Neal describes his mother’s amazing experience with ncd

Neal Describes His Mother's Amazing Experience With ALZ Interviewed by Forrist Lytehaause 9-4-06 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Forrist: Go ahead and go through the history and With the headaches, she eventually found something called Cafergot which was just massive doses of caffeine. They seemed to work. They were Neal: Somewhere around her late thirties, she the only thing she could find into he standard started to develop all the symptoms of what is now known to be fibromyalgia. I think the best way to describe the first ten to fifteen years of that was, that not a single doctor in the western world believed this condition existed. Nobody knew what it was. She basically had a headache, a migraine headache every day of her life, every hour of her life. It was pretty severe. with extreme fatigue, massive weight gain and then probably one of the most constant themes was the water retention. There was basically zero acknowledgment from the medical community that this was treatable, diagnosable or even a problem. medical community was offering that would offer any relief to these constant migraines. As her own years, and eventually giving up on the doctors as doctor, at the time, told her, you basically choose they tried every kind of thing you could imagine, the way you're gonna die. With the migraines, you more from the prospective Of trying to appease her. die form Cafergot because that much caffeine is I know that at one point she started taking beta going to kill you. She would take these massive doses of Cafergot and basically it would usually dramatically worse immediately. She eventually knock her headache out within a few hours and last came to realize that food seemed to be playing a probably a day and a half. So she would be taking a Cafergot every 2-3 days. On her own research she basically discovered that Melatonin was the safe inability to sleep. That got so bad that at one point alternative. Ironically in Canada, the Melatonin she would go through weeks on end with no sleep was illegal throughout all of this time frame. So she at all. Looking back at it, I would say that if she did had to go to the United States and kind of smuggle actually fall asleep. She would never achieve what we would call the stage 2, stage 3, stage 4 sleep. It would always be very light. She would wake up What it would do, was it would provide her with any noise at all, and generally couldn't sleep with an ability to actually fall asleep naturally and for more than five minutes. Usually what's stay asleep for upwards of four hours at a time, on a happening is when she is waking up after a few good day. That was the first major relief she began minutes, it's a jerking motion of her eyes, kind of flying open. I'm beginning to think this would be a This is a woman whose gone from 115 lbs to seizure. This is a pretty constant theme. upwards of 250 lbs. At the same time kind of realized that a lot of different foods are causing the Now in the end, the doctors were basically headaches to be worse. So, she's gotten to the point prescribing to her medications to dope her to try to now where she's taking Melatonin. She's extremely induce sleep. Again this is not the kind of sleep careful about what she's eating. She's probably where we're talking stage 4 sleep, quality sleep, it's eating the healthiest diet, equal to anyone on the just basically drugging your eyes shut. Basically planet and she can't loose any weight. She still has lots of water retention issues. At least it's kind of Interviewed by Forrist Lytehaause 9-4-06 _________________________________________________________________________________________ being managed a bit better with the Melatonin and took ten drops in the evening. I think she actually. She got a headache off of that and I believe what was happening was that she was just detoxing too basically got to the point where taking a whole bunch of supplements, she was able to manage the So what she did is she started taking one condition so that her headaches and her energy drop every hour and a half on the second day we levels were kind of good enough for her to look like had the product. Then we fairly rapidly moved her she was sort of healthy to most people. In the end up to four drops every hour and half. About nine she's taking probably 15 pills a day. She's taking times a day she was taking the product. What things like Melatonin, we've already discussed. She's basically happened to her is she had a dramatic taking Betaine. She's taking digestive enzymes with change in the way she experiences tiredness. She every meal. She's taking all types of primrose oil basically went from the chronic condition of feeling and cod liver oil for her fatty acids. She's taking all like she has fog, and being tired but not being able kinds of different herbs that are helping her in to turn that into sleep, to being somebody who is various ways, sage, I don't even know the names of actually tired from the aspect of just feeling fatigue throughout your body but it's not like a wet blanket What I'm beginning to notice, as my son is wrapped around your brain. That translates into succoring to autism and then I'm following the Defeat Autism Now protocol for recovering him is We took her off of zeolite for three days to her supplements and Lucas's supplements are see what was happening. What happened is that identical. They appear to be treating the same the old type of fatigue returned immediately. For disorder in the same way. Things like Candida. three days she goes back to the condition prior. As Things like improper digestion, improper soon as we put her back on the liquid zeolite, hydrochloric acid, improper detoxification systems. literally within an hour or two she's back to being Skipping forward, twenty years into this somebody who just experiences tired differently. We got her to a point that was basically happened with this is on two weeks. Actually let four drops every hour and a half where she actually me just describe the first day that she started taking had quite a significant increase in energy. The most interesting thing is she started loosing weight. Boy did she start loosing weight rapidly. I'm telling you she never lost weight doing anything. You could Forrist: And this is less than a month ago or so? starve the poor woman. You could feed her the Neal: Yes, this is basically, exactly one month ago. most scientific diet you want, and we're experienced veterans of the specific carbo diet where we eat no I got the first box of liquid zeolite and I got it starches at all that are . no polysaccharide foods around 6:00 pm. I picked it up from the post office all, no potatoes, no . Anything that's complex and we tried three drops on her, just that one carbohydrates, and she still can't loose weight. evening. It's probably the most rapid, interesting thing I've ever seen in my life. That night, on three In two weeks on liquid zeolite, she lots 22 lbs drops alone, she slept for the first time, for seven of water. I'm pretty sure it's mostly water retention hours. She hasn't slept for seven hours in at least that's gone. She's looking visibly different. She 20-22 years. IT didn't matter what she was taking, made the comment, two weeks in, that for the first didn't matter how much Melatonin she would take, time ever, she could actually see bones in her feet. she's never slept more than four hours, in 20 years. From a visual perspective her shoulders look Now she sleeps 7 hours in the first day. different, her face is starting to slim down, and her legs look different Her feet definitely were much Two weeks in, what we discovered was that small. She's actually showing me clothes, like her she was sleeping that well, almost every night. I shirts are loose. These shirts have never been loose think there was one exception, in the first two weeks where she didn't sleep at all. That was when she Interviewed by Forrist Lytehaause 9-4-06 _________________________________________________________________________________________ definitely was not loosing weight. When we put her She gets more energy, she starts sleeping properly back on the zeolite again, it took a few days, but and she starts dropping 25 lbs of water in three we got back to the point, that by the third week weeks, which I think is literally a miracle. she was actually loosing a pound a day, taking four I'd like to personally see if this happens with drops every hour and a half. She is just continuing other people in the same way. If you give me a person whose got this similar condition of chronic Now, of course this prompted some thought, fatigue, fibromyalgia, water retention, low energy, obviously where, we had her CREB cycle analyzed poor sleep, I would like to see if anything starts prior to all of this treatment with zeolite. The most interesting thing we saw was she had fairly normal levels of isocitrate dehydrase which is a key enzyme doctors in the last three years about my son and in the CREB cycle. But in the earlier spins of the also about my mother. What I've come to realize is cycle and kind of toward the end of this CREB cycle that here is not a single doctor out there that knows, there's this enzyme that gets used call alpha there's not a practicing doctor that knows anything ketoglutarate, which is quite integral to producing about the CREB cycle. You actually start quizzing ATP, but is also in and about where the CREB cycle them in detail about how the CREB cycle works, actually produces water. I've come to understand you just get a blank stare. They do not know the it's the electron fencer phase, and her alpha bio chemistry. Even probably the most experienced, ketoglutarate level was essentially zero or almost useful doctor I've ever encountered who ordered this negligible. The doctor who ordered this test who is test in the first place, to look at her CREB cycle, did quite good at alternative medicine, he's a standard not know anything about the electron transfer GP but he's incredibly knowledgeable about bio phase. I learned about that listening to medical chemistry way beyond your average doctor. When doctors that are involved in research and giving he looked at this lab result, his eyes literally popped out of his head looking at her alpha ketoglutarate level that's essentially zero. What it tells me is that there are some very basic relatively easy to understand medicine that is not His first comment was, "well I think we know being applied by any western doctors. Zeolite has why you have no energy." It never dawned on him tapped into and is exposing a dramatic change in or anyone else I've ever spoken to that this may be positive health. The reason why it's getting no actually be a contributing factor to why you have attention at all is because the doctors, as soon as water retention, and why liquid zeolite would be they get out of school, they forget their CREB cycle, causing this water retention to simply evaporate so they don't understand their bio chemistry and they quickly. My contention here is, looking here at the just don't recognize the significance of a miracle. It's inputs and outputs of the CREB cycle is that there like tripping over a lump of gold and not realizing . is. The body clearly has a process of suppressing the Complaining about your stubbed toe instead of production of ATP, and ATP itself in high concentration is quite toxic. There is a feedback loop there to prevent the production of these enzymes if the body believes there's too much ATP evidence that her alpha ketoglutarate was very low and my contention here is that there is probably a it had a huge diagram on the back which is just one toxin within her cell that is mimicking ATP and the view of the CREB cycle. You simply cannot describe body's feedback loop is basically getting a negative the CREB cycle in one picture, because that's not the feedback loop or a false positive and literally way the CREB cycle works. I kind of figured out suppressing the production of these enzymes or in that there was a connection with water and the some way suppressing the production of ATP. CREB cycle just by going on to wikipedia and Therefore suppressing the ability to consume the looking up citric acid cycle and you know, you draw water that's actually used into he process of creating it out in three different views. In one of the views ATP. It kind of fit with this whole model of her apparently, and each of them has an input and each of them has an output. When you look at it at Interviewed by Forrist Lytehaause 9-4-06 _________________________________________________________________________________________ that view it becomes very obvious that water is key got that shot. We only can talk about the fact that because in the third spin of this citric acid cycle of he didn't stop crying for a year since the second that the inputs it's two or three water molecules, and of the output is ATP. You can't see that on the only I have a hair sample test that was done by view that most doctors look at. It's just have the Doctor's Data which is clearly one of the most time and wherewithal and desire to think about reputable labs into he world. It shows seven parts something in enough detail and look at it at an per million of mercury in his hair. That, according to angle that actually shows something that's the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States is beyond belief. I mean this boy with seven parts per million of mercury in his hair should be on Forrist: Are you considering having your mother do an operating table, you know, or should be examined by every doctor in the country to figure out how something so horrible could happen. He Neal: I would like to but, to be honest with you, should have insurance companies lined up to help with one family suffering from autism and a mother pay to treat this condition. Instead, doctor after that's been suffering from fibromyalgia for so long, doctor after doctor looks at this and says, "what lab we just don't have the money to be . The reality is did that come from?" "I didn't order this test". "This that most of the doctors that have met and know lab is meaningless to me". "These people aren't my son and know how severely autistic he was in eve. Who are they?" "Mercury's not even the past. You go speak to them again and instead poisonous." I mean I've had doctors tell me Mercury of recognizing that he's recovered from autism, is not even poisonous, can you believe that? what they say is, "oh we had the wrong diagnosis". Since my mother's condition is one of these conditions that very few doctors, even acknowledge exit. Matter of fact, I believe the CDC only actually Neal: They've said it's not even poisonous, they said admitted that chronic fatigue syndrome was an it's not the right type of mercury. I've had a actual disorder in the last year or two. The reality is Harvard Trained Pediatrician tell me that "Oh it's that it doesn't matter what test you have, Ethel mercury, it's organic so it's ok." This test that overcoming the inertia of ignorance is not demonstrates my mother's alpha ketoglutarate something that's achievable by me. It doesn't levels will get the same level of this disrespect. matter what blood test. Of my son after he got his flu shot, which he was not autistic before he got them, was severely autistic three weeks after he


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