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Common Hormone Conditions
Interactions between the four hormones of the Men who carry extra weight around the middle male panel (see Page 3) are fundamental to have more of the enzyme aromatase, which health, so hormone imbalances may negatively converts testosterone to estrogen. Increased impact health. The following are examples of how estrogen can lead to breast enlargement. hormone imbalance can affect health: WEIGHT GAIN
High levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, can Testosterone and estradiol help build bone, while cause unstable blood sugar levels and may high cortisol tends to break down bone. High cortisol is of particular concern because it breaks down bone and interferes with the bone-building BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA (BPH)
Most men over the age of 60 have signs of prostate enlargement, also known as BPH. Some ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION
researchers have suggested that low testosterone Testosterone receptors are plentiful in the brain, and/or high estradiol may be contributing factors so a lack of testosterone may result in decreased arousal response. Testosterone is also needed for muscle contraction, so low testosterone may result in poor erection quality. Low testosterone Why Test Hormones In Saliva?
may also lead to increased “wait” times between • Saliva hormone testing is excellent at • Saliva measures hormone that actually made it MEMORY LOSS
into tissue, because hormones pass through Because testosterone receptors are abundant in saliva gland tissue before getting into saliva. the brain, low testosterone levels often affect • Blood measures hormones that might • Saliva collection is painless and easy to do at APATHY, DEPRESSION, GRUMPINESS
home. Blood collection requires a trip to the Our laboratory data show that approximately 3/5 of men with self-reported symptoms including aggression, apathy, depression, irritability and • The stress of a needle puncture for blood inability to cope have at least one out-of-range collection tends to raise cortisol levels. Saliva hormone result. It isn’t clear whether restoring collection is not known to raise cortisol levels. • Patients who are taking thyroid hormones (e.g. symptoms, but many men experience some relief Synthroid or Eltroxin) may experience low from mood disorders when hormone balance is thyroid symptoms even though serum TSH is MALE PANEL
Low Cortisol in the morning may be indicative of
adrenal issues, which may require further testing Low Testosterone levels do not necessarily mean
or interventions by your health care provider. you need to supplement with testosterone. Your health care practitioner may want to investigate High Cortisol levels are associated with
options like zinc supplementation, which can slow numerous symptoms and conditions including: the conversion of testosterone into estradiol. If bone loss, high blood pressure, insulin resistance these or other interventions do not relieve low and diabetes, weight gain, memory impairment and immune system suppression. High cortisol worthwhile considering supplementing with levels also interfere with the action of other hormones. Therefore, when cortisol levels are high, the first step in restoring hormone balance High Testosterone is generally a consequence of
should be to reduce high cortisol levels. Your supplementing with too much testosterone. health care provider may recommend lifestyle Although naturally high levels are rarely a changes as well as supplements to help address problem significantly elevated testosterone may require a referral to a medical specialist. Low DHEAs symptoms are not well-defined
although low DHEAs is often seen in conjunction Low estrogen levels are not usually a problem
with chronic illness. Some men benefit from for men. However, if estrogen levels are low and symptoms of low estrogen are present, there are some supplements that may help. For example, boron may help boost estrogen production, and High DHEAs may be a consequence of
plant estrogens and progesterone may relieve supplementing with too much DHEA, in which case your health care provider may recommend High estrogen levels in men generally occur as a
result of conversion from testosterone. An enzyme called aromatase causes testosterone to be changed into estradiol. Aromatase lives in the fat cells, so men who carry extra weight around the middle tend to have more cortisol and consequently make more estradiol. Cortisol increases the activity of the aromatase enzyme, so high cortisol levels can also lead more testosterone to be converted into estradiol. Thus, weight loss and stress reduction are important steps in restoring the balance of hormones. MALE PANEL
Good health has a lot to do with maintaining TESTOSTERONE
balance: the right balance of work and play, the • Helps maintain muscle mass and bone, right balance of nutrients in the diet, and the improves sense of well-being, helps control blood sugar, is needed for heart health, and Hormone imbalance may be a result of illness, or • Is responsible for male sex characteristics like facial and body hair growth, deepening of changes that eventually lead to illness. voice, and development of male sex organs ESTROGENS
• The testes produce approximately 20% of a man’s estradiol, while the rest is converted from testosterone via the enzyme aromatase • Estrogens can compete with testosterone for receptor sites, thus an excess of estrogen may CORTISOL
• Is the major stress hormone released by the
• High or low cortisol levels may be an indication
• Is a storage form of the adrenal hormone
DHEA; used to make estrogens and testosterone • DHEA and cortisol have opposite effects on immune function and blood glucose control


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