A colonoscopy is an examination of the rectum and large bowel. A colonoscope is a long, thin, flexible tube with a light that allows for direct visualization of your entire large bowel (colon). During the procedure you may have some cramping as air is added to the colon to facilitate examination. To minimize discomfort, we administer intravenous Please Note: TO AVOID CANCELLATION OF THE SCHEDULED PROCEDURE, You
MUST make arrangements for someone to accompany you home after the
You CANNOT leave the clinic in a TAXI or by TTC alone after the procedure.
When sedation is administered your judgement acuity may be diminished. You

Your Colonoscopy

Date of Procedure:
Arrival Time:

Please report to the Kensington Screening Clinic Reception Area for patient registration.
Location: 340 College Street, Suite 601 (East of Bathurst Street, West of Spadina Avenue

Colonoscopy Preparation:
In order for the procedure to be done successfully, it is necessary that your bowel be cleaned out
properly. Please read the attached instructions carefully.
Please Note: Failure to properly prepare the bowel will result in
CANCELLATION of the procedure.

To respect patients waiting for endoscopic procedures, it is imperative that you contact
this office (416) 928-9511 THREE business days prior to your scheduled procedures if
you are not able to attend the appointment, otherwise you will be charged a fee, which
OHIP does not cover.

340 College Street, Suite 601, Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A9, Tel: (416) 928-9511, Fax: (416) 928-9513

Carefully read and follow these instructions 5 days before your procedure
Very Important:
If you are taking any blood thinning medications such as aspirin,
plavix, coumadin, oral iron or even baby aspirin” you should consult your doctor before
you stop taking the above listed medication 5 days prior to the procedure.
Diabetic patients must be sure to schedule a morning appointment. Diabetic patients may contact
their family physician or our clinic for further instructions re: diet, as necessary. Please bring your
medication with you, and or a list of medication.
Dietary Restrictions:
3 days before the procedure
DO NOT eat any food containing seeds or nuts (kiwi, raspberries, strawberries, poppy
seeds, flax, sesame, tomatoes etc). Regular cereal and whole wheat breads are okay.
DO NOT eat any high fiber food (example: sweet corn, salad).
Take 2 DULCOLAX (Bisacodyl) tablets (5mg) in the evening.
2 days before the procedure
Take 2 DULCOLAX (Bisacodyl) tablets (5mg) in the evening.


Obtain 1 colonoscopy Preparation “PICO SALAX” at your local pharmacy (do not substitute); you
do not need a prescription (look in the laxative dept.). However, ODB (Ontario Drug Benefit)
coverage for patients older than 65 is available with a prescription.
The Day Before The Procedure:

procedure time.
Drink clear fluids ONLY, after each sachet (examples include: water, tea, apple juice,
white cranapple, jello, gatorade, ginger ale, broth, and vanilla Ensure for meal
(DO NOT have red or grape colored jello or gatorade).


1) If your arrival is before 11:00am

Take 1st pico salax sachet: starting at 12:00noon - day before the procedure
Take 2nd pico salax sachet: starting at 6:00pm - day before the procedure
340 College Street, Suite 601, Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A9, Tel: (416) 928-9511, Fax: (416) 928-9513
Nothing to eat or drink after midnight
except when taking morning medication with a small sip of water.

2) If your arrival is after 11:00am

1st pico salax sachet: starting at 6:00pm - day before the procedure
2nd pico salax sachet: starting at 6:00am - day of the procedure
Continue to take clear fluids ONLY until 8:00am, NOTHING AFTER
1. Start with one sachet of Pico-Salax add to 150 ml of water, mix and drink.
(Drink at least 1 glass per hour of clear fluids after taking the prep and at least 8 – 10 throughout the day). The preparation usually starts working within 30 minutes but may take up to 3 hours before bowel movements begin. You may experience abdominal bloating, cramping and occasional nausea (Gravol may be taken).
Day Of The Procedure:

The procedure usually lasts 20 to 40 minutes; however you will be at Kensington Screening
Clinic for approximately 2 hours with IV preparation and sedation (not a general anesthetic).
Bring all your medication and or a list of your medication with you. After the procedure,
you will be drowsy and need a ride home. You cannot drive or operate machinery for 24
hours. You will be given a light snack after the procedure.
Questions Or Concerns:
Contact the Kensington Screening Clinic at (416) 928-9511 during business hours if you
have any further questions or concerns regarding the prep.
 Drink lots of clear fluids the day before the procedure  Nothing to eat or drink after midnight unless the procedure is after  You MUST have someone to drive or accompany you home
(You CANNOT leave the clinic in a TAXI by yourself after the

 Bring all your medication and or a list of all your medication
Bring your Health Card
 Leave all valuables at home, we will not be responsible for
340 College Street, Suite 601, Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A9, Tel: (416) 928-9511, Fax: (416) 928-9513

After The Procedure:

 After the procedure, you will be taken to the recovery room. Recovery time varies with each patient – approximately ranging from 30 – 60 minutes. Once you are ready, you may leave.  We suggest a light diet for the remainder of the day.
DO NOT drive, operate machinery or drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours after the
 The results will be explained at the end of the procedure, but since you will be drowsy, you may not remember what you have been told. A Post Procedure Form
will be given to you.
 We suggest you go home and rest the remainder of the day and avoid strenuous
What are the risks and / or complications of Colonoscopy?

Please review the following information about colonoscopy.
The colonoscopy is associated with the following recognized complications: 1. Perforation or hole created in the bowel as result of the colonoscopy technique or following removal of polyp that may require surgery (risk about 1:2000); 2. Bleeding from a site in the bowel where a polyp has been removed that may not be controlled by certain endoscopic technique and which may require surgery (1:1000); 3. Inadvertent overlooking of a polyp or tumor that is hidden behind a fold in the bowel (3 to 5 chances in 100). These risk factors will be reviewed with you again prior to the procedure along with alternatives to colonoscopy, which may include barium enema and CT scan. Should you have any questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion. Also, please be advised, that you may withdraw your consent form and willingness to have the procedure up to the procedure time itself. However, failure to inform us about your intention to cancel the procedure 48 hours prior to the scheduled time, or failure to show up for the procedure would be viewed as being most unfair to those patients who are waiting considerable lengths of time to have their 340 College Street, Suite 601, Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A9, Tel: (416) 928-9511, Fax: (416) 928-9513
own colonoscopy scheduled. I am hopeful that this information provides you with a fair and confidential approach to this very important issue. 340 College Street, Suite 601, Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A9, Tel: (416) 928-9511, Fax: (416) 928-9513


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