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[Unit 17 Drug Reduces HIV Transmission to Babies] Unit 17 Drug Reduces HIV Transmission1 to Babies
Scientists from the United States and Uganda have found a new and simple way to prevent pregnant2 women from passing the AIDS virus to their babies. American health officials say the new drug is less costly3 and more effective than the current treatment4 being used in developing countries5. Health experts say the drug promises to sharply reduce the number of children born with AIDS in developing countries.
The new treatment calls for6 both a mother and her baby to take the drug nevirapine7. The mother takes a pill once during labor8. Her baby is fed the drug9 once during the first three days of life. Researchers say the drug is 1 transmission .
2 pregnant.
3 less costly .
4 the current treatment .
5 developing countries .
6 call for .
7 nevirapine.
8 during labor.
9 be fed the drug .
They say nevirapine could replace10 the drug AZT11. AZT is currently being used in the United States and other countries to prevent pregnant women from passing HIV12 to their babies. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Nevirapine and AZT target13 the same enzyme in HIV to suppress the virus14. But health officials say the AZT treatment costs much more, must be used longer and is much more difficult to take than nevirapine.
Researchers in Uganda studied babies of HIV infected mothers15 treated with nevirapine or AZT. They found that nevirapine reduced the risk of mothers infecting their babies to 13 percent. The risk was 25 percent for Ninety-five percent of HIV infected people live in developing countries.
The United Nations AIDS group estimates that 1,800 babies are born with HIV in developing countries every day. Most women in those areas do not receive care during pregnancy. Many of them do not know they have the 13 target .
14 suppress the virus.
[Unit 17 Drug Reduces HIV Transmission to Babies] virus because there are so few testing programs16. In some parts of Africa, as many as 40 percent of pregnant women have HIV. As many as 35 percent of their babies will be born infected if treatment is not provided.
Anthony Fauci is director of the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases in the United States. He says widespread use of nevirapine in developing countries could prevent as many as 400,000 babies from being infected with HIV17 each year. But he says drug treatment is only one part of a complex effort18 to prevent HIV. He says other prevention programs19 are needed.
Nevirapine and HIV prevention. An inexpensive new drug can help babies 15 HIV infected mothers.HIV16 testing programs.
17 being infected with HIV.HIV18 a complex effort .
19 prevention programs .
True /False
( T ) 1. Scientists in Africa have been working in HIV research.
( T ) 2. AIDS is caused by the HIV virus.
( T ) 3. The new drug may protect babies against HIV.
( F ) 4. Ninety-five percent of HIV infected people live in ) 5. Almost all babies whose mothers have HIV will have AIDS [Unit 17 Drug Reduces HIV Transmission to Babies] Multiple Choice
2. The ladies are looking after the children ( a ) parents are working in Dictation
1. The new drug nevirapine is less costly and more effective than the current treatment being used in developing countries.
2. The new drug nevirapine promises to sharply reduce the number of children born with AIDS in developing countries.
3. Researchers found that nevirapine reduced the risk of mother infecting [Unit 17 Drug Reduces HIV Transmission to Babies] Composition
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The law [ prevents me from showing this file ] to others.
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