Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy, University at Buffalo. Founder and CEO, TheraSyn companies Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science Positions and Honors
Staff Pharmacist, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia PA Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Department of Pharmaceutics, State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, School of Pharmacy (with Dr. W.J. Jusko) Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics, SUNY at Buffalo School of Pharmacy Assistant Director, Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory, Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo NY Consultant Staff, Millard Fillmore Hospital Member Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Millard Fillmore Hospital Acting Director, The Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory, Millard Fillmore Hospital Pharm.D. Admissions Cmttee, UB School of Pharmacy Member (1979-1984), Chair (1984-1998) Assistant Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics, SUNY School of Pharmacy Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy, SUNY School of Pharmacy Director, The Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory, Millard Fillmore Hospital Member, Antibiotic Review Committee, Millard Fillmore Hospital 1986-present: Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy, SUNY School of Pharmacy Chairman, Recruitment Committee for Department of Pharmacy Chair Member, Recruitment Committee, Department of Pharmacology Chair Director, Center for Clinical Pharmacy Research, SUNY at Buffalo School of Pharmacy Director, Doctor of Pharmacy Program, SUNY at Buffalo School of Pharmacy Member, Executive Committee, SUNY at Buffalo School of Pharmacy 1996-1997: Member, Pharmacy Dean Search Committee, SUNY at Buffalo 1996-1999: Member UB Incubator Evaluation Committee SUNY at Buffalo 1993-2003: Founder and CEO, Gastrotarget Corp, later became Smart Pill Corp. Marketed Smart Pill 2007 2000-present: Founder and CEO, CPL Associates LLC 2002-present: Founder and CEO, TheraSyn Pharmaceuticals, Inc 2007-present: Founder and CEO, TheraSyn Sensors, Inc 2007-present: Founder and CEO, TheraSyn DM, LLC. Now VP of R&D and Board Chairman 2012-present: Founder and Chairman, MetaBrake LLC Professional Societies: ACCP, ASPET, AphA, ASHP, AACP, ASM, NY Academy of Sciences, IDSA, ISAP,
Editorial Boards: Pharmacotherapy, Ann of Pharmacotherapy, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy,
Pharmaceutical Research, Clin Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Clinical Pharmacokinetics
Other Professional Distinctions:
Member, Sci Adv. Board, Healthcare Instruments and Devices Institute (HIDI), SUNY at Buffalo Fellow, American College of Clinical Pharmacy Certificate of Qualification - Toxicology Laboratory Director, New York State Dept. of Health 1988-present: Fellow, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, SUNY at Buffalo School of Management 1989: Distinguished Young Alumnus, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science ASHP Award for Sustained Contributions to the Literature of Hospital Pharmacy AAPS Research Achievement Award in Clinical Sciences 1994: U.S. Patent #5,279,607 Site Specific Drug Delivery in the GI Tract 1995: U.S. Patent #5,395,366 Noninvasive Fluid Sampling in the GI Tract 1995: APhA Stimulation of Research Award 2006: US Patent #7,326,387 Air Decontamination Devices Visionary Inventor University at Buffalo (3 patent filings including Vaginal Pill, GI Smarter Pill and Glucose Monitoring Methods and Devices) Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (Selected from over 350 peer-reviewed publications)
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Monte SV, Schentag JJ, Adelman MH, Paladino JA. Glucose supply and insulin demand dynamics
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Additional recent publications of importance to the field (Most recent first)

Tan LT, Holthoff WG, Steves JM, Bright FV. Probe-dependent microenvironments within
biodegradable films formed from poly(l-lactic acid) and pluronic 104. Appl Spectrosc. 2010;64(4):359-
Holthoff EL, Bright FV. Photophysics associated with site selectively templated and tagged xerogel
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for direct lanthanide photoluminescence spectroscopy with nanomolar detection limits. Appl Spectrosc.
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xerogels as platforms for biomolecule-less biomolecule sensors. Anal Chim Acta. 2006;564(1):59-65.
Research Support
Ongoing Research Support

CPL Associates LLC is a Contract Research organization currently working on Drug development Clinical
Trials in Sepsis, Pneumonia, and Diabetes. All clinical trials involve close collaboration with Physicians, and
the CPL team includes Specialists in PK/PD and other disciplines of Pharmacometrics. These skills are
applied to Clinical trials as well as Data analysis and modeling.
Role: PI or Co-Investigator on all Grants
Center for Protein Therapeutics, University at Buffalo. Two active grants (2009-2010) supporting the
development of Sensors for use in PK studies in Animal models and sensors for real-time assay of Glucose,
Insulin and GLP-1.
Role: PI
Center for Advanced Technology Program, University at Buffalo. Two active Grants provide matching funds
for sensor development and application to Diabetes treatment and drug development. Matching funds are
provided by NY State and by Private Companies.


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