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Walter D’Alessio receives Magee
Rehabilitation’s 2003 Humanitarian Award

Walter D’Alessio, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LeggMason Real Estate Services, was presented with Magee’sHumanitarian Award at the Hospital’s 16th Annual HumanitarianAward Dinner on November 18, at the Four Seasons Hotel.
Mr. D’Alessio was honored for his career-long efforts in improvingthe lives of people in the Philadelphia community, as well as his commitment and advocacy for people in need.
Together, the Dinner Committee and guests in attendancerepresented a virtual “Who’s Who” of the area’s business, civic andhealthcare leaders. Nick DeBenedictis, Aqua Pennsylvania, CharlesPizzi, Tasty Baking Company, and Ronald Rubin, PennsylvaniaReal Estate Investment Trust, joined Mort Rimerman, vice-chair ofMagee’s Board of Trustees, in co-chairing the event. This was the12th consecutive year that Mr. Rimerman chaired theHumanitarian Award Dinner.
Dinner Committee members included: Magee Board Chairman Joseph J. McLaughlin; Magee trustees Bill Cunningham, RobertW. Carr, MD, Tom Collins, Christopher Franklin, Tom Hill,Robert C. Gerlach, Esq., as well as Susan Springsteen from MorganStanley.
Among many distinguished guests were: John Rowe, Chairman,Exelon Corporation; Dennis O’Brien, President, PECO Energy;Hon. Robert Borski, former U.S. Congressman; Pennsylvania StateSenator Tina Tartaglione; Dr. Paul Brucker, President of ThomasJefferson University and Chairman of Jefferson Health System;Thomas J. Lewis, President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson UniversityHospital; Jerry Sweeney, President and CEO, Brandywine RealtyTrust; Fran VanKirk, Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Bill Mills, President, PNC Bank; George Nise, President,Beneficial Savings Bank; John Binswanger, President, The 1 Walter D’Alessio receives Magee’s Humanitarian Award. (Left to
Binswanger Company; Manny Stamatakis, President and CEO, right): Dr. William E. Staas, Jr., Magee’s President and MedicalDirector; Walter D’Alessio; Loretta M. McLaughlin, Magee’s Capital Management Enterprises, and Magee’s foremost Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; and Joseph benefactors, Jerry and Carolyn Segal.
J. McLaughlin, Chairman of Magee’s Board of Trustees. 2 Dennis O’Brien, President of PECO Energy; Nick DeBenedictis,
Nick DeBenedictis detailed Mr. D’Alessio’s accomplishments in Chairman of Aqua Pennsylvania; Dr. Staas; Walter D’Alessio; the development of the Philadelphia community. The John Rowe, Chairman of Exelon Corporation; and Jean Rowe. Humanitarian Award was presented by Magee Board Chairman 3 Mort Rimerman, Magee Humanitarian Award Dinner Chair;
Joseph J. McLaughlin, and Magee President and Medical Director, Loretta M. McLaughlin; Tom and Joanne Collins; Dr. Staas; and 4 Jerry and Carolyn Segal with Walter D’Alessio.
Over 300 people attended the dinner, raising $90,000 for patient 5 Mort Rimerman; Ronald Rubin, CEO of Pennsylvania Real Estate
Investment Trust; Manny Stamatakis, President and CEO ofCapital Management Enterprises; and Eileen DeBenedictis.

Source: http://www.mageerehab.org/files/489.pdf


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