymes to work
the same way a dog is trained to sit and obey consist of a group of doctors all specialists in commands, the adrenal gland is taught to stop their own fields. They include Associate Pro- it’s excessive secretions. Subsequently, a sense b) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients have of well-being occurs, as the adrenal glands Neil McGregor, Dr Mark Donohoe and so on.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and analysed urine c) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients with Warning
and blood samples comparing these to control If you are suffering from well established heart disease, high blood pressure or other chronic medical illness which requires medi- meter (called GCMS) is an instrument that is cation, do not attempt TRHT without first able to record deflections from molecules and project it on to a monitor. Using this instru- Do not be tempted to speed up the training ment they found an abnormal peak present in programme by increasing the duration of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient’s urine, therapy or suddenly lowering the temperature and less often present in controls (normal) and called it “CFSUM-1” a “marker”. Thus it
1) CFSUM-1 - proper identification of
appears that we have a diagnostic urinary test below the age of 13. However, if practised, it for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being 77 per- must be under strict medical supervision.
cent specific. It is believed to be a product of metabolic obstruction - to ATP production7 .
after therapy by taking a hot bath or shower.
The best way to warm is to dress quickly and found to block the obstruction to the ATP 2) Detoxification of organochlorines role
take a hot drink and something to eat.
metabolic pathway and make Chronic Fatigue Cold Bath Therapy and this has been set out in TABLE 2 on page 4. Five minute baths are
evidence that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pa- preferred but total bath time can be achieved tient have high blood levels of poisons such as with longer baths. For example, fifteen minute organochlorines, dieldrin, hexachlor, hep- 3) Staphylococcus Toxins role of germ
bath time on one day can be achieved with two tachlor, (and even higher levels in fatty tis- 7 1/2 minute baths in a day or 3 five minute You need a thermometer plus clock or stop Syndrome patients experiencing muscle pains watch and of course a bath. Suitable ther- showed greater levels of toxins from Staphy- lococcus (28 out of 44 grew staph, only 1 out The Faulty Enzyme Theory
of 8 in control group). The control group is I favour this theory which says that a virus Table 2 shows that you start the first week
somewhat too small, but nevertheless, it can lodges on to DNA to cause damage to that part with one five minute bath per day at a water be concluded on available evidence so far of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) responsible temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. You can modify this by starting with a five minute bath baths per day with a water temperature of 19 The Immuno-Competence Hormone
degrees Celsius and so on. In week number 3, you have two five minute baths per day with awater temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and there should be complete immersion in the water with just the face out of water. Followthe instructions as per Table 2 until you reach week five with four five minute bath per day and a water temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.
Ongoing as per week 3. This is my ownadaptation to Dr Kakkar’s TRHT and which Icall the Cold Bath Therapy. low temperature in the bath, especially in the hot Australian climate. You can overcome the PANCREAS
bottles with water in the bath and then meas-ure the temperature. When you have reached the desired temperature you can return the and there are no reasons why arthritic patientswould not benefit.
INTESTINAL LYMPH GLANDS*Food Allergy Picture Newcastle Research Group
for the production of enzymes. Reference is • Test patient for allergies, airborne pollu- dling in many fatigue disorder states, I have made to FIGURE 2 on page 5. These en-
tion, sensitivity to petrochemicals, dust postulated the existence of Immuno-Compe-
zymes are protein units which are involved in tence Hormone (ICH), as an as yet undiscov-
ered pancreatic hormone. The role of the pan- duces faulty RNA (ribonucleic acid) or mes- creas and the hormones insulin and glucagon senger proteins, which carry information to • Test patients for levels of T-lymphocytes.
in diabetes has only been understood in the the mitochondria (power house) within the last 50-60 years. Much needs to be learned yet cells. RNA has the code to manufacture the about the pancreas. We know it makes proteo- proteins - the enzymes involved in chemical lytic (protein splitting) enzymes, amylase, that reactions in the body. If one has a virus living in parts of the genes, then one will have faulty • The EEG Test (Electroencephalogram)
I am suggesting that we still don’t know are involved in energy pathways (in the pro- enough about this clever organ. I speculate duction of energy), then the person is tired all another hormonal function “ICH” to explain the prevalence of Reactive Hypoglycemia in This model is attractive as it is possible to help people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Adrenaline Hypersecretion disorder, Candi- by giving them extra co-enzymes; vitamins diasis and Multiple Food Allergy states. These like B12, vitamin C, zinc and so on. High Useful supplements
are prevalent among hypoglycemic patients.
doses of vitamins and minerals are preferable The ICH theory endeavours to tie together the to drugs, which have inevitably many side- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients, which all seem to point to the pancreas. It could well be Chronic Fatigue and Psychiatric Illness
that more than one ICH may exist, possibly one for each target organ. Failure of adequate ICH may lead to a predisposition for condi- of psychiatric illness and then treat them ac- tions listed with an asterisk in FIGURE 3 on
cordingly. There is a rule of medicine which says that if all tests are negative, the patients need to be referred to a psychiatrist. However, tence Hormone - may go to the bone marrow Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients for the to produce B-lymphocytes, or to the thymus most part are rational and retain a good sense of reality. Their depressions are not psychotic amount of ICH may make the T-cell immunity depressions, but rather signs of frustration, 5) Drugs: Catovit ( a combination of B
incompetent and cause CFS and Candidiasis being bed-ridden, tired and beyond control of vitamins and prolintane), Prothiaden
as shown in figure 3. The pancreas may also (dothiepin) an antidepressant, Aurorix
send the ICH to the intestinal lymph glandsand somehow make these glands learn not to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research
(moclobemide) - however blood pres- attack foods. The intestinal lymph glands con- Funding
sure needs to be monitored, Nardil
stitute the major lymph glands in the body and (phenelzine) a MAOI antidepressant but forms the biggest immune organ. When they be undertaking an extensive and expensive are incompetent they may cause food aller- research project involving 400 Chronic Fa- foods to be avoided, Dilantin (pheny-
gies, Candidiasis and be responsible for an tigue Syndrome patients and an equal number toin) and Epilim (valproic acid), now
allergies. Perhaps with the overproduction of Treatment approach for
insulin, the blood sugar level crashes and is cramps. Prozac (fluoxetine) and
interfering with the ICH for some people and has been fully discussed in my previous article Aropax (Paroxetine HCL) prevents the
they develop allergies. Hypoglycemics tend “New Theories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” to over-produce adrenaline as a result of the published in the Hypoglycemic Newsletter of appetite and moods, and Analgesics
perhaps adequate ICH to the adrenal glands will protect one from over-stimulation of the adrenal glands. When we look at figure 3 we 6) Herbs Valerian and Acupuncture.
see ICH-SH coming from the pituitary gland
to the pancreas. “SH” stands for Stimulating 7) Exposure to sunlight (and white candle-
• Exclude the possibility of a hypoglyc- Hormone and it may well be that the ICH from the pancreas which control various organs in the body is, in turn, controlled by the ICH-SH 8) Last but not least Cold Bath Therapy.
from the pituitary gland in the brain.
This is merely my attempt to try to piece together all these parts of the puzzle concern- Immuno-Competence Hormone Theory
ing hypoglycemia and Chronic Fatigue Syn- I’d like to finish with a completely new drome. If there is a hormone that the pancreas idea or theory, that could possibly explain the makes and we don’t know about it, it would be puzzles that have surfaced in both hypoglyc- possible to synthesize that hormone and may • Test patients for Candidiasis.
be inject it or make it into a pill. The only thing we have that come close to it are steroids which are nasty drugs. But perhaps we may stimulate the production of this unknown hor- mone through nutrition in the future.
lus (‘water on the brain’) and eye dis- Footnotes
arbovirus [from arthropod borne] re- polyarthritis and conjunctivitis occur.
salivary and other glands, mostly inpostmenopausal women, with dry called “kissing disease”. Treatment is mouth, hoarse voice. Also called kera-toconjunctivitis.
a carrier of chemical energy in all living tracted protein fraction of humanplasma, rich in specific antibodies specifically to examine the problem of breast pain and to compare drug treatments for this EPO was definitely superior when the level condition. Three treatments were used: 2 pre- of side effects was considered. In the other Evening Primrose Oil
scription drugs, danazol1 and bromocriptine2 treatment groups, 30-35% of the patients com- and Breast Pain
and one dietary therapy, evening primrose oil plained of significant side effects with ap- proximately half of these patients having to stop treatment. However, in the EPO group, treatments and reviewed 2 months after start- only 4% of patients complained of side ef- ing therapy to assess their response. If no improvement was recorded, the patients were The authors concluded that all 3 treatments swapped to one of the remaining therapies. In were active in managing breast pain but main- tain that EPO is the treatment of choice be- continue for four months before patients re- cause of the low incidence of side effects ceived alternative therapy as EPO can take associated with its use. Only in circumstances where a rapid response was required would severe breast pain (mastalgia). This may be Of 324 patients with cyclical mastalgia, 85 they suggest one of the alternative treatments.
related to the menstrual cycle, occurring prin- The low level of side effects associated with cipally during the last two weeks of the cycle, good response. A good response was also seen the use of EPO also allows EPO to be used or alternatively the pain may occur randomly more than one course of treatment if breast with no apparent relationship to the cycle.
rate). The danazol treatment group recorded In general, only half of these women will the best results seen in 79% of the treated seek medical advice and of these 15% will have much severe pain that their quality of life In the women with non-cyclical mastalgia, is significantly affected and they require drug the response rate was lower, with all treat- ments appearing equally effective: EPO 38% of prolactin from the pituitary gland.
A clinic in Wales was set up 17 years ago, response rate; danazol 40% and bromocriptine EGGS are an excellent low fat source of
Egg Facts
protein, vitamins and minerals. However, thecholesterol content of eggs has often been given as a cause of concern in relation to the people to consume eggs in moderation, those control of blood cholesterol levels. Although with high blood cholesterol levels need to eggs contribute about a quarter of the choles- terol in our daily diet, they are not the onlysource.
sion’s Nutrition Clinic, on a group of volun- If you wish to know whether or not you are teers with normal blood cholesterol levels.
likely to have a rise in your blood cholesterol Cholesterol in your food can affect plasma level from eating eggs, you should first have cholesterol, but saturated fat in your diet is After four weeks on one diet with a choles- your blood cholesterol level measured. These more important. Foods such as fatty meats and terol supplement (egg yolk) the volunteers days it is quite painless to have a cholesterol full fat dairy products have a much greater crossed over to the alternate diet (a choles- check - the new machines only require a finger terol-free supplement). The results showed prick of blood. Check with your local doctor average egg contains 250 milligrams of cho- that the average serum or blood cholesterol or Community Health Centre for information lesterol and only 6 grams of fat, all of which is level for each group was the same at the end of on where to have a blood cholesterol check each four-week dietary period, whether the diet was high or low in egg cholesterol.
that a modest consumption of eggs (one or two normal range then it probably does not matter per day) whilst raising the blood cholesterol in with a group of volunteers who registered if you eat eggs in moderation. If your blood some people, does not affect blood cholesterol high blood cholesterol levels. There was a cholesterol reading is high then it is suggested in most people. This was shown in an experi- significant rise in blood cholesterol in these that you keep a careful check on the amount of mental dietary trial carried out using the Divi- subjects when they were placed on a diet with foods eaten which contain high levels of di- Common drug groups and drugs that may cause nutrient depletion and
nutritional deficiencies from D.A.Roe (1989), DIET AND DRUG

INTERACTONS, An AVI Book, Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY, Page 85.
people with normal blood choles-
Drug Group
terol levels to eat eggs in modera- People with high blood cho-
lesterol levels should restrict egg not affect the egg’s flavour or nutri- ments in the hen’s diet, hence maize (corn), clover or grass may produce etary cholesterol (for example fatty meat, full fat dairy products, eggs, brains and intake of saturated fats which is the main dietary factor to raise blood cholesterol.
ucts and alternative egg products will help which in turn reduces associated risks.
in the egg world. In Australia, Good Food Products has released “Scramblers”, a low cholesterol product made from egg whites, searchers are working on adapting choles- terol-removing technology to egg yolks.
The first product to be marketed using this “scrambled egg” product or an egg base Further reading:
Nestel PJ ed. Diet, health and
disease in Australia. Sydney
Saxelby, C. Food what’s is in it.
body for - The incredible egg and other
information sheets and egg-based recipes.
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For Wheelchair Sports Victoria programs involving participants aged 20 years of age or younger. PERSONAL INFORMATION DISABILITY INFORMATION MEDICATIONS Please list all medication taken regularly or currently being taken: Medication Times Taken Would you prefer that the medication is kept and administered by the appointed Program Nurse…? NOTE: If participant needs a reminder t


DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES RESIDENT CENSUS AND CONDITIONS OF RESIDENTS Independent Assist of One or Two Staff Dependent A. Bowel/Bladder Status B. Mobility F94 ____ With indwelling or external catheter F100 ____ Bedfast all or most of time F95 Of the total number of residents with catheters, F101 ____ In a cha

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