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TREK CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST EQUIPMENT  Backpack of medium size - 70-80 Litres  Water bottle (1 litre minimum) or 2-4Lt camel back type drink container  Trekking pole/stick (2 preferably as they are prone to break)  Gaiters (optional but recommended if wearing shoes instead of boots  Daypack (to carry snacks if using a personal porter)  Headlamp/waterproof torch with spare batteries  Camera/Camera Equipment (Snaplock/water proof bag recommended)  Range of Snaplock/Dry bags/Garbage bags to pack clothes & other items inside your pack  Gatorade Jar (powder) (enough to make 1 Lt per day is supplied in Snack Pack)  Pocket knife/Swiss Army type tool (optional)  Mosquito net for sleeping (optional)  1 pair Light hiking boots or hiking shoes (personal choice)  3 Lightweight quick dry t-shirts (long or short sleeved)  4 pairs socks (cotton/wool blend hiking socks)  Lycra bike pants (helps prevent chaffing)  Skins (optional but do seem to aid I recovery when worn at night)  1 change warm clothes for nights at the camp site (long pants/warm top)  1 pair Sandals/thongs/crocs/light footwear for use at campsites  Long sleeved cotton t-shirt to sleep in  Wide-brim sunhat rimmed (also to keep rain off your face)  Fresh set of clothes to leave at the hotel while on the track. We go out for a nice meal on our last night at Port Moresby. Men will need a collared shirt & ladies a neat casual top is sufficient. 1 Kokoda Brothers Clothing & Equipment Checklist
 Quick dry camping towel /sports chamois  Soap/shampoo (environmentally friendly/biodegradable)  2 rolls Toilet paper, tissues or wipes (in re-sealable plastic bag)  Extra lollies/your favorite snacks (a small bag of lollies is supplied in snack pack)  A good book or something to write on (optional)  Anti-Malarial tablets (Malaria Prophylaxis)  Antibiotic - Cephalexin (for wound infections, urinary tract infections)  Antibiotic - Ciprofloxacin (for diarrhoea) or over the counter Immodium or Gastro Stop  Antihistamine tablets and/or cream (for allergies, insect bites/stings)  Ibuprophen or similar anti-inflamatories  Bepanthen or similar barrier & antiseptic ointment  Antibiotic Cream for bites, grazes, cuts and scratches  Anti-chaffing cream (eg. Paw-paw cream, vasoline)  Blister dressings (such as Second Skin or Bandaid Blister Blocks)  Strapping Tape (for kness and ankles)  Waterless anti-bacterial hand disinfectant/gel  Females should include Canestan for the treatment of thrush  Personal medications for anything you are prone too. (eg. ear infections, asthma)  Pocketknife - with scissors, tweezers, etc (remember NOT to pack with your hand held 2 Kokoda Brothers Clothing & Equipment Checklist
 Luggage - Backpack with personal clothing/equipment, etc.  Day pack (backpack) as hand luggage.  Valid passport (with at least 6 months validity from return date)  Photocopy of the main page of your passport.  Return Air-tickets with confirmed seat and other travel documents.  PNG Entrance VISA (recommended to obtain in Australia)  Medical certificate/travel insurance papers  Credit card, traveller’s cheques or cash dollars for purchases while in Port Moresby.  Local currency can be obtained at the Port Moresby airport (recommend $200). Local currency can be used to purchase additional drinks and fruit along the track if required. 3 Kokoda Brothers Clothing & Equipment Checklist

Source: http://www.kokodabrothers.com.au/storage/captured-data/Kokoda%20Brothers%20Checklist.pdf

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